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Monday, March 13, 2017

Socci was right ... Benedict XVI is Pope by Fr. Christoforo

Socci was right ... Benedict XVI is Pope by Fr. Christoforo
"Drafts Part XVIII: Fatima Socci was right ... with an addition" of Fra Cristoforo
Honestly, I'm not very enthusiastic about dealing with this draft. Because it is a minefield (the third secret of Fatima), where so many have written, but many say a lot of nonsense. Reading the article of the new Compass today by Marco Tosatti, here ( http://www.lanuovabq.it/it/articoli-fatima-torna-il-mistero-del-terzo-segreto-19224.htm ), I wanted to make personal investigations, with the help of my source of course.

Meanwhile, I state that the most informed person at the time of the Third Secret of Fatima Antonio Socci. And 'the only one who has made the very serious investigation on the matter, and that his intellectual honesty shares with the public. I repeat. It is currently the only one who has just written about everything related to the famous third secret. I carry an article that you should definitely read well ( http://www.antoniosocci.com/la-verita-fatima-bene-ne-trattasse-cognizione-causa-astenersi-dilettanti-ignoranti-sciocchi/ ). As well as he suggests his book "The Fourth Secret of Fatima." Read it and you will understand many things. I appreciate it when Socci writes, he writes right. And no one has ever been able to refute his reporting. There are those who criticize him, but without basis. And as it says: Contra factum non valet argumentum. Partners may be sympathetic or unsympathetic. But he writes right. And no one can deny.
That said, it is now certain that the third secret was not revealed everything. The same Socci writes the existence of an additional "wrote" (the third secret) of Sister Lucia, that John XXIII did not want to make public, and apparently even Pope John Paul II.
Now, we became aware of a small detail of this writing. However, confirm that the times we live.
Sister Lucia, as well as the rest, reports that Our Lady would announce a certain time of the Church's life, in which there would be two Popes. And it would be a time of confusion and purification.
Honestly I would not add anything, because they do not feel up to no comment. But all this makes me think. It 's true that if you do not know any script, you can not say anything. However, says a lot that is still a part that is hidden, and furthermore speaks of two Popes.
I can assure you that the source is versed to the Vatican. And that, of these revelations, many are worried that do not leak out. Especially today.
Certainly Benedict XVI is aware of the full text.
I stop here. In honor to the truth. On this issue I do not dare say anything else. But it can reflect as much.

Benedict XVI: 3rd Secret Fully Revealed?