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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Is My Church “Traditional”

Is My Church “Traditional”
By: Eric Gajewski
The true Faith is (generally and largely speaking) on the outside of the mainstream churches...

This is a common question being asked by so many trying to get a grip on making a decision as to where to attend Mass.  This question comes with many answers depending upon who you ask. However I am finding that as we progress closer to the formal schism in Rome (as Antipope Francis admits he might be the one to split the church) more people are realizing that their church truly cannot be considered “traditional” any longer.  Yes it may have the appearance on the surface level of being “catholic” but how can you get around the reality, that in order to be considered “in full communion”, with the Church, you must accept a heretical/schismatic Council?  Folks, it is not all about the “smells and bells” for we are a doctrine first people and if we do not take Doctrine seriously then how do we expect to please God?  Did the early Saints not die cruel deaths in order to preserve the Faith?  Yet, why do so many make excuse for their priest and church knowing full well they are following Vatican II and still saying the illicit and schismatic New Mass?  This is in part why God must intervene with Chastisement.  Let us talk about this matter further.

Ask the priest ahead.  Cut right to the chase by asking your priest ahead where he stands on Vatican II and New Mass because these two areas are nonnegotiable.  If you are away on vacation you must plan ahead and ask rather than get there and wait and see.  You can ask the priest questions and be charitable.  Remember you have a soul to save and you will have to answer to God directly.  Because he is a priest does not mean he is right you must get that thought out of your head.  We have had a “council” and popes not “be right” so please don’t fall to these foolish suggestions by the majority who are theologically clueless.  If you want to be considered in “in the Church” and participate in the “cult of man” then go for it!

"St. Athanasius & True Resistance"  

Digging deeper.  In order to get at the root problem of this crisis in the Church we must dig deeper than just “looks”.  This is a fight for the Faith.  So many initially come to me saying their Church is “okay” to attend but after a series questions I expose that it is not and these people know it.  What ultimately arises is this notion that “I am sinning” if I don’t get to Mass every Sunday in this crisis.  In normal times this is true but not when a contagion has entered the Church let alone a whole new religion!  Many are afraid but how will these people react when churches begin to close?  When priests are slaughtered left and right?  Will they not see the Justice of God arises from such heresy and compromise?  Dig deeper for this fight does not rest on the cosmetic level but rather at the very heart and soul of the Church in Her Faith.

St. Anthony the Great, "Vatican II: Beginning of the End"  

Compromise is worse than heresy.  Rather be on the enemy’s side than sit on the fence.  Don’t believe me?  Read the Apocalypse again and you will see just how God reacts to those who are lax and lukewarm.  If you think about it we can apply this notion to relationships.  I would rather be completely broken up with a girl than to constantly “not know where I stand”.  One day she says she likes and the next day she is with someone else.  Sadly, the false traditionalists do not see that what they are doing is compromise and that it is offending God.  However, all will see Gods wrath soon and no one shall be exempt.  I will say it again we are doctrine first peoples and if we do not get doctrine first right then the liturgy will assuredly be displeasing as well.  This is why Our Lord and Lady both specifically warned against the New Mass which was constructed by heretics.  We have to put aside our “feelings” and act upon “pleasing Jesus”.  Do heretical masses and masses with priests compromising the Faith please God?  Absolutely not therefore the argument that they are valid is not all sufficient.  The Russian and Greek Orthodox churches have valid masses but they are likewise displeasing to God (heretical/schismatic).

It is “slim pickens”.  So, if you are right Eric then I have virtually no opportunity to get to Mass.  I respond “with God all things are possible…”  Yes due to our laxity we are being punished and we all are sharing in with it.  Less Masses attended does not mean you are less holy.  As I have argued on the basis of your heroic unwillingness to compromise you are taking the first steps necessary to become a Saint.  During the Arian crisis we have the early Church Fathers making this historical record of those who wouldn’t compromise.  Were they less holy than the Arian heretics who had the majority of the building of their times?  It was “slim pickens” for them and thus in this Universal apostasy why would you expect it to be any different?  Show your Faith and do not bend you must still sanctify the Sunday but get in the habit everyday of truly attempting to sanctify yourself.  Continue to actively search for an appropriate Mass which is not following Vatican II nor supporting the New Mass maybe then the priests will start waking up in your area.  Could you imagine if all acted this way and no one attended these Novus Ordo masses?  What a wake up call it would be however the reality is that most are theologically incompetent and even more cling to self love.  “Slim Pickens” does not denote that you have little chance to save your soul and do not let any modernist tell you otherwise.  It is God who is against them.  

Keep it simple.  There are so many different issues out there that are debated upon. But as a starting point just stick with Vatican II/New Mass.  I see so many now losing friends over the whole “is Trump for real” debate and this has nothing to do with our Faith.  The devil wants division on every level but please understand it is not us who caused this division and who have (as Archbishop Lefebvre said) left the Church (objectively speaking).  Do not overanalyze but continue to study.  Always ask Our Lady and Lord to illuminate a path for you to take and it shall come.  If you have the intent of being Catholic wilst still being confused how can you escape God’s mercy?  Of course, Our Lord cannot hold it against you considering just how deep this crisis runs.  Simplicity is a must in this crisis yet too many are causing divisions where there need not be any.  In the end, the majority coming to me (at first) claim their church is “traditional” only to agree with me after a series of questions that it truly is not.  Denial of the facts are harsh but when we are dealing with our salvation we must understand that it is about the Faith and not buildings.  Truth in our time does not march in numbers and thus ask yourself will I continue to follow the Conciliar “Pied Piper” or draw a line on the sand and say “enough is enough”.  There are too many incompetent prelates, priests and even theologians out there do not fall victim to the hour where truth seems to be a democracy for it is not. 

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The first leap of the eagle off of the cliff is scary but once you begin to first fly you will begin to question why in the first place you stood for so long on top of the cliffs.
The truth will set you free….thus many of you today KNOW you ought not be attending the church you are currently attending but you are not yet free of self love and thus fear has overtaken you

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