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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, December 22, 2016

POEM: "Christmas Present"

POEM: "Christmas Present"
By: Eric Gajewski
Please enjoy my latest poem from the work "Fortress of the Soul".  I hope you all have a Blessed Christmas and please do keep me in prayer.

Play the video below and listen as you read...

"Christmas Present"
Away You were In A Manger,
Yet still distant was my heart
Your Love which drew even the eyes of the lights above
Our Bright Son Smiling, as the angels too played their part
Ye found a safe place in the arms of Mary
But still I wandered in the dark night lost
A perfect shelter, this Great Tree, amidst man's winter
As the snow slowly falls, it is Your Star that from afar calls me forth
In this painful inward journey I crossed the lands of self
Knowing that in the silence of Your Presence is where I alone belong
For it is here away from mens eyes, I die
It is here near Mary, I too, in You, am reborn
My past parts with the Wind for the Day now is here
In the crystal clear tomorrow I have hope to arise once again to adorn
Parting, no more, the old, now made anew
For we can not appreciate this scene without first ourselves traveling
Leaving behind our footprints of falsehood to follow Yours which are true
O' Rejoice! Heavens Bread has desecended amongst men
And meets to greet souls with divine kiss in the early morning dew
Making our way through this dense forest on the account of Love
We all encounter the holly and ivy and must pass through
Wrapped in this cold I still come giving you myself as gift
On bent knees I present very humbly my once broken heart unto You.

We seemingly are always asking God for "something" when in reality He has already given Himself which is all we truly need.  Do you ask what Christ would like of you this Christmas?  Or will you continue to live bound by the shackles of self- love always pursuing that which often is not necessary for your salvation.  We all must walk through this forest in order to arrive at that place of pure sublimity.  God cannot first be heard unless we are first quiet and yet how many of us can take more than fifteen minutes out of our "busy" schedule to meet Christ in the humility of this Manger in prayer.  We are cold creatures who need the Source of Fire and Light for the winter of our earthly spiritual plight.

Rather your eyes get wider/bigger this Christmas with the prospect of acquiring more things let your eyes get more narrow so that you may see the humility of Christ in the Manger. Remember this is a time of giving and not receiving and there are many who this Christmas may not get one present but it is in their daily giving by which they truly bring Christ into the world. Unfortunately this godless modern world so riddled with self is trying to usher in the Antichrist, who, will, at least, for a short period of time "abolish" Christmas altogether. Enjoy every day you get every minute we receive and every breathe God grants. Learn to live simply as Mary and Joseph and I assure you that you will see Christmas through different "lenses".   Simplicity is not a word often associated with Christmas and yet is foundational to not only the day but our spiritual lives in general.  See Christmas through the Holy Family and may yours be blessed.  And remember sometimes the devil "will chase you out of where you used to be" only so that you can "arrive at where God needs you to be".  We are all in plight like the Holy Family therefore seek shelter in our Fortress and Great Tree, the Blessed Virgin Mary and I assure you that Christ will be all the more nearer to your heart, Ave Maria!

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