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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Earth Changes: Mysterious ‘Doorway To The Underworld’ in Switzerland Rapidly Growing In Size

Earth Changes: Mysterious ‘Doorway To The Underworld’ in Switzerland Rapidly Growing In Size 

According to the latest reports coming out of Switzerland, there is a massive hole in the ground known as the “doorway to the underworld” that has been allegedly triggered from climate change over the recent decades is rapidly growing in size and is causing concern. This comes following the reports of the largest earthquake in twelve years that struck Switzerland this past Monday. The following is an excerpt from Forbes:

The permafrost ground near the Yana River Basin has been warming lately, causing large scale changes in the local topography and ecology. The tadpole-shaped crater, called the Batagaika crater, is known as a “megaslump” and is related to karsting triggered through permafrost melting. Currently, the crater measures 0.6 miles long and 282 feet deep. However, the crater’s growth has increased recently prompting locals to nickname it the “doorway to the underworld” and to avoid the area. Permafrost is ground which remains at or below freezing temperatures for more than two years. This is common in the high latitudes of Siberia where average yearly temperatures prevent warming of the ground to above freezing. FULL STORY

Switzerland Struck with Largest Earthquake In 12 Years

We are receiving reports that Switzerland has just been struck with the largest earthquake in 12 years. According to reports from a local affiliate, the earthquake measuring 4.6 on the Richter scale struck central Switzerland on Monday night. The earthquake struck at 9.12pm at a depth of 5km under the summit of the Ortstock mountain in the canton of Glarus, around 6km west of the town of Linthal, the SED announced on its website.  While no damage was reported, police in the
cantons of Glarus and Schwyz told news agency ATS they received dozens of calls from worried residents who felt the quake. The SED said it received reports that the quake was also felt in the cantons of Bern, Aargau, Zurich and Graubünden. So many people visited the SED’s website after the earthquake that it crashed, said the service About a dozen aftershocks were detected after the main event, with more to be expected in the coming days. FULL REPORT

Massive Sinkhole Swallows House In South Africa Prompting Fears

According to a report from a local affiliate out of South Africa, There is anger and fear in Khutsong on the West Rand after a house has reportedly disappeared into a massive sinkhole early on Sunday morning. The local residents blame their local council, saying the collapse was caused by leaking water pipes. The area is dolomitic which means the rock can dissolve when combined with water. Fortunately, no one was inside when parts of a local house were swallowed up by the sinkhole.
Residents say another massive sinkhole close by, opened up last year. A homeowner, Papi Magwaza said, “I have spent about half a million on my property, all my 16 years of work. Now I have to start all over again. Officials don’t care. I want to be compensated because officials have been negligent, This is not a natural disaster, it’s man made. They should have looked after leaking pipes as this area is dolomitic.” CONTINUE

Major earthquake ‘Certain’ to hit Southern California

It is simply a matter of time before a major earthquake hits Southern California, according to a new study by the US Geological Survey (USGS), which examined patterns of historic quakes. The only question is how long it will be before the ‘Big One’ strikes. The study – the most extensive of its kind – examined a section of the San Andreas fault that runs along Interstate 5, near Frazier Mountain in northeast Kern County. “One of the reasons why this location is of importance is
because in Southern California, the Big Bend, Carrizo, and Mojave sections of the San Andreas Fault accommodate 50-70% of plate motion. This means that the seismic hazard is high,” according to Temblor. To understand the size and likelihood of future earthquakes striking the area, the researchers looked into the past, by digging more than 30 trenches to trace ancient temblors. “To get 1,200 years of records, we have to do lots of excavations and go quite deep,” said the study’s lead author, USGS research geologist Kate Scharer, as quoted by the Los Angeles Times. READ MORE

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