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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, December 15, 2016

VIDEO: Muslim “Youths” Caught On Live Camera Grabbing Young European Girl, Stomping Her Head And Then Trying To Gang Rape Her

VIDEO: Muslim “Youths” Caught On Live Camera Grabbing Young European Girl, Stomping Her Head And Then Trying To Gang Rape Her
Warning: Sensitive Material
This appears to have happened in France. It was a very close call. Were it not for the security guards who chased the Muslims off, this woman would have become another casualty in the what is nothing less than yet another Muslim invasion of Europe. Here is the video:

Watch this video closely. Notice how the entire group had to have been in on this. They knew what they were doing. They planned this  attack.
Several questions come mind. Did the girl know these people, or was it a random attack? What did the men say? What were the events that lead up to the attack? What was she saying when it was taking place? What ever happened to the would-be rapists?
These are questions that we may never get the answers to. However, one thing is very clear- Muslims are dangerous because Islam in an inherently evil religion, and after many years of refusing to deal clearly and honestly with the problem, we are forced to stand at a proverbial “fork in the road” and make a decision about how to handle the Muslims. Do we fight against them, or become one of them?
For my part, I choose to fight.
Remember that Christianity and specifically, the Catholic Faith is the only Faith which has ever not only been able to consistently resist Islamization, but it has been able to consistently defeat it and then go on to conquer the Muslims. Nobody else can make that claim- simply ask Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, and many, many other nations and peoples.
There is right now an urge to rise up, defend, and fight back for what is left of Europe after years of inherently destructive actions against themselves. Since self-preservation is natural to any people, this is good to see. Having said that, it is very, very important to remember that it is not some special quality of the European people that makes them superior to the Muslims outside of the Catholic Faith. Indeed, the Catholic Faith is what brought the European people out of the darkness of paganism and all of the evils which it teaches just as it has done for countless other peoples across the world.

Human sacrifice among the Aztecs in Mexico. This abhorrent practice was ended thanks to the Catholic Faith, and it has only returned in recent days due to Mexico turning its back on the Faith and embracing heresy and paganism. While many people will promote paganism as a rustic ideal such as with the concept of the “noble savage,” paganism ultimately leads to identitarianism, idolatry, and human sacrifice.
Europe will not survive if it becomes Muslim. It also cannot survive to resist and overcome the Muslims if it chooses to continually reject the Faith and instead choose to combat the Muslims with a combination of social darwinism and isolationism.
The only weapon that Europe has is the Faith, and that is all it needs. After all, if this Faith leads a man down the path to salvation than it will, as it has done countless times before in the past, give Europe the spiritual piety and material means to combat and defeat the Muslims as it did to Charles Martel, King Sobieski, and the Conquistadors of old and in reality, not that long ago.

Shoebat, "Christian Militancy & Novus Ordo"