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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Distress of Nations: Russia reportedly moving weapons towards North Korean border

Distress of Nations: Russia reportedly moving weapons towards North Korean border 
Latest Geopolitcal news inside....

Russia has reportedly moved weapons towards Vladivostok, just eight miles from the border with North Korea. The city is within striking distance of Kim Jong-un’s secretive state. Although unconfirmed by the Russian government, the movement of tanks and missiles was spotted by terrified people living in the border city and posted on social media. According to reports, the military convoy caught on camera included eight surface-to-air missiles, all part of Russian Air Defence.

Vladimir Putin already has a major navy base in Vladivostok. The threat comes after warnings from top experts that North Korea will have as many as unless urgent action is taken. Kim Jong-un has already warned North Korea is prepared for all-out war with the US. In retaliation, to the tubby tyrant. Donald Trump is said to be “preparing to strike” amid growing tensions over North Korea’s nuclear weapons. READ MORE

DEVELOPING: Army Called to Streets of Venezuela To Brace For “Mother of all Protests”!

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the army into the streets as the volatile country braces for what his opponents vow will be the “mother of all protests” on Wednesday. Maduro, who has faced violent protests over recent moves to tighten his grip on power, ordered the military to defend the leftist “Bolivarian revolution” launched by his late mentor Hugo Chavez in 1999.
“From the first reveille (on Monday morning), from the first rooster crow, the Bolivarian National Armed Forces will be in the streets… saying, ‘Long live the Bolivarian revolution,'” Maduro said Sunday night in a televised address. State TV showed images of army units marching in the streets of Caracas as Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino watched. READ MORE

Royal Navy ‘detects’ & ‘marks’ Russian warships in English Channel

British Type 23 frigate HMS Sutherland “located” and escorted two Russian corvettes, ‘Soobrazitelny’ and ‘Boiky’, while the vessels were passing through English Channel during a naval exercise. The two Russian ships were “spotted” by the Royal Navy on Friday, and subsequently escorted while passing through the English Channel in international waters. The corvettes (frigates in NATO classification),
accompanied by a fuel tanker and an ocean-going tug, were performing naval exercises, according to Russian Navy officials. While the voyage and its purpose were not kept secret by Russia, the British Ministry of Defence boasted of its “vigilance” in protecting the island nation, “using state-of-the-art radars to track the course and speed of the ships as they pass close to the UK.” READ MORE

NATO military drills gather hundreds of troops in Latvia

More than 1,200 troops from 12 countries, including the US and Sweden, are taking part in Latvia’s two-week NATO military drills, dubbed Summer Shield. The exercises, which began as drills for coalition forces invading Iraq, are now seen as serving to deter Russia. Soldiers from Latvia, the US, Bulgaria, Estonia, Canada, Lithuania, the UK, Luxembourg, Romania, Slovakia, Germany and also non-NATO member Sweden are taking part in the drills, which have been held in the country since 2004.
The servicemen are due to practice a range of combat support elements, including artillery, air defense, reconnaissance, defense against weapons of mass destruction, support of combat and construction engineers and anti-tank capabilities, LETA news agency reports, quoting the Latvian Defense Ministry. Air support controllers, fire support observers, medical company and transport units will also show off their skills. READ MORE

WAR DRUMS: US Deploying More Aircraft Carriers Toward Korean Peninsula…

A US nuclear-powered aircraft carrier is expected to enter the eastern seaboard on June 25 to curb large-scale provocations by North Korea. When he arrives at the eastern sea, Calvin Suh, who is sailing toward the Korean Peninsula, plans to carry out a “military force demonstration” in the form of military pressure on North Korea through intensive US-ROK joint training.
A senior government official said Thursday that the United States is negotiating a joint exercise involving our government and Calvin’s carrier flyers, and that Calvin Johnson will enter the East Coast. Originally, Calvin Suh was expected to depart from Singapore and arrive in the Korea Theater of Operations (KTO) on April 15-16. READ MORE

RUMORS OF WAR: North Korea warns ‘nuclear war could break out at any moment’

North Korea has warned “nuclear war could break out at any moment” as the country vowed to test missiles WEEKLY. The country’s foreign minister threatened the US with an “all out war” if Trump is “reckless enough to use military means” in a terrifying show of force from the hermit state. Han Song-Ryol said: “We’ll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly basis.” Speaking in a press conference from Pyongang,
Song-Ryal said it is “crystal clear” Trump is “hell bent” on prompting war with North Korea. He added: “A nuclear war could break out at any moment on the Korean Peninsula. “The United States are disturbing the peace and global stability, insisting in a gangster logic.” It was earlier revealed most of North Korea’s military bases are buried deep underground and in mountains. READ MORE

Trump Says ‘We have no choice’ -Justifies US strikes, Military buildup & posturing

The US has “no choice” but to continue boosting its military power, Donald Trump has said, after Washington’s war machine showcased its latest weapons over the past week and demonstrated its willingness to use them. Trump authorized the unilateral cruise missile strikes on Syria and followed up by dropping the “Mother of all Bombs” on Afghanistan. “Our military is building and is rapidly becoming stronger than ever before,” the US President tweeted Sunday. ”Frankly, we have no choice!” Trump’s statement came after the Pentagon expanded its global reach and showcased its use force in recent weeks. On April 7, in an unprecedented unilateral show of force, the US launched 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles from the Mediterranean Sea targeting the Syria’s Shayrat Air Base. Trump ordered the strike in response to the chemical weapons attack in Khan Shaykhun on April 4, which Washington blamed on Damascus before any investigation into the incident has even been launched. READ MORE

North Korea Conflict Compared To “Cuban Missile Crisis”

All the elements of the North Korean nuclear crisis — the relentless drive by Kim Jong-un to assemble an arsenal, the propaganda and deception swirling around his progress, the hints of a covert war by the United States to undermine the effort, rather than be forced into open confrontation — were on vivid display this weekend. There was the parade in Pyongyang’s main square,
with wave after wave of missiles atop mobile launchers, intended to convey a sense that Mr. Kim’s program is unstoppable. Then came another embarrassing setback, a missile test that failed seconds after liftoff, the same pattern seen in a surprising number of launches since President Barack Obama ordered stepped-up cyber- and electronic-warfare attacks in early 2014. Finally, there was the test that did not happen, at least yet — a sixth nuclear explosion. It is primed and ready to go, satellite images show. READ MORE