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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Time is a Gift

Time is a Gift
By: Eric Gajewski
From the work, "Fortress of the Soul"

Time is a gift.  Do not waste it.  For time is of the essence.  We move from one box to the next only through His grace and alas when we get to that final gift we realize there are no boxes left but there  is Him alone.  Our God cannot be trapped in a box.  He has no beginning nor end.  His love extends beyond all boundaries of our pain and loss.  We can extend a box unto our neighbor and give our time but be sure to bring Christ with you.  Love is never late because it transcends time.  It knew the day’s trial even before the days were made.  In His Heart I am lost.  The four walls of the day do not close in and I am free as an eagle.  Love does not forget even when we fail to remember.  Do not waste time.  Do not impede your growth in Selfless Love by taking the hand of anxiety, worry and doubt and wandering off.  Stay on the straight and narrow.

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The box is empty.  It can only be filled with what you desire.  What do you choose to keep in your box.  Will you waste your life living in the past?  Or will you live, nervously, always wondering of the future?  Or will you live today in the present moment?  Anticipate nothing other than God being with you at every moment.  And if the scripture says He will walk with you even through the very shadows of death than what pain do I have if I leave this earth with an empty box and only You?  Is not the Giver greater than the gift itself?  Nevertheless, the time we are given is very precious.  Leave Love's mark behind in this world and make an impact.

A good day ought have its laughs and cries its sorrows and joys.  For the soul moves much like the gentle waves crashing upon the shore.  Upon the crash it levels out and the heads back out to the Sea its Origin.  So too, like the waves, do we crash upon the shores of life and ultimately head back out to Him.  There is beauty in the breakdown which seems harsh to us but is gentle unto the observer.  For self to be broken down and utterly consumed in His Fire and Light is no mere natural process.  It must have a Divine Hand.  For when it seems like we are moving away we are truly only preparing to move closer unto Him.  His Sacred Heart is an endless ocean and abyss of charity and peace.  We are drops of this Ocean.  We are urged on by ego and become bigger waves and the more self is accumulated the bigger the wave thus the harder crash in the end.  We all must be broken.  We all must take time out daily to empty ourselves of ourselves. 

The Cloud by Day and Fire by Night.  In all situations, He is our God.  He is not near, no, He is here within.  He is with us.  In the Cloud of our overcast souls and in the Fire of the long night.  We wander until we realize we do not have a way other than His.  Until the breeze of the day causes us to pay attention to the Cloud above guiding us.  It is because we are too busy with ourselves that we fail to notice.  Much like a Husband who fails to acknowledge his own wife in the room, so too, have we, ignored Him in our midst.  He gives us time He gives us gifts and all we do is give Him grief seemingly.  Can there be such a Love quantifiable? O’ what an unfair marriage this is and yet He still loves us.  There is nowhere you can travel by foot nor no thought that can travel through your brain that Love cannot reach.  He sustains. 

 Love endures and fixes.  Love repairs that which is broke.  It orders that which is disordered.  It loosens from that which was once attached to.  It takes what you think will be an “end” and makes it your new “beginning”.  Yea, Love cannot be trapped in time even as this world and the tomb could not hold His Body.  His Heart is so selfless that it exploded out of Love for us and yet we remain indifferent.  Love’s careful eye does not sleep nor slumber.  Love is precise and His grace is always a number of steps ahead of time.  Love’s bottom?  There is none, therefore, as you “descend” you will only find His gentle hands.  As you empty He fills.  What man’s eyes cannot see Love’s eyes has already recorded.  My good friends, there can be no recording of a beautiful song until the keys or chords of the piano are struck.  The more He plays upon our chords the more beautiful the song.  There is beauty in the pain; the closer to the Heart of Christ you get the more water you will draw from "pain's well".  The further away from His Heart the more distant the song.  The key is pressed and the heart constricts then it is released and the note is heard.  The heart learns over time as it expands in selfless love to associate the pressing of the key with the note played.  Crosses endured increase our love.  The more crosses the more chords struck and the more beautiful the song.  You are safe and secure, doubt no more.  Let Him play, let Him play….for without the Cross there is no song.  Time is a gift do not spend it with your mind wandering off into the future but remain faithfully in the moment with Him within.