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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Can’t Carry Tomorrow’s Cross Today

Can’t Carry Tomorrow’s Cross Today
By:  Eric Gajewski

Just a friendly reminder to stay in the day.  Our Lord said today has enough concern’s in and of itself.  St. Kolbe said “I see Mary everywhere I see problems nowhere”.  We all need to grow in faith and hope like St. Kolbe.  We must continue to distrust our self and “our plan” and lean upon our Cross and have Faith in God’s Will.  Sometimes it seems we project tomorrows Cross on today which only adds to our cross for the day.  God is not asking you to carry tomorrow’s Cross but rather He is asking us to carry today’s cross.  As self-will is further crushed you will begin to see that you care not for the concerns of tomorrow but rather you trust in God.  God is with you now He will be there with you tomorrow provided you stay in a state of grace.   

Looking ahead often is a sign of impatience.  We want to eliminate all problems a week from now.  You see what I said “we want” not what HE wants.  However, we also fail to realize that God can simply allow other problems we didn’t see at first which will send us back to the initial premise.  Trust in God today.  You don’t have to try to live the whole week out today.  Pray for that grace to stay in the day.  God is the author of your opportunities otherwise known as “problems” therefore He is the one with the solution.  It is liberating not to be “in control”.  Pride would have us driving in the seat of the car while having God “in the backseat”.  We really need to slow life down to realize this in our actions.  On the other hand, humility has no problem taking the passenger seat and letting God drive. 

In order for us to hear the Voice of God we must be silent and listen.  Yet how in the world can this be accomplished over the course of the “busy day”?  We must do our best to stay inward at all times only coming out when absolute necessary.  If we are self-led we will never hear the Voice of God.  Self-led souls will reject the Cross therefore not even be looking for the Voice of God.  Having said that, souls, serious about their salvation, ought be looking for a director.  A director will help you from doing your own will.  The Cross is also a good director for it will help to crush the self altogether.  Get yourself good interior books and surround yourself with souls more advanced than you.  For often times a soul thinks there are moving backwards when in reality they are moving forward.  It is painful yes but the reward is great.  Your sufferings are not arbitrary.  They have been hand selected by God himself according to your sins and imperfections.  You are not beyond God’s grace and mercy.  See yourself as lower than your neighbor and serve that same very neighbor.  Imagine a world in which all had the ability to help one another and due to self no one actually did?  One Saint described self as complete alienation from neighbor due to pride.  Yes, you want and need to have alone time but you also need to show your Charity through works of mercy.  The reality is you need your neighbor more than your neighbor needs you. 

God’s timing.  God’s time not ours.  We have all heard this from our parents or clergy but do we really reflect upon it?  If things haven’t happened “as fast” as you thought it means you still have work to do for God’s Will is perfect.  You are simply impatient and still self-led.  It happens to us all join the human race and yet God still calls us onward to be Saints!  Remember, only the humble will receive God’s grace.  Only the humble can be lifted up by the Hand of God to new heights.  For the proud truly are in hell already which is the lowest.  Wait upon the Lord and He will deliver you His Eyes see all.  In the end when the devil comes out you with fear or when anxiety arises due to the self which still lives in you REPEAT over and over…. God is my rock, my Fortress and Salvation!