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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Papal envoy of Venezuela: "Dialogue" is the only way

Papal envoy of Venezuela: "Dialogue" is the only way
Vatican II new doctrine teaches that one ought not try and convert any noncatholic to Catholicism but it does employ masonic dialogue as a smokescreen for the soon formalization of all humanity

From article: Very difficult is the situation in Venezuela, which for months faces a serious crisis. Yeah considers Archbishop Claudio Maria Celli, who recently returned from that country, where, as a special envoy of the Pope met with all parties to the ongoing internal conflict there. After a series of negotiations conducted between October between the government and the opposition, which so far have not led to an agreement again is to sit at the table talks on 13 January.
Archbishop Celli spoke about this in an extensive interview with the Italian Catholic television TV2000. He stressed in particular, that it Venezuelans are brave people who, despite the existing problems do not lose hope. He pointed out that "the question of all remains the same:" What kind of country the current generation want to leave your children? ".
The prelate stressed that although everyone is already tired of this situation, it must understand that there is no other way out of the crisis, the common search for solutions. "Dialogue is the only way; there is no other way! "- stressed the papal envoy. He added, however, that such a situation is a commitment which imposes obligations on all. "This responsibility is also expressed in relation to the talks. Speaking is not an end in itself. It's about finding a solution to the urgent problems that affect people suffering for a long time, "- said the papal envoy to Venezuela.
Abp. Cellego also asked what role in resolving this conflict can play a mediation church. "If diplomacy is the common good, peace, respect for human dignity, of course, all of this is close to the Church -zauważył hierarch. - These ideas and values ​​belong to the Church's mission. Sometimes we use the word "diplomacy" in order to point out what should be the language and behavior of all. So you need to understand the message that carries the word 'diplomacy' "- said Archbishop Celli.

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