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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Antichrist, False Signs & Wonders, Weeping Statues & Medjugorje

Antichrist, False Signs & Wonders, Weeping Statues & Medjugorje
By: Eric Gajewski

Our Lady forewarned at LaSalette that there would be all kinds of false signs and prodigies which might even influence “the elect”.  "Let the Pope beware of miracle workers, for the time has come for the most astonishing wonders to take place on the earth and in the air.”  We know through Project Bluebeam there is a staging of all kinds of false holographic signs in the skies which are already deceiving the masses.  On top of this we have governments which have advanced technologies which will only seduce mankind into thinking we are being prepared for a utopian age under a “good alien” regime.  I kid you not.  There is not a week that doesn’t go by in which we do not hear about some sort of weeping statue or “cross” in the sky.  What are the seers saying behind these supposed miracles?  That is the question.  Are they pushing the Vatican 2 new religion or not?  Are there errors and heresies being promoted in these messages?  We need to stay objective for some will even say that they had “good experiences” at some of these false sites and yet what does that matter if the supposed messages do not relate to Tradition? This is what the modernist’s push!  A religion based upon experience alone essentially.  Forget about doctrine what about the “experience”.  As I will cover in my book there are no true experiences outside the Fortress of Faith.  Once you step outside the boundaries of Dogma and Faith you have enter into the cruel world of the devil which deceives your mind.

 Depiction of Maitreya's Day of Planetary Pentecost...Are you caught up in the false charismatic movement? BEWARE!

Maitreya will have Day of Planetary “Pentecost”.  This is pretty frightening when we have had Pope John Paul II equate the “Conciliar Church” to the Church of the New Advent.  This is not the Catholic Church (on the material level).  If we all just pursue “experiences” we are bound by self love as the mystics say for we are supposed to be moving through the Fortress of the Soul ought of our Love for God and the Faith not self.  Padre Pio and other mystics lived “in dark” and had they not had Faith they would have thought God had abandoned them.  These are the souls who truly loved God.  They gave all without seeking “experience”.  But not our modern world and “churchmen” specifically.  We have been raised in this culture of self and we try to mix the world with Religion which we cannot do.  So when Maitreya lets “the Fire fall” (as Charismatics might say) will “the elect” be deceived whence his doctrine will pertain to Self?

TradCatKnight Radio, "Maitreya's Day Of Declaration"  

We have lost focus on basic doctrine.  I, myself, am most guilty.  I have spent too much time the last half year trying to analyze the matters of the world and have not been “inside” enough doing as Our lord asks.  Deny the self, take up the Cross and come follow Me.  Maitreya’s religion is natural and from the devil and Christ’s doctrine is not of this world and is supernatural.  Who is the TRUE Christ?  Those who will live supernaturally through the times ahead which will be FEW.  We need to be spending more time in self-reflection battling it out with ourselves rather than battling it out with other traditionalists.  Doctrine is important but a great deception of the devil would be for you to focus all of your time on this and not yourself.  You could waste 5 hours in debate in the traditionalist world when you could have gone inward and debated the self and the devil which will only move you closer to the Sacred Heart of Christ.

“The Age of Miracles?” (SEE HERE)  In a 1995 article published by the soon coming False Prophet “Master Jesus” he talks about this upcoming “Age of Aquarius” being full of miracles. HOGWASH!  It is of the devil and often times coming through these various government projects only to deceive you into thinking a certain way.  In this article it talks about how other false religions are also having “signs” which are preparatory for Maitreya’s arrival.  It also talks about how the “Elder Brothers” (aka demons of the air being pushed off as “aliens/ufos) will work with humanity to eradicate the world’s problems.  Our Lady of LaSalette’s warnings resonate loudly against the emerging New Age Religion.  "The demons of the air, together with the Antichrist, will work great wonders on the earth and in the air, and men will become ever more perverted.  We do not live in an age of miracles but rather an age of deception.

The Abomination of Desolation: Maitreya's Image  

Medjorgorje deception.  Take a look at this list from Antichrist Maitreya’s website (SEE HERE).  You will notice how Fatima is not on the list but Medge is.  Maitreya claims Medjorgorje and you want me to believe that the infiltrated Vatican’s potential positive claim on this site will stand firm?  HOGWASH yet again!  You cannot trust the Popes and prelates in our Church for some of the most basic of all decisions let alone on doctrine.  Our Lady of LaSalette warning on the Novus ordo: "God will strike in an unparalleled manner. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth! God will exhaust His anger, and no one will be able to escape so many evils at once. The heads, the leaders of the people of God, have neglected prayer and penance, and the devil has darkened their minds; they have become those wandering stars which the ancient devil will drag with his tail to destruction.  I have gone through before ( along time ago) and pointed out how there were errors in some of these messages but men still carry on believing in this false site.  Furthermore, Maitreya is claiming a lot of these “weeping statues” and other false prodigies which are only trying to sway men into the formal New Age Religion.  In the endtimes, we know that men would largely depart from the Faith.  This has happened at Vatican 2 but is only going to get worse.  Our Lady and Lord do not speak error and heresy and yet if there is a “sign” why do so many still try to validate these false sites.  Our Faith is not experience! 

In the end we have only ourselves to blame but specifically churchmen for as churchmen go so doth the world.  Our Lady at LaSalette speaks again, "There will be extraordinary wonders every place because the true faith has been extinguished and false light illumines the world. Woe to the princes of the church who will be occupied only with piling up riches upon riches, with guarding their authority and lording with pride!  A false light “illuminates” the world because churchmen and the world have long lost doctrine and due to self now only seek “experience”.  This is the false light of Lucifer which can be found on the back of your One Dollar Bill!

The Antichrist Is Here And Soon To Appear