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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Matthew 6:34- Today Has Cares Of Its Own

Matthew 6:34- Today Has Cares Of Its Own
By: Eric Gajewski

There are many concerns we have these days not only for our own soul but for our own families.  Many still have friends and families living a life of sin without any intent of conversion and still others who have parted ways with the Catholic Faith altogether for a worldly life.  There are many things we could be worried about daily but ought we?  What did Our Lord tell us in relation to us trying to look to far ahead?  He has stated that we will have enough of a battle this day therefore do not look so far ahead to where you ultimately give in to fear, doubt and worry.  This is not what Christ desires of us (to worry and doubt).  There is a lot of work to be done today therefore control what you can control wilst handing over your whole will to God.  Tomorrow may never come and we can certainly not add another minute to our life if we are living in worry. 

 Special Message: Get Back In The Race! 

God provides even for the birds.  And how much more are you than they?  If God sustain the birds of the air than He can certainly sustain us.  Take a look at some of the mystics in the Church such as Marie Julie and Bl. Emmerick who survived (many years) on just the Eucharist alone.  Yes, I know what you will argue you are not either of those two but I will argue back why not?  Are you even striving for holiness?  Are you striving to be a close friend of God or a close friend of this world?  In the times ahead the Food by which will sustain us is Faith.  Faith will drive us to is Sacred Heart.  his Sacred Heart rests in the tabernacle.  Only Faith will survive in the end the Blessed Virgin Mary said emphatically at LaSalette therefore prepare prudently but do not overthink.  Do not worry nor doubt in God’s provision.  I often remind the escorts and prostitutes of this when I contact them.  They tell me they escort because God is not “acting”.  Is this really the case?  Or have they not yet united their hearts to God wholly?  Is God not acting or are they not conceding?  How often do we tell God we have a better plan for our lives than the one He has ordained for us?  Why do we persist in such a rebellious fashion?  The answer I think is mainly due to the fear of us having to have to suffer.  In our human nature we are always looking for the easy way out and yet this is not what the Cross whispers to us this day.

Let not your heart be troubled, nor let it be afraid.  We turn on the TV and see the way the world is going and this is a problem.  We are spending too much time in thinking what will happen tomorrow when we are not focusing on this day.  Today you have Jesus and thus are you saying Jesus will not be with you tomorrow?  The One who has said I will be with you even until the end has reassured us and yet will still doubt like Thomas.  What is troubling is not necessarily what is going on in the world because Our Lord said these things must happen.  The problem is that we spend too much time making this world our world.  Men and women have largely abandoned prayer and the interior way and latch on to any earthly thing they can find.  This weighs down the heart like an anchor of life's sea and only the Lord has the Remedy.  The Remedy is His Sacred Heart Whose Yoke is light.  Yet we go from day to day living as hard boiled eggs because we refuse to live the Way of Selfless Love.

Opportunities missed.  As a part of your examination of conscience be sure to include those missed opportunities to advance in Faith.  For if you do not believe in God in little things how will you expect to have Faith in Him in the greater things.  This perhaps is a poor example but I did end up watching the super bowl.  I still follow the Patriots and their model of “do your job”.  I believe we can carry this over into our spiritual lives.  If we all did our job and stayed in a state of grace, prayed regularly and put our Faith into practice on a regular basis we truly could become “mvp’s” of heaven.  We can become Saints yet so many refuse to even believe they can be.  During this game it seemed over as the Patriots were down 28-3 yet some of the players were recorded as saying “we gotta believe”.  Or they were saying ahead of the fact that “this would be the greatest comeback ever”.  This was just a silly football game but imagine if we said he same things to God in our prayer life?  Yes, I know things look bad but I believe and then act as if the intended outcome already occurred?  Now, granted, God is never going to allow things to happen which would not benefit our salvation and so only He can decide how events “go down” but nevertheless I think the points are fair.  If football players can have enough faith in each other to win a dumb game then ought we not have Faith in God to help us in our own daily lives?  How will you react when the Great Storm comes and right now you complain when there is a little rain in your life?  You are not doing so well now and you think your heart will be ready then?  Therefore, do not let the opportunities pass you by today in which you say ‘I believe”.

What you care about might not be for your soul’s benefit.  Often times we pray for things which sometimes seem okay to pray for but in reality they stem from self.  This is why in all things we must pray for what God Wills for our life rather than what we want.  When there truly is no care (in a healthy sense) there truly is peace.  We must be detached from all things if we are to arrive at the spiritual marriage with our Beloved.  God is our everything and if we have Him then it really doesn’t matter to what degree that God adds unto us in regards to “things”.  In my previous life I had many things and smiled often but I was a moral monster.  I had no need to pray because I thought I had everything I needed …that is…until God started taking everything away from me.  This included my house, finances, girlfriend and health all at once.  Talk about being “put on my back”.  Talk about having to detach very quickly from things.  If it were not for God’s grace I would have died physically but mystically I did. The emotional roller coaster ride had taken a toll on me physically, emotionally and obviously spiritually.  I was “forced” to go in once again and attempt to find God.  The Cross pressed down hard on me.  What God is concerned about is your salvation first and foremost and if He has to take everything away from you all at once to show you this within then He will.  The process of detachment is painful.  Every eagle will be pushed off the cliff by the Mama and will have to take a few hard falls before learning to keep his wings spread in Faith and Hope on the way down.  If we keep them closed then God cannot use us.

The worst prison of all.  Mental affliction is no joke.  Looking back on where I came from I truly experienced and suffered a lot which is why I pray for those who are mentally afflicted daily.  However, we are our own worst enemies.  Because we are so attached to things we suffer having these things taken from us.  This is not God’s fault it is our own.  Heaven is not a place to worship things it is a place of pure freedom in God.  It is a place where He is and this is enough.  He is the reward not your ebates rebates check nor points accumulated for your next free hotel stay.  He is our End and if we are not praying constantly to stay engaged with our End than assuredly we will lose our way.  Based upon this reality now take a look around at our society today and ask if the majority of people have strong prayer lives?  We are stupid foolish sinners who constantly are sucked into the false light of the dark dungeon of doubt we create.  We build our own cell on fear and lock our own selves inside.  It is not God’s fault that you do not get what you want.  No, it is rather your fault for not loving God Himself and His Will.  The prison cell of self is lonely but luckily we have Our Lady who comes with the Key and opens the door to lead you to Her Son our Eternal End. Yea, in the end, today has enough cares of its own but the problem is that we care about things that we shouldn’t and not enough time spent dwelling upon the Will of God and what He asks of us.  

Fr Cooper, SSPX: In the End Few will have the true Catholic Faith