"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Mother and Suffering

A Mother and Suffering
By: Eric Gajewski

Every Mother has a special connection with her son or sons.  There is a bond which truly surpasses human speech.  But do we reflect often enough on that bond between the Blessed Virgin Mary and Her own Son?  She participated in the Plan of Redemption by bringing the world our Savior and thus all the more reason for us to have a special bond with her.  For who is close to the Mother is closest to the Son! Let us pause to reflect today upon that special connection between the Immaculate Heart of Mary and that of Her own Son (Our God’s) and His Sacred Heart.  More specifically meditate upon a Mother’s response in the time of suffering.

Every Mother wants to see her child well and healthy no matter what age however it is not always Gods Will for us to be in such a state.  For it is in these times of holy suffering that God grants us the ability to expand our hearts in Selfless Love.  The Cross brings with it a remedy to self.  It comes to annihilate all that will impede your soul’s growth in virtue via grace.  Therefore, like a fish needs water to live so do we need our Cross to live in Him.  It is not optional it is mandatory.  For He who will not deny his self and take up His Cross cannot be a true follower of Christ.  This is sometimes tough for Mother’s who see their own sons in agony.  

Like Christ we too must end in our Mother’s Arms.  Our trials and afflictions lead the Way into His Life more deeply via the Immaculate Heart.  She stood by Her Son when the others fled and so will she come to your bedside in the hour of sickness.  Assuredly, she will be close by to make sure those graces are granted so that you can join in this work of the Cross that His pain might be alleviated.  Take a look around you.  Can anyone doubt that Our Lady is asking for victims of His Sacred Heart?  How many souls in a state of mortal sin? How many souls led astray by the world?  We too should have that hopes of dying in Our Mother’s Arms like Christ! 

 O’ the pain of watching Her own Son being brutalized surpasses our own understanding and yet we see her mercy still wanting to keep us near.  Our Holy Religion is not a mere "spectator sport".  No, we have dogmas to bind us but we must get in the fight in order to advance our own souls and to help other souls "see the light"! The fight for our own souls and the fight to help win other souls to Christ and His Catholic Church is part of every eagles duty.  When we trip and fall be assured we have a loving Mother who is ready to come running for us in hopes to keep us safe.   May we pray this day for the grace to expand in Selfless Love.

Look away sinner, O’ look no more

Upon this scene of death

Wherest every inch of His holy skin torn

Speaking to men in hopes

To see every soul reborn

Nails so deep that they would meet

The very Heart of His own Mother now scorned

An empty gaze so full of sorrow

That overlooked the lands

Which ultimately bought our new tomorrow

For it was He Who laid down the Path

In turning from this world and all its charms

Embracing pain, sorrow, affliction and loss

Thus ending in a suffering bond of two broken hearts

But Redemption wast held safely in Our Blessed Mother’s arms