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Monday, January 2, 2017

TradCatKnight 2016 Quick Recap

TradCatKnight 2016 Quick Recap
By: Eric Gajewski
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What an amazing time to be alive!  We are witnessing events unfold right before our eyes which the early apostles forewarned of and Saints so wished to be a part of.  It truly has been difficult to keep up on all the latest happenings coming from both Church and the secular world but that is just exactly what I try to do here at TradCatKnight.  I said that more and more people would come to the realization that Francis was an antipope in 2016 and that is exactly what we are seeing.  This trend will continue in 2017.  We have seen Cardinal vs cardinal and bishop vs bishop just as Akita had forewarned and that trend will only continue as well.  We have seen significant earth changes this past year which has caused many to finally realize that the Planet X system inbound is no joke.  As we speak another 100 quakes (swarm) were recorded in San Andreas area which is cause for growing concern to many Californians.  What will 2017 hold?  I am afraid I don’t have the time to cover all that which I think might happen but the premise of this article was to do a quick recap of the 2016 year for TradCatKnight.  It is truly hard to imagine that TradCatKnight just celebrated its three-year anniversary!

Thank you!  I truly appreciate all the prayers and support.  My health from time to time had wavered this past year but I have little doubt that due to your prayers I was able to accomplish as much as I did in 2016.  All glory and honor to Jesus!  Thank you for the grace to get the job done my Prince.  A lot was accomplished however there is still a lot more to do for Jesus.  I believe that 2017 will be pivotal for Church and humanity but also for this apostolate.  In God’s time all things will fall into place and many more will join us daily as they see the truth in what I say. Please continue inviting friends, family and church members to this website daily and if I can be of assistance please do email me at apostleofmary@hotmail.com

TradCatKnight attacked.  The trolls were out in 2016 as I had forewarned.  A lot of egos busted from those of other “traditionalist” sites who thought by their “exposing” TradCatKnight that we would simply fade away.  Not only did this not occur but we gained a lot of their own followers in the process.  Some people need some extra sleep at night it seems and by them trying to undermine me they believe "they have won".  TradCatKnight was just coming onto the scene at the beginning of 2016 but moved all the way to the top spot as it relates to traditional Catholicism (Alex rankings provided below).  It goes to show you that when you get in the public's eye you must be prepared for the attacks.  I thought about this today and the story of Padre Pio who was attacked by other Catholics as well.  This is simply how it must be therefore expect more.  Do not be foolish and believe everything you hear.  I am not a fake nor fraud, nor a double agent Jew, nor 33 degree Freemason nor a “harassing” pornographer.  Those who believed such nonsense were those people just waiting for any garbage to come out on me to begin with.  They were already those who we had disagreement with and I say adios and do not let the door hit you in the rear.  We are obviously doing very well without you thanks to the blessing of God.  This is His work not mine.  Think twice next time. The eagle are coming.

Opportunities.  Due to our growth I had a lot more opportunities to spread real Catholicism to non-Catholics this past year.  I had a lot of opportunities to talk about the real third secret of Fatima (apostasy in the Church and material chastisements coming).  This is why I need your ongoing help in the financial assistance area.  I appeared on many prominent radio shows, websites and youtube channels.  In fact, I have lined up quite a few more for January 2017 so be on the lookout!  If you have suggestions for media appearances, please do email those to me as well.  I take every opportunity seriously.  Over the past year I had many prominent special guests on TradCatKnight Radio.  I know most of them are not Catholic and therefore this is a great opportunity for me to talk to them off air and continue evangelizing to them.  We now have many prominent websites which are not Catholic keeping an eye on our material which will be critical going forward into 2017.  I do not expect massive conversions at first however over time people we begin to get the message as to “which route” Christians need to be taking.  

2017 a year of interior growth.  There are still so many who just go through the motions daily as it relates to their interior life.  Perhaps, a pilgrimage is necessary or some type of retreat wherein you can get “redialed” in to what truly matters.  We ought not be getting to hung up on the news.  We must focus in on what we can control and control that.  There will be plenty of opportunities for you to grow in Selfless Love for 2017 but will you first recognize them?  And secondarily will you take advantage of those opportunities.  Get structured, organized and get dialed in.  Begin by detaching from one “thing” and purge it completely from your will and heart.  Start with this foundation and begin to further pluck out all the weeds of your garden.  You will need Our Lady for this year (if you have not gone to her already).  This is not optional in this endgame unfolding.  Pray the Rosary daily and wear the scapular daily.  There are more devils being released into this world daily and you will need your weapon and armor if you are able to persevere in the Faith.

Biggest Surprise?  The biggest surprise to me was that the economic collapse had not occurred.  I believe we all can see that it is imminent but know one knows the day nor hour.  This is critical on the prophetic timeline because once this occurs it means Antichrist Maitreya and his ‘day of declaration” is not too far behind it.  It could be some months or maybe a year after but it will be close in proximity to the economic collapse.  This is in my opinion starts the tribulation where Maitreya which pitch his programs and play the nice guy routine.  Having said all of this expect the unexpected.  As much as I will warn about certain events we must understand they are only said to keep things in more general terms.  Finally, some may argue that Trump winning the election was the biggest surprise and perhaps so.  I have been on record saying that if he did get in he would be used to stage all the civil unrest that will transpire AFTER the economic collapse which will undoubtly come during his tenure. 

In the end, I thank you for all your efforts in continuing to keep this apostolate moving forward.  I hope you enjoy the content and the various topics I cover as it relates to this endgame.  2017 will be “eventful” to say the least I will do my best to keep all angles covered.  Please continue to keep me in prayer and know that you will be in mine, Ave Maria!

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