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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Fr. Kramer: The real reason why Benedict XVI was forced out by the US government

Fr. Kramer: The real reason why Benedict XVI was forced out by the US government: Reconciliation pursued by Benedict between Rome and the Moscow Patriarchate.
This article has been loosely translated from the original Italian

"The clutches between the Church and the United States would not have disappeared either with the disappearance of John Paul II. They would have had a follow-up during Pope Ratzinger's pontificate, in which to do so would not only be the investment made by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on the Islamic Politics of the Muslim Brotherhood during the so-called Arab Spring, but also the firm will Of Benedict XVI to arrive at a historic reconciliation with the Patriarchate of Moscow, which would be in his intentions the true religious crowning of a political project of Euro-Russian integration strongly supported by Germany and also by Italy of Silvio Berlusconi - But not from that, the more filo-American, which was recognized by Giorgio Napolitano.

As it has come to an end, it is known to everyone. Italian and papal governments would be simultaneously invested in a co-ordinated, scandalous and unprecedented campaign, involving more or less opaque maneuvers in the financial field, with the final effect of falling in November 2011 Berlusconi's departure from Palazzo Chigi and, on 10 February 2013, the abdication of Ratzinger. At the height of the crisis, Italy would gradually see its access to international financial markets, while the Institute for Religious Works (Ior) would temporarily be cut out of the Swift circuit (4).
(4) Ior would have been excluded from the international payment system from 1 January to 11 February 2013 on the basis of the charge of recruiting, with the effect of inducing Deutsche Bank to block the operation of cash machines throughout The territory of the State of the Vatican City. The news was given in Italy by the Republic on January 3, 2013, when Fabio Tonacci published a piece with this title: "Vatican, Stop at Cards and ATMs. Paid Payment Services ". On the day following the announcement of the abdication of Pope Ratzinger, the Holy See will receive a restitution of interrupted services from a Swiss bank. "Concluding this long quote, let's go to the source. Maurizio Blondet? Antonio Socci? Russian hackers? Well, the bibliographic data are as follows: Germano Dottori, Why We Need the Vatican, in Limes - Italian Journal of Geopolitics, n.4 / 2017 (April), pp. 151-158 (in particular, the phrases are on page 154).

In short, reading the latest release of the most authoritative Italian headline in the geopolitical sector, a headline recognizing such a role that every issue is presented, not without a solemnity, by its director, on state television, we can learn the following information:

The political success of the Muslim Brotherhood (that is, of integralist Islam) following the "Arab Spring" was not, as many might think, an unwanted effect of Obama's deficient progression, but something he wanted;
Benedict XVI pursued with "firm will" the plan of reconciling the Catholic Church with the Patriarchate of Moscow;
These two factors have exacerbated the clutches between Church and United States that began in the last phase of the pontificate of John Paul II;
The Berlusconi government supported the design of Benedict XVI in philosophy;
In this, the sympathies of Americans alienated, whose man in Italy was none other than the then President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano;
The simultaneous scandalous campaigns that Berlusconi and Benedict XVI suffered during those years were coordinated with each other, aimed at attacking two characters who, in the US viewpoint, were obviously too Russian-speaking and very obedient to the White House;
This denigration campaign was accompanied by opaque financial maneuvers both against Italy (remember the spread?) And against the Vatican (confirming what has already been referred to earlier by other sources);
All this has led to the resignation of Berlusconi (and so far, nothing that was not already known) and also, heard heard, to those of Benedict XVI.As a ninety-year-old cargoer, Limes has always been edited by the same editorial group in the republic, namely the press organ that drew the double clash of co-ordinated, rare, and unprecedented campaign. In short, they know ...What to say? We had always wanted to keep out of "conspiracy" controversy over what had happened in the last days of the Ratzingerian papacy and the dialectics about his resignation. We'll do this again this time. We limit ourselves to pointing out what has been said by an esteemed and authoritative leader, certainly not accusative of proximity to "conservative discipline" nor even to the "four cats" traditionalists. Let us report the passage where it is said, "How is it done, is known to everyone". Other than "gumbloddo". Here it is a secret of Pulcinella ...

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