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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Ides of March -- 100th Anniversary of Tsar Nicholas II's Forced Abdication

Ides of March -- 100th Anniversary of Tsar Nicholas II's Forced Abdication
Jim Rickards:
2017 is the 100th anniversary of and the . Students of both understand the connection. Interesting year ahead.

On this subject, the Russia Analyst has republished an article from an Orthodox Christian priest writing for the (now defunct?) site Orthodox England, reproduced from Pravmir.com below. The Russia Analyst will have much more to write soon regarding the truth of what renegade Hoover Institution historian Anthony Sutton recognized as the Wall Street and City of London funded Bolshevik Revolution -- which was a necessary condition for the dialectical/occultist driven Third Reich, also funded by the City and Wall Street, in Germany. The goal, as LaRouche movement historian and RogueMoney regular guest Harley Schlanger has stated, to have the Germans and Russians destroy each other in both world wars.

The 'Red' pilled truth is that the Revolution represented a culmination of decades old schemes by certain Masonic/Illuminist factions in Great Britain to dismember Tsarist Russia, dating back to the 'greedy/tyrannical/menacing Russian Bear' propaganda preceding the Crimean War of the mid-19th century, and materializing in the sponsorship of the rising Japanese Empire and the PiƂsudski doctrine of Promethean-ism to break the Russias (Veliky, Malorussia now known as Ukraine and Byelorussia) apart along ethno-religious lines. Today there are echoes of those ideas in the notions spread by Stratfor and Ukrainian propaganda outlets that Russia could soon collapse to its 'Muscovy' core, or in the widely circulated but disavowed quote of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright that it was unfair Siberia's vast natural resources belonged to Russia, and are not under global(ist) governance.
For all its tremendous poverty and social problems, Tsarist Russia was -- along with the USA and Argentina -- one of the fastest growing economies on Earth prior to its defeat at the hands of the British-funded Japanese in 1905 and the catastrophe for European civilization of World War One. Despite the undeniable trend towards self-determination accompanying liberalization that included the peaceful secession of Finland (and perhaps, had the world wars been avoided, the Baltic states and Galician far western Ukraine), the Russian Empire was a Hercules strangled in its cradle by those who coveted its vast natural resource wealth and feared its rising military/scientific potential.
Prior to that time, the Red revolution was also greatest international robbery in history -- before the looting of post-Soviet Russia during the 1990s, all the central bank bailouts since 2008, and the coming global monetary conflagration. The Russia Analyst plans more detailed exposition of the decades-old origins of the Red Revolution, and why certain books about it -- including the writings of Sir Winston Churchill made at the time -- have been suppressed. We also plan to discuss the prophecies made by Orthodox Christian martyrs and monks both before and after the Revolution concerning the End Times, including the great war between a revived Rus and a neo-Ottoman Empire, as well as the appearance of the last Tsar of Russia on Earth before the return of the King of Kings and Heavenly Tsar of Tsars Jesus Christ.
For now, we are glad that a few non-Orthodox Christian guests of the RogueMoney program like Jim Rickards and TradCatKnight's Eric Gajewski recognize this important anniversary. -- JWS

"In the days of the great struggle against the foreign enemies, who for nearly three years have tried to enslave our fatherland, the Lord God has been pleased to send down on Russia a new heavy trial. Internal popular disturbances threaten to have a disastrous effect on the future conduct of this persistent war. The destiny of Russia, the honor of our heroic army, the welfare of the people and the whole future of our dear fatherland demand that the war should be brought to a victorious conclusion whatever the cost. The cruel enemy is making his last efforts, and already the hour approaches when our glorious army together with our gallant allies will crush him.

In these decisive days in the life of Russia, We thought it Our duty of conscience to facilitate for Our people the closest union possible and a consolidation of all national forces for the speedy attainment of victory. In agreement with the Imperial Duma We have thought it well to renounce the Throne of the Russian Empire and to lay down the supreme power. As We do not wish to part from Our beloved son, We transmit the succession to Our brother, the Grand Duke Michael Alexandrovich, and give Him Our blessing to mount the Throne of the Russian Empire. We direct Our brother to conduct the affairs of state in full and inviolable union with the representatives of the people in the legislative bodies on those principles which will be established by them, and on which He will take an inviolable oath.

In the name of Our dearly beloved homeland, We call on Our faithful sons of the fatherland to fulfill their sacred duty to the fatherland, to obey the Tsar in the heavy moment of national trials, and to help Him, together with the representatives of the people, to guide the Russian Empire on the road to victory, welfare, and glory. May the Lord God help Russia!

— - Tsar Nicholas II, March 2, 1917 (old calendar), 03/15/1917 on the new calendar