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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, May 15, 2017

Francis refuses to criticize dictator Maduro

Francis refuses to criticize dictator Maduro
On Sunday, May 7, 2017, a group of Venezuelans made a silent protest against the inaction of Francis regarding the serious crisis in their country. The activists carried black crosses with the names and ages of those unjustly killed by the police.

In Venezuela, communist dictator Nicolas Maduro disregards and violently represses the enormous opposition to his government that comes from both the people and the legislative branch, which are demanding general elections for a new president. Many leaders of the opposition have been jailed and the number of demonstrators who are killed grows daily.

For years a strong opposition to the government has taken to the streets in an attempt to destabilize Maduro. The Bishops and the Pope do not attack the dictator. On the contrary, they support him as much as they can.

The communists – self-named in Venezuela as the Bolivarian revolutionaries – have controlled the country for 19 years. Maduro is the heir of Hugo Chaves, a faithful disciple of Fidel Castro.

The complicity of the Bishops and the Pope becomes clearer every day. To try to cover for himself, Francis wrote a letter to the Bishops of Venezuela saying he is sorry for the violence, without specifying its source. As a solution, he advised the people to "dialogue" and "build bridges." Not a word against Maduro. This letter was dated May 5 and published in Venezuela on May 7.

On that day, as soon as the letter was made public, the protest pictured on this page took place in St. Peter's Square during a papal appearance – see Francis at the window of the building in the first photo below. It was the way the activists had to say: "You are an accomplice to these deaths."

Venezuela - Protest at Vatican 2
Photos from the Internet, first seen in Secretum meum