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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, April 16, 2017

He is RISEN Yet Why Do We Still Sleep?

He is RISEN Yet Why Do We Still Sleep?
By:  Eric Gajewski

The GREATER the SUFFERING, the GREATER the GRACE.  Let us keep salvation at the forefront of our minds and at the doorsteps of our hearts.  We sit and see Jesus sleeping on the boat as if unconcerned therefore why are we?  We must sleep next to Him and awaken in patience when He does.  For it is His Will which leads and His grace which supplies.  The Apostles became frightened on the boat because they took their eyes off of Christ and chose to focus on the Storm.  We ought not care for the body but rather only focus on his.  He rises that we might rise above our human nature and live supernaturally therefore we must thank Him for our daily Cross.

Love conquers death.  Those who suffer more have more grace to get them through the trial.  Padre Pio once said that he who is sick has Christ twice in him.  The trial is never bigger than Jesus.  The Helper is with you, therefore, forget about yourself and focus on God and others.  Look for those daily opportunities to be an extension of Christ’s Love.  For it is in suffering that our hearts expand in Selfless Love as we further drift away from self.  Meditate upon this.  He has given you so much yet why do we give so little?  Do not live today thinking of what might go wrong tomorrow.  Think to your past and when has He EVER failed you?  Live for today living in Faith.  Continue on in your prayers for those carrying heavier crosses than you.  Be compassionate.

He is RISEN yet why do we still sleep?  Arise! O’ Christian and behold You’re Redeemer!  He has walked out of the tomb of self to show you the path.  It is out of the darkness of self that we all must walk.  The caterpillar must enter into the tomb of his cocoon only to take the skies as a beautiful butterfly.  Jesus, our model, who showed us that we must mystically die unto ourselves likewise shows us on this Easter how we are to walk out of the darkness of the tomb.  There were FEW waiting for Him on Easter morning in Faith.  Thus you must ask yourself , “Will I be one of those FEW still waiting for Him likewise at the end of my own life.

Why do those still stay sleeping in the Novus Ordo.  This seemingly is a great mystery.  For there are a growing number who now see clearly yet why don’t the masses?  Whatever the answer may truly be stay focused on Christ realizing that it is a great grace that you do.  Keep praying for those who do not and offer up your sufferings.  For it is with these Crosses than can open up the eyes of the blind and keep souls in Purgatory advancing in the Fire and Light.  God is coming in His Justice with a great alarm clock to wake those who still yet sleep in error and darkness.  Yet, we are called to preach the true Gospel of Christ admonishing and exhorting those who do still sleep.  This Easter let us be resigned to walk out of the tomb of self with Christ and be the Light in an ever growing dark world, Amen