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Friday, May 12, 2017

Purges in the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X?

Purges in the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X?
The latest on the NeoSSPX
On May 10th the French district of the Society of Saint Pius X relieved eight priests from their function as deans. They have recently signed a statement critical of the Society's position on a diocesan recognition of the marriages celebrated by SSPX priests.

Among the priests is Father Patrick de la Rocque who since 2014 has been running Saint Nicolas du Chardonnet, arguably the biggest parish of the Society of Saint Pius X, which is located in the center of Paris.

SSPX: French District Superior Condemns Sceptical Priors

 Father Christian Bouchacourt, the District Superior of the Society of St Pius X in France (SSPX), condemned a letter by ten French SSPX superiors who questioned the recognition of SSPX marriages by the local dioceses.

Bouchacourt criticises that the ten prepared their letter secretly without submitting it to their superiors. He suggests that they consider their view as the only true one and believes that God will not bless such an initiative that - as he puts it - produces internal quarrel and division.

Bouchacourt asks the priests of France to ignore the letter and announces that the theologians of the SSPX are about to prepare an answer.

Letter in French: FSSPX-Lettre aux Confrères: "Je condamne"


SSPX Reconciliation: The Vatican Will Now Ask the Episcopal Conferences

There is still no date for a reconciliation between the Vatican and the Society of St. Pius X, archbishop Guido Pozzo told romereports.com on May 11. The Holy See presented the SSPX general superior, bishop Bernard Fellay, with a „doctrinal declaration“ that needs to be signed as a „necessary condition“ for a reconciliation.

The key problem is the understanding of the Second Vatican Council. The different (contradicting) points of view should according to Pozzo lead to a mutual enrichment“.

Pozzo realises that it is a "priority" for the Society to be recognized by the Holy See. Before this happens, the Vatican will consult the episcopal conferences in those countries where the SSPX works.


 Neo-SSPX- Declining Slowly