"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Attire of the Body Shews What We Are

Attire of the Body Shews What We Are
By: Eric Gajewski
Ecclesiasticus 19:27
The attire of the body, and the laughter of the teeth, and the gait of the man, shew what he is.
 Certain Fashions will be introduced that will greatly offend God ~ Our Lady of Fatima, 1917

This blog certainly is appropriate as we head into summer.  I have been conducting a more large scale “adult ministry” for many years in an effort to warn and potentially convert those females who are abiding by the flesh.  Out of the hundreds of thousands I have contacted very few have responded positively to the Message and even fewer have stuck it out over the years.  Out of the hundreds of thousands I have contacted there also has been a sad and consistent theme.  

A great number of these females think God is “ok” with immodest dress or even worse by showing their bodies off purposefully.  We must remember when a soul abides in sin it darkens not only the heart but intellect.  This answer could not be any further away from the truth and Our Lady of Fatima warned the world through 3 little children that those who run the way of the flesh indeed end in hell.  Immodesty and Vanity are both sins which at the end of life’s road takes one to hell (un-repented and objectively speaking).  Pride abides in these souls who “do not want to be told what to do”.  It is my life and my body they exclaim!  Actually it isnt your body and life ...it is the Lord's.  Selfish much?  Often times this problem arises from a lack of proper parenting in rearing the child as truly ChristianBut then again take a look at what is being identified with Christianity these days and it is not hard to figure out why so many are on the wrong path thinking they are right.

The excuse “I am sinner like you” is not a sufficient response because it is clear there is no clear intent of being sorry for these sins nor any apparent amendment for one’s life.  Love changes the object in which it touches and takes a hold of and therefore we are "on the outside" truly what "we are within" as Scripture dictates.  If we dress like a whore exteriorly than interiorly we are a spiritual whore who does not house the truth in them nor is true Love abiding and operating in the soul.  The word "Love" is way overused these days and often misused by those who have not Truth in them.   The sodomites and gay marriage crowd all have their "own way" which is not Gods way.  They did not want Catholic truth and therefore they created “their own”.  They want to live as they want without any recognition of what God has truly revealed in the Religion He founded.   Thus, every man lives for himself and actually thinks they can get away with it!  No, my friends they will not get away with it.  They will not get away with it in this life nor the next.  They dress with less because they are self seeking and seek to please every carnal eye rather than God.  They like the attention because they are self serving and have been raised in error since birth (most of them).  Their attire speaks to being a street walker as opposed to being the lady God has designed them to be. But who wants that in this liberal world?  I got to "fit in" and "be cool" right?

Grace clothes the heart, thence the soul and ultimately the surface with the body.  Now the virtues can vibrantly leap out and much like a fresh rose offer something much more “deep” to Society.  Immodesty and Vanity only broods spiritual death because it emanates from the self.  To put "on display" is to rob God of His glory and thence a woman’s body is first made for God then her husband.  A woman's body was not meant to be put on display to be gawked at.   Only Our Lord’s Body should be on display because He is our ONLY WAY OUT OF THIS BODY.  It truly is sad to see so many women not living with any respect and dignity for their own body.  They offend God, themselves and their neighbors BUT since most are void of grace these days our ladies are "egged on" to reveal more.  I am very forth right with women on the matter because I had seen the destruction it caused my own soul and how it truly affects society as a whole.  It keeps the culture of self.... thriving!.  Finally, I close by mentioning, another issue or trend of the modern world, which is a snapshot of the self.  The woman or man who loves the mirror.  The person who spends more time taking selfies during the day then in prayer has completely “lost it” or quite frankly never “had it”.  

 Today's godless and insane liberal feminists....

Hell, has a deep, dark and empty spot for these souls who always want attention.  In great irony they will not get it (attention) for all eternity not even from the devils’ themselves.  To look good for God and neighbor doesn’t mean drawing attention to yourself but rather drawing upon the grace of God to do good for God and neighbor and this requires modesty.  We have fallen natures which require proper clothing.  I am thoroughly amused and saddened at the same time by those girls who say they have a “deep relationship with Christ” all the while their facebook is loaded with half naked pictures which say otherwise.  We reflect on the exterior that which comes from within.  Souls who are intimate with Christ are not concerned about being "in the spotlight" nor are they overly concerned with their bodies.  "For bodily exercise is profitable to little: but godliness is profitable to all things, having promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come."  1 Timothy 4:8  In addition, they are not trying to outdo their friends on facebook in the game of  “I can be more immodest” than you (so I can get more likes).  I am also amused by those women who think “bikinis” are still okay with Christ.  Many of them sadly and vainly try to argue back “what are we living in the middle ages?”.  Sadly these blind souls are not at all intimate with Christ and follow the fashions of the world which has an end in hell.  It is summer time and thus a time for change.  I hope this message penetrates deeply with our women who think they can go on living as the world and have Christ at the same time which is pure poppycock.   Our Lady warned at Fatima of the immodest fashions coming and have we ever seen this since 1917!!  These girls are not properly attired on the surface because they are not first properly attired in grace within.  It is time to turn back to Christ, His Catholic Faith and the Sacraments before it is too late.  Turn to Our Lady and not the TV for the answers.  In the end, they deceive themselves if they think otherwise or try to hide behind excuses.  Please keep this particular aspect of my work in your prayers.

"Either we must speak as we dress, or dress as we speak. Why do we profess one thing and display another? The tongue talks of chastity, but the whole body reveals impurity."
St. Jerome

Several reminders from the Church for the summer time:

Pope Pius XII – August 15, 1954 delegated Cardinal Ciriaci to issue a letter on modesty.
"Everyone knows that during the summer months particularly, things are seen here and there which are certain to prove offensive to anyone who has retained some respect and regard for Christian virtue and human modesty . On the beaches, in country resorts, almost everywhere, on the streets of cities and towns, in private and public places, and, indeed, often in buildings dedicated to God, an unworthy and indecent mode of dress has prevailed. Because of this, the young particularly, whose minds are easily bent towards vice, are exposed to the extreme danger of losing their innocence, which is, by far, the most beautiful adornment of mind and body. Feminine adornment, if it can be called adornment, feminine clothing, ‘if that can be called clothing which contains nothing to protect either the body or modesty.’ (Seneca) are at times of such a nature that they seem to serve lewdness rather than modesty . What we are discussing here is obviously most serious, since it vitally concerns not only Christian virtue but also the health and vigor of human society . Well did not the ancient poet say of this matter: ‘Vice necessarily follows upon public nudity’...

St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, Doctor of the Church
" A mortal sin of scandal is committed by women who go about with their bosom immodestly exposed, or who expose their limbs improperly.
There was a woman who, even after marriage, did not cease giving scandal. This woman one day fell into a fit, and while she was in a state of unconsciousness, she saw the Lord condemning her to eternal fire. When she recovered the use of her senses, she did nothing but cry out, "Alas! I am damned, I am damned!" A confessor came to comfort her, but she answered, "What have I to do with confession? I am damned." Then her daughter approached the bed, in order to encourage her, but she cried out: "Ah, accursed child! on your account, too, I am damned: for through you I have given scandal to others." After these words the devils, in presence of all who were in the apartment, raised her up to the ceiling, and then dashed her so violently against the floor that she instantly expired.'

A Pastoral letter of His Emminence Enrique Cardinal Pla y Daniel, Archbishop of Toledo Spain issued in 1959 this directive:
" A special danger to morals is represented by public bathing at beaches, in pools and riverbanks…Mixed bathing between men and women which nearly always is a proximate occasion of sin and a scandal must be avoided."

St. Jean-Baptiste de la Salle
'It was sin that created the need for us to dress and to cover our body with clothing. This is why, because we carry with us at all times the condition of sinners, we must never appear not only without clothing but also without being fully dressed. This is required both by decency and by the law of God.'

Maria Cahill, "Modesty In The Modern World"