"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Open Letter to SSPX Faithful Coming- Neo-SSPX Just Another Indult

Open Letter to SSPX Faithful Coming-
Neo-SSPX Just Another Indult
John & Anne Pfeiffer 
This was sent to me via email for publication
*actual letter withheld for the time being until finalized

 We are writing to help spread the word about an initiative of the Catholics at catholiccandle.neocities.org
We now consider the SSPX an indult group, since they now have permission from the enemies of our Lord Jesus Christ, to hear confessions.  Thus, we will not be attending the SSPX ever again.  Period.  We will treat them like any other indult group.

We enclose a draft open letter (withheld for the time being) to the SSPX faithful, setting forth our principles and our reasons, and urging the faithful to avoid this new indult group also.  This letter is drafted so it could be signed by people anywhere in the world, if they wish and even if they stopped attending the SSPX chapels months or years ago.  Also, it is no problem if they sent/signed some earlier letter of their own local Resistance group.
We think now is a good time for this open letter, because:
Ø  The SSPX now has an indult, albeit a narrow one and one that will expire.  This fact might make some SSPX parishioners leave, as it did my own family.  (In other words, this indult was the “benchmark” my own family set in 2012.)
Ø  There has never been an open letter like the present one.  The past ones were from specific groups e.g., in France, Colombia, England and Australia.  There has never been an open letter from uncompromising traditional Catholics united around the world.
Ø  All previous open letters were addressed to Bp. Fellay or one of his district superiors.  There has never been an open letter addressed to SSPX parishioners.
Ø  All previous Resistance open letters were quite a while ago.
Therefore, we ask you to review the enclosed draft letter (withheld for time being).  *Please forward to Catholic Candle any ideas you have to improve the letter.  Any former SSPX parishioner who has been confirmed and who is not a sedevacantist, who wishes to add his name to this letter, can do so by sending his full name and country to catholiccandle@gmail.com
Please forward this open letter and cover letter to Catholics who would be potentially interested in signing it.  Anyone else can wait to read it until it is published in the September Catholic CandleCatholic Candle asks that no one post this letter on the internet until it is finalized (tweaked by the good ideas Catholic Candle receives from everyone, in the days to come.)
In Christ the King,
John & Anne Pfeiffer (and family)

*TradCatKnight: You can gain a copy of this letter by emailing catholiccandle@gmail.com and adding your own thoughts and name to the list. I have been asked to formally withhold the letter until formally completed. Let us get behind this as it most necessary. 


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