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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, February 6, 2017

Clown Bergoglio sabotages the message of the cross

Clown Bergoglio sabotages the message of the cross
The Catholic Church has always considered suffering and illness as a burden we must bear as a consequence of original sin. Our Lord came to redeem this sin and to show us that the way to conquer its consequences is to carry our crosses as He did on His way to Calvary.

Faithful to this orientation we have almost two millennia of Catholic teachings.

After Vatican II, however, and especially after the papacy of actor Karol Wojtyla, joy and laughter have gradually replaced the previous serene and serious approach toward suffering and illness. With the ascension of Jorge Bergoglio to the Chair of Peter, this tendency reaches its apex.

This Pope-buffoon is the very opposite of the Man of Sorrows, as Our Lord was normally portrayed. His symbol is not the Cross of Our Redeemer, but the red nose of the clown.

Imitating his example, we have seen the stupid "apostolate of laughter" spread everywhere: the self-named "doctors of laughter" who visit hospitals to make sick children chortle, based on the wrong idea that if they forget their sufferings they suffer less.

This initiative is nothing but another manifestation of the horror of the cross – suffering, pain & illness – that the Revolution spreads. By supporting this initiative, Francis sabotages and furthers his opposition to the true message of Christ.

Above, he is pictured encouraging one of these "apostles of laughter" in St. Peter's Square; below, first row, a hospital nursing sister awaits his passage at the Vatican, second row, social care-takers at a Catholic hospital in Rio prepare to receive Pope Bergoglio in 2013.