"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Satan’s Plan For the Endtimes: Why Talk So Much Maitreya?

Satan’s Plan For the Endtimes: Why Talk So Much Maitreya?
By: Eric Gajewski
New False Prophet Message within…
I answer this comment with a question itself.  Why not?  Are there not a lot of people who still have no idea who he is?  Do the people who still largely follow Vatican II know they are being setup?  Could there ever be enough warnings to those ignorant or who are on the wrong path objectively speaking?  The answer, of course, is that there cannot be enough warnings.  Like any good leader in an army we must know the enemy inside out so you can plot yourself.  We must know the enemy and where things are headed so that we can warn others ahead of time.  The Enemy of souls wants to deceive people into following him wilst his prey think they are following God himself.  “If possible…even the elect to be deceived”.  That Scripture should resonate in these endtimes.  Vatican II was simply the pastoral implementation of the cult of man principles which will soon be formally signed off on by the False Prophet “Master Jesus”.  This False Prophet will help pave the way for Antichrist Maitreya.  Those who don’t care truly don’t care about others or perhaps even themselves.

Satan's plan for the End Times 1: Theosophy & Maitreya The Antichrist

Peer pressure, people perception.  I still find many “traditionalists” thinking that “wherever there are the most people commenting on social media” is the place to be.  Nonsense.  We are surrounded by heresy and the pseudo traditionalist websites don’t simply get it and still other heretical sedevacantist websites leading others astray.  Recall  Our Lord said the Faith would be found in a FEW not in the majority.  So although you love to interact and try to fit in this perception of finding the social media hot spots with most commentaries fall short.  BIG TIME.  The False traditionalists tell you don’t touch the Council and/or new mass and the Sedes tell you the Apostate Church is already here….they are both in error.  Don’t fall for the peer pressure of trying to fit in with such groups.  In the end we will be reduced to our homes and the rosary, literally….

Over the past few weeks I have had followers from around the world tell me Maitreya posters and bumper stickers are going up (from USA to Germany).  The world has “problems” and Antichrist Maitreya will have all the solutions (wink, wink).  He will at some point take over a decimated Europe (after economic collapse) and be the ultimate social justice warrior for every conceivable problem on the natural level but that’s not all.  He will force both the rich and small to take his mark pledging allegiance to him and those who do not will be killed.  We are moving out of a Catholic society right into the One World Jew Socialist Republic that the pre Vatican 2 popes warned about.  Yet why can’t those still following the “cult of man” (Vatican II). It is very deceptive and seductive because of its humanitarianism.

We are on a countdown.  The faithless Jews tell us 2022 the “messiah’s” star sign will arrive.  What does that mean.  It means all hell will break loose from now until then.  People will need to be really desperate to embrace this hooligan of hell.  Be assured that only Faith and Hope will survive the days ahead.  An eagle learns how to adapt.  Even if it must change from tree to tree every few weeks…such is the times.  Expect less opportunities to get to the Sacraments.  ANY church teaching Vatican II and or supporting the New Mass MUST be avoided.  This rules out the pseudo trad crowd!  Draw a line in the sand and prepare your hearts now this lent.

Apocalypse (Revelation) 12:14
And there were given to the woman two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the desert unto her place, where she is nourished for a time and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.

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 Note:  The False Prophet "Master Jesus" or (in my opinion) Yeshua Ben Joseph is a DIFFERENT person from Antichrist Maitreya

From the New Age's website (January message):
In these strange times the world is polarized into apparently irreconcilable opposing extremes. At the same time, the only possible way to bridge the divide and to begin a process of healing is for humanity to see itself as one. The following two articles by Benjamin Creme’s Master reveal and illustrate both the problems and the solution, and so point the way forward.

Creating the Sword of Cleavage

From time to time, there appears among men a figure who embodies the best, or the worst, that men can show. These individuals become the most loved or the most hated of men. In either case, they usually draw to themselves many followers or devotees. Such figures have enormous magnetic appeal for the majority of men or, on occasion, are an inspiring example of destructive power on a large scale. The history books are full of examples of both types.
Today, in large numbers, many examples of both types are manifesting worldwide. The effect of this manifestation is to set before humanity two opposing lines of action, and so create the tension of choice which will determine the future of the race. In biblical terms this is the ‘Sword of Cleavage’. For many years the energies emanating from, and directed by Maitreya have sought to create such confrontation of opposites. This may seem strange indeed to many people but it is essential that humanity make the correct choices for its future. Otherwise that future would be bleak indeed.
The Sword of Cleavage is the energy we call Love: wielded by Maitreya it sets “brother against brother” and tests the true divine consciousness of men everywhere. The ultimate aim of all evolution is to establish on Earth the ‘Kingdom of God’, and the Sword of Cleavage shows men the way.
The teaching of Maitreya is simple. One might think that His priorities would seem obvious to all men; sadly this is not the case. Maitreya presents a future of tranquillity and peaceful endeavour as the inevitable result of sharing and justice for all, the creation of a world “where no man lacks, where no two days are alike, where the Joy of Brotherhood manifests through all men”. How is it possible, you might think, to gainsay such a message of hope? Is this not the future yearned for by everyone? It is the future hoped for by the majority of men, but not by all. Humanity stands on different rungs of the evolutionary ladder; above a certain level all bodes well for men. It is those who have not as yet manifested that measure of their divine Self who do not recognize that sharing is divine, that justice and right relationship are divine, but who see Divinity as competition and conflict, and register a man’s worth by the weight of his gold.
Many are fearful and suffering; bereft of work and hope for the future, they struggle from day to day. But many others are making their future for themselves, and many, too, are dying in the process. Throughout the world men are awakening to the possibility of a better life with freedom and justice at its heart. Have no fear, the people’s voice is rising and like a contagion affecting more and more. Maitreya stands behind those who live – or die – for the truth of freedom, justice and the unity of man. The young lead the way, and the future is for them.
[This article from Share International magazine, January / February 2017, is by a senior member of the Hierarchy of Masters of Wisdom. His name, well-known in esoteric circles, is not yet being revealed.

The Oneness of Humanity

by the Master —, through Benjamin Creme, 15 June 2008
The time is soon coming when men will see for themselves that the direction on which they are now embarked is false, fruitless for their future happiness, and doomed to failure. Seeing this, they will pose the questions: Why this emptiness? Why do we fail to achieve the peace we seek? Where have we gone wrong? Turning then to Maitreya, they will evaluate His words, testing them for relevance to their plight. They will find that central to Maitreya’s thought is the concept of Oneness. Men must, He will assure them, see themselves as One, each part of a united Whole – the human family – and that all that they do must reflect that Oneness. The present failure to appreciate this reality, He will contend, is responsible for all our difficulties and troubles, our disharmony and fears, our conflicts and wars.
“See your brother as yourself,” says Maitreya. Create an International Storehouse from which all can take. Only thus, by Sharing, can the world be renewed, is His Teaching. Only by Sharing, He will affirm, will men find the happiness they seek. Sharing alone will bring Justice and Peace.
Thus will Maitreya guide the thoughts of men towards the Truth that He brings and is. Thus will Maitreya show men their errors and the solution to their dilemma, and thus will men take stock of their situation and, in growing numbers, realize the Truth of His advice. More and more, men will see that Maitreya’s guidance is the only way to achieve the happiness and peace all inwardly crave. Held back by fear until then, they will find in His simple Teaching the answer to all their fears and woes.
Naturally, not all will find in Maitreya the guide they seek. Many, indeed, will find in His Teaching, all that they fear and hate. Gradually, however, the ardour of those who can respond and resonate to His simple words of Truth will bring millions to His cause of Justice and Peace. His Teaching, though simple, will penetrate the hearts of all those in whom love has not yet been extinguished.
Thus will Maitreya work throughout the world, drawing to His side all who long for a new start, a simpler, happier world wherein to raise their families in peace and harmony.
The Day of Declaration will be the signal for that new start for Planet Earth. On that day without precedent, men will experience the Oneness of which Maitreya speaks. They will sense that all humanity is undergoing the same experience. They will feel a humble pride in being one of a huge family of brothers and sisters whose hearts are beating together in a love altogether new. This sense of belonging together will embrace them and bring tears of long-forgotten joy to each and every one.

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