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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, April 20, 2017

The Unseen War

The Unseen War
By: Eric Gajewski

We are seemingly on the verge of world war 3, a war, which, will kill far more than world war one and two together.  So many are spending too much time in overanalyzing the situation rather than concentrating on the unseen war which will ultimately determine our salvation.  Make no mistake, the devils are out and about, even more so, than a decade ago, which, is why, we need to pray the Rosary now more than ever.  Will world war 3 start as a result of the growing conflict in Syria?  Will it happen if Trump pre-empts an attack on North Korea?  Or what about the Ukraine area (which is where Fr. Martin said would start WW3)?  None of us know but we do know if we don’t watch over our souls we will end in hellfire.  Forget about fire raining down from the skies for this only pertains to the material world.  Our focus must be laser focus on the interior life and getting our souls ready for the Tribulation ahead.  Only Faith will survive the days ahead so make sure you are locked in perpetual prayer with God.

Empty yourselves out.  Make it a daily habit preferably in your hour of silence and solitude to truly empty yourselves out to God.  Leave no sin unturned.  Self and God cannot co exist.  If we will not humble ourselves He will not give us grace and ultimately, we will not have peace.  Your tears will flow but His tears will replace yours and fill your soul with grace.  As I decrease He increases.  We need more Christ and less of us.  Meditate upon Scripture and Saint quotes that cover Faith.  Do the same for humility.  Keep the Blessed Virgin Mary close in this war.  For she is a one woman army whose heel doth conquer the head of the serpent.  Her intercession will bring down the New World Order and the emerging One World Religion.

Eagles hidden in the Great Tree.  We are hidden in Mary.  Thus, we are protected from the Rays of Divine Justice which will come down upon humanity.  We are contemplatives in action.  If our souls are not in order how can we bring order out into the world?  We must DO but first we must BE.  It is Christ who we must become like and the Blessed Virgin Mary knows the way to His Sacred Heart.  Mary, is our guide in the interior life.  We need to be close to her.

Attacks often come when you least expect it.  I can attest to this as the devils seem to pester right around sleeping time or when I am sleeping.  Do not be perturbed.  Do not give into their temptations to anxiety and doubt.  They want you to be focused on the problem and not Jesus.  Jesus is the one who allows problems so that you can focus on Him and lose the self.  Pray the St. Michael prayer.  Invoke the holy angels.  Play Gregorian chant and let the enemy know you mean business.  We are not a one hour of the day type of peoples.  We need to be connected to God in prayer at all times leaving no room for the devil to interfere.

The unseen war being played out in the material.  Fr. Malachi Martin said eventually, the veil would be lifted”.  We will ultimately begin to see the demonic already at work in the air.  Perhaps some of you already have stories to tell.  NOW more than ever the unseen war is spilling over into the material.  We can save a greater number of souls if we bare our cross and nobly and keep in prayer.  Through the CERN program eventually the immaterial will cross into our dimension.  Do not ask me how but view some of my videos on the subject.  During the 3 days of darkness every devil will be let loose and those caught outside will be dead on the spot (in a state of grace or not).  The Blessed Virgin Mary’s warnings are stern and even some “traditionalists” do not take them seriously.  She, along with St. Michael are great aides in this unseen war but please do not let me disturb you from your partying and clubbing and the pursuit of things.  The sorrowful Mother of God and Christ await thee today in silence and solitude therefore accept the invite.  Wear your armor the scapular and have your weapon ready the rosary.  The times of the end are here.