"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, October 24, 2016


Of all the Zionist agents of neo-con talk radio, no one has gone to such great lengths to debase and degrade himself in the service of Zion than the certifiably insane Glenn Beck. By comparison, Israeli shills Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and even the Jews Mark Levin and Michael Savage come off as Arab sympathizers next to the bigmouth butter-ball, drama-queen Beck.

 Mad Man Beck gives a bad name to both "conservatism" and "Christianity".

In 2011, Beck, invoking Moses, kicked off his "Restoring Courage" Tour in Israel. The stated purpose of the August event  was "to stand with the Jewish people". During the lead-up to the tour, Beck addressed the Knesset (Parliament) Diaspora Affairs Committee, advising the members on how to counter the "de-legitimization" of Israel.

Glenn Beck Launches Restoring Courage Events From Caesarea
Invoking Moses, Beck addresses the retard mob of Zio-Christians who followed him on his tour to Israel.

On August 21, the ecumenical gathering "The Courage to Love" was held as part of the tour. There were 3,000 people in attendance at the event which was broadcast to over 1,000 Zionized Christian psuedo-churches in the United States. 
On August 22, an observance in remembrance of the Holocaust (TM) titled, "Courage to Remember", took place. It featured an invocation by Rabbi Moshe Rothchild; followed by remarks by Beck and neo-con actor and fellow fake-crier Jon Voight.
Voight is just as screwy-in-the-head as his estranged daughter, Angelina Jolie.

At the August 24 "Courage to Stand" rally, Beck expressed a belief that a two-state solution would "cut off Jerusalem, the Old City, to the rest of the world. The very gates of hell will open up against us."
http://www.israelvideonetwork.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Bibi-on-Beck-Mar-20112.jpg http://www.greanvillepost.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/glennbeckisrael.jpeg
Beck has interviewed Satanyahu for Beck TV and donned the beanie while in Jerusalem.

Beck, an ex-drunk and former nobody from nowhere, owes his multi-million dollar career to the Zionists. So when Glenn Beck ventures into the field of foreign affairs, we can be sure that is Bibi Satanyahu's words that will flow out of Beck's crooked mouth. Remember, it is only the strong hand played by Vladimir Putin in 2013 that prevented Satanyahu's Holy War against Syria, and probably Iran. This undeniable fact has had the Zionist neo-cons seething ever since. With that in mind, let us review just one indicative sample of Beck's recent TV declaration of war against Russia for what it truly is - Zionist bull-sugar!

From GlenBeck.com:
The Red Storm: Glenn delivers a 'truly horrifying' look at the origins of the Russian threat

Beck: It is critical that you understand this, because this is the root. We’ve got to take you back over 1,000 years to the split of the Roman empire. The government power structure was in Constantinople. The religious center remained in Rome. Constantinople was famous for its defense and large number of soldiers; culture was heavily influenced by the Greeks. … Gradually they move away from the Latin language, and they’re increasingly alienating themselves from western Rome and the Pope.

Analysis:  What complete rubbish! If Beck's followers are actually that stupid to believe that events of 1,000 years ago are at the "root" of the current break in U.S.-Russia relations, then Beck doesn't have an audience; he has a cult! If we are going to play the goofy game of manipulating ancient history to suit a particular analysis of current day events, then Peter the Great's enthusiastic and history-changing cultural opening to the West, which took just place just 300 years ago, trumps whatever happened during the split of the Roman Empire 1000 years ago. Beck, in poker parlance, "I see your Constantinople, and raise you one St. Petersburg."
Russian Tsar Peter the Great brought western culture to Russia. The similarities between the Peterhof Palace at St. Petersburg, Russia (right) and the Versailles Palace in France (left) are not accidental. Indeed, Peterhof is often referred to as the "Russian Versailles".

Beck: With the majority of the soldiers in the east, the pope became vulnerable when a tribe called the Lombards attempted to take power. The soldiers in Constantinople couldn’t come to his defense in time. Desperate, the pope turned to somebody else — to Charlemagne. Charlemagne was king of the Frankish empire. He agreed to help the pope. He swoops down and crushes the Lombards. He liberates Rome, but in turn, also ended up uniting most of western Europe. Christmas day, year 800, Pope Leo III is sitting on his throne. He crowns Charlemagne emperor.

Analysis: Charlemagne? The Lombards? The Year 800? Where are we going with this, Crazy Boy?

Beck then shows his viewers a map of how east and the west Europe were divided during Charlemagne's time compared to how they were similarly divided during the Cold War:

Glenn Beck speaks on his television program Jan. 12, 2015. (Photo: TheBlaze TV)

Beck: Do you notice the division of power in Charlemagne’s Europe and Cold War Europe is nearly identical? After Charlemagne’s death, his empire was split among his sons. France and Germany’s beginning stem from this moment, and from here on out, Rome is the spiritual center and Carolingian Christianity would dominate western Europe.
Analysis: Oh Lord. Give me strength. Who writes your "history" briefs Beck? The reason that the geographical "division of power" during Charlemagne's day and Stalin's day is similar is because that fiendish commie-pinko swine FDR gifted all of Eastern Europe to Stalin at the Yalta Conference held towards the end of World War II. Had the Allies allowed General Patton to roll eastward, all of those red nations on your stupid map would have come under the western sphere of influence. Even before the war, most of those countries had closer relations with Hitler's Germany than they did with Russia. Charlemagne and "Carolingian Christianity" have nothing to do with the current US / EU / NATO drive to dominate the entire Eurasian land mass.
Beck:  So how does Charlemagne and his rescuing of western Rome over a thousand years ago matter to anyone today? It’s all about values, or the stated values. I want you to look closely at what Putin values in his ‘new Russia.’ There has been a trend now of events that indicate Russia is attempting to be one of the highest-profile international defenders of global Orthodox Christianity.

Analysis: So you're saying that Putin wants to conquer the world and forcibly convert everyone to Orthodox Christianity? Is that right?

Putin & Russian Patriarch Kirill plot world domination.

Beck: You’ll recall it was Vladimir Putin who beat Obama to the national stage when denouncing the violence against Christians in the Middle East. Well everybody loves that, right? Except it’s a little strange considering the guy kills journalists.

Analysis: Not that I would have a problem with knocking off Russian traitor journalists on the CIA payroll, but what evidence do you have that Putin killed any journalists? (Sound of crickets)
Beck:  That doesn’t exactly square with good Christian tenets, does it?
Analysis: Well Becky Boy, your bearing of false witness against Putin and your warmongering against Muslims (killing) don't exactly "square with good Christian tenants" now, do they? How can you so piously invoke Moses when you so brazenly violate 2 of the 10 Commandments that he is known for?
Beck: Nevertheless, the pattern is now here. Putin himself was baptized in the Russian Orthodox church. He had a high-profile meeting with Pope Francis at the Vatican in 2002. He has made strong religious allies and is attempting to appeal to the Orthodox core of the country. Why? Because he knows trouble is coming, and he’s got to cobble together an army.
Analysis:  Oh. I get it. Putin only pretends to support Christianity so that Russian Christians will join his evil army..... What an A-hole you are, Beck!

Forget about the big bad Muslims. Russia's Christian armies are coming to get us! Be afraid America. Be very, very afraid .
Beck: And how does all of that tie to Putin’s recent actions in Crimea and Ukraine? According to Ukrainian historical accounts, the Apostle Andrew visited Crimea and Kiev. The cities have been woven throughout Russian history as significant religious sites, and when Vladimir the Great was baptized in Crimea in 988. Crimea became the Christian center of the east the way Rome is the Christian center of the west.
Analysis: So it was the Apostle Andrew's visit and Vladimir the Great's baptism in ancient Crimea that are at the "root" of the recent conflict and chaos. Silly me. And here I thought it was that violent CIA-NGO-Mossad coup which installed thugs like Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko that got the Eastern Ukrainians all pissed off. Thanks for straightening that out for us, Beck.

Don't blame Nuland, McCain, Obongo and Soros. It was really Andy and Vladdy that got us into this mess. Thanks a lot fellas!

Beck:  This fracture in history is critical to understand, because an ongoing dispute in the region is not about anything other than who is going to be the third Rome. Putin is appealing to the historic roots of the Russian people when he aligns himself with Russian orthodoxy...This should send a chill down the spine of every living human being on planet earth.
Analysis: The only "chill" that runs "down the spine of every living human being on planet earth" is due to the fear of the U.S. - Israel Axis of Evil which you so faithfully serve, Beck. Other than the morons who still listen to your radio show and watch your TV show, or read The Jew York Slimes, no one fears Putin's Russia.
Beck: The red storm is just beginning to rise.
Analysis: Beck; the only thing rising is the level of liquefied Zionist excrement spewing out of your dirty lying stinking mouth. Charlemagne, the Lombards, Pope Leo, Vladimir the Great, St. Andrew...shut up Beck. Just shut up!
You think World War III is a joke? Drop dead Beck, you miserable, lying, pathetic, warmongering swine; and take your dirty money with you to hell.