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Friday, February 17, 2017


Loosely translated from the original Italian 
"INTER-COMMUNION" -- Fr. Kramer: Oh! How "nice"! Now we can go to Protestant churches and receive non-sacramental bread instead of the adorable and most holy Body & Blood of the Saviour, shed for our salvation, and given to us as the "bread of life".

Start this post citandovi an article by Sandro Magister, who confirms all the "Drafts" inter-communion with the Lutherans (read here->)

Just to tell you that what we write there we're inventing. But there's more. In these days it was held this famous C9, ie the Council of 9 Cardinals of which we talked about earlier. These 9 Cardinals, would be the "advisors" Bergoglio. And the public Vatican press room the contents of these meetings,
(http://www.lastampa.it/2017/02/15/vaticaninsider/ita/vaticano/le-riforme-dei-tribunali-e-dei-media-sotto-la-lente-del-c-RGJbZEgP8m4vRfE5Alm7hK/pagina .html)
But leaving out a theme that seems should still stay confidential.

Or "intercommunion".

Bergoglio is not able to participate in all matches of this C9. It seems that they only two deserted.

In one of the meetings in which he participated in the Argentine Cardinal is said to have "pressed" not only for the reform of the Curia, but also to "support" the commission that is working on intercommunion with Protestants.
Now, as far as I know, it seems that by the end of April, these cardinals are to meet again. And for that date, it must be prepared a "pastoral letter" to begin to prepare the people of God in a liturgical ecumenism. Therefore inherent intercommunion with the Lutherans.

It seems done deal. Without considering the damage it will cause such a thing. The danger of a schism believe is imminent, as indeed reiterated Socci in one of his
latest articles (Read here->).

Meanwhile the Vatican purges continue. Card.Burke was sent on a mission. Msgr. Negri was sent into retirement in record time. It only awaits the fate of the Card. Müller, which should arrive soon. And the
game is good that did. Strange, however, that just yesterday (at the conclusion of the C9), was announced on Burke's missionary mandate. I would not say weird! To C9 he talked about how to reform the Curia and purge the College of Cardinals.
And if anyone expects Bergoglio meets the "dubia", I answer as he himself -the Pontefice- responded 15 days ago at a dinner: "STAY FRESH".

Fr. Cristoforo