"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, April 30, 2016

St Athanasius and True Resistance

St Athanasius and True Resistance
By: Eric Gajewski

There are a lot of opinions out there in regards to the Council itself, what the Popes have taught and the various camps which have settled into each position.   For us (the Resistance) the Second Vatican Council was very much the pastoral implementation of the Novus Ordo Religion which came under the guise of “update”.  For us there are material heresies in the documents themselves (as Archbishop Lefebvre/ Fr. Hesse taught) of which the VII Popes have reiterated.  Thence, where heresy is, no matter if it is decreed by just authority or not a Catholic cannot be.  We have precedence in Church history from the Arian Crisis which supports the Resistance position (They have the buildings we have the Faith) We recognize the local bishop has jurisdiction but does that Bishop follow the Catholic Faith?  In general the answer is no.  On the surface level it seems simplistic but it does get complex as many individuals (clergy and laity alike) are waking up to this reality.  The Modernists hide behind the word Catholic as Pope St. Pius warned.  The Church teaches it is dangerous and not permissible to be where the Faith is not (even if they are lawful owners of the buildings; otherwise St. Athanasius would have been wrong). 

In regards to “separation: Yes we must keep separate from these buildings until the buildings are restored (generally/objectively speaking).  This does not mean we are separate from the Church.  No more than St. Athanasius was not separate from the Church.  We do believe the Second Vatican Council was very much a robber council like the synod of Pistoia. It will be made null and void in the future not re-clarified. We also believe that the VII Popes will receive a similar sentence as Pope Honorius (excommunication).  We suffer along with the Church but cannot partake in things the Church teaches us we cannot partake in (which binds us, the Novus Ordo does not bind us). 

Furthermore, when studying the early Fathers and the esteemed theologians we see that they teach of an apostasy or revolt (this is Vatican II) AND a driving away of the Vicar of Christ (soon Benedict XVI will flee Rome) thus causing the Church to go underground. We can argue from our perspective the Church is largely underground due to VII already.   The notion that the Church will always be large does not correspond to what the Church Fathers nor do the esteemed theologians (even Popes like Pius XII) teach in this area.  If the Resistance is in error (under the pretense that we are dealing with heresy/New Religion) than St. Athanasius would have been in error when he stated “they have the buildings we have the Faith”.  In laymen’s terms it means the Church would have ultimately condemned St. Athanasius for “separating” himself from the “Church” (which it did not).  When the dust settles we believe what we say will come to pass even as St. Athanasius said in his times (mind you he did not have the authority over the church to “bind the church” during his crisis even as Archbishop Lefebvre recognized he didn’t).  The problem is there are so many views on what is heresy what is not.  I close in this area by saying Pope Paul the 6th himself said the Second Vatican Council was a reflection of the cult of man.  Catholics cannot partake in this New Religion being called Catholic which is this cult of man.  Vatican II/New Mass needs “to go” lest the wrath of God continue on.

Another problem we are facing no one is addressing is this.  Since the word Catholic has been misused since the Council we are facing a situation wherein one day a fraud otherwise known as the False Prophet will arrive onto the scene claiming to be over the “Christian Churches”.  That means those calling themselves Catholic too!  He will not want to be called Pope and yet it seems he will be universally recognized as the “head”.  There will be a new 5 stage initiation to the New Age Religion which will start in Rome.  There is no way any Catholic can recognize him as a true Pope and yet it seems the majority will follow him!  Thus the Church will be driven underground even Benedict XVI implies this in his memoirs (that the Church will grow very small and have to start over).


St. Athanasius (keep in mind the Arians called themselves Catholics in his time the same as the VII modernists call themselves Catholic):

"May God console you! ... What saddens you ... is the fact that others have occupied the churches by violence, while during this time you are on the outside. It is a fact that they have the premises – but you have the Apostolic Faith. They can occupy our churches, but they are outside the true Faith. You remain outside the places of worship, but the Faith dwells within you. Let us consider: what is more important, the place or the Faith? The true Faith, obviously. Who has lost and who has won in the struggle – the one who keeps the premises or the one who keeps the Faith? True, the premises are good when the Apostolic Faith is preached there; they are holy if everything takes place there in a holy way ...
"You are the ones who are happy; you who remain within the Church by your Faith, who hold firmly to the foundations of the Faith which has come down to you from Apostolic Tradition. And if an execrable jealousy has tried to shake it on a number of occasions, it has not succeeded. They are the ones who have broken away from it in the present crisis. No one, ever, will prevail against your Faith, beloved Brothers. And we believe that God will give us our churches back some day.
"Thus, the more violently they try to occupy the places of worship, the more they separate themselves from the Church. They claim that they represent the Church; but in reality, they are the ones who are expelling themselves from it and going astray. Even if Catholics faithful to Tradition are reduced to a handful, they are the ones who are the true Church of Jesus Christ.

Other Patristic Testimony To The Abysmal State of the Church at the Time Of The Arian Heresy
A.D. 360: Saint Gregory Nazianzen says about this date: "Surely the pastors have done foolishly; for excepting a very few, who either on account of their insignificance were passed over, or who by reason of their virtue resisted, and who were to be left as a seed and root for the springing up again and revival of Israel (the Church. ed.) by the influence of the Spirit, all temporized, only differing from each other in this, that some succumbed earlier, and others later; some were foremost champions and leaders in the impiety, and others joined the second rank of the battle, being overcome by fear, or by interests, or by flattery, or, what was the most excusable, by their own ignorance. 

Cappodocia: Saint Basil says about the year 372: "Religious people keep silence, but every blaspheming tongue is let loose. Sacred things are profaned; those of the laity who are sound in the Faith avoid the places of worship as schools of impiety, and raise their hands in solitude, with groans and tears to the Lord in Heaven." Four years after he writes: "Matters have come to this pass: the people have left their houses of prayer, and assembled in the deserts, – a pitiable sight; women and children, old men, and men otherwise infirm, wretchedly faring in the open air, amid most profuse rains and snowstorms and winds and frosts of winter; and again in summer under a scorching sun. To this they submit, because they will have no part of the wicked Arian leaven." Again: "Only one offense is now vigorously punished an accurate observance of our fathers' traditions. For this cause the pious are driven from their countries and transported into deserts." 

In our time when impious novelties, liberalism and modernism are ravishing the Church under the pretext of "aggiornamento" (update!), and infidelity to Catholic Tradition is the order of the day, the above statements cannot help but strike the reader as a parallel of our time. As it was then so it is today.
Today we see the loss of faith among many Catholics occasioned by compromises in the Faith, both great and small, which have touched on the very essence of our Faith. Recent surveys and polls show that only 15% of Catholics believe that they have to accept all of the Church's teachings.
The majority of Church leaders have succumbed to the "spirit of the age", new doctrines and faithful Catholics now suffer at the hands of those who should be their protectors.

The Catholic Church survived the Arian crisis, and so it will survive the present one. For our part, it is our duty to remain faithful to the unchangeable teaching and Sacred Tradition of our Holy Catholic Church, and to not compromise our Faith in any way with the present trend of liberalism and modernism sweeping the Catholic Church worldwide.

If the Arian crisis proves anything, if this historical lesson of the fourth century teaches us anything in the twentieth century it is this: Falsehood cannot become truth no matter how many accept it but rather the truth of doctrinal teaching is to be judged by its conformity to Tradition and not by the number or even the authority of those teaching it. It shows to us that a pope can err as a private teacher and so much more the bishops. Another point the Arian crisis brings out is that Catholics true to the traditional faith had to worship outside the official Churches, their parish churches and even to avoid them as schools of impiety. It proves that Catholics may even have to suffer false denunciation and excommunication for their beliefs as St. Athanasius suffered: today as always we must pray for the Church, the clergy and especially the bishops and our Holy Father the Pope. Only the good Lord knows how long this crisis will last but Our Blessed Mother has given us hope in Her prophecy at Fatima. "In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph and there will be peace in the world".