"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The goal of ecclesiastical masonry: A masonic Pope who will preside over a New Church

The goal of ecclesiastical masonry: A masonic Pope who will preside over a New Church 

By: Paul Anthony Melanson

Note: TradCatKnight does not hold Francis as Pope but Benedict XVI
Is it possible some of the Conciliar Popes were in fact Masons?...

For a long time now, modernists have dreamt of  changing the Church from within through infiltration.  The ultimate goal of Freemasonry within the Church (ecclesiastical masonry) is to obtain a Pope favorable to masonic principles, a Pope who will preside over a revolution which will permit the man of iniquity to enter the Church's interior and to conquer the saints.

This is not religious paranoia.  This is not religious fiction.  Many popes have warned (and most notably Pope Leo XIII) about the designs of Freemasonry.  It was Pope Leo XIII who warned that, "Freemasonry is the permanent personification of the Revolution; it constitutes a sort of society in reverse whose aim is to exercise an occult overlordship upon society as we know it, and whose sole raison d'etre consists in waging war against God and His Church." (Encyclical Letter On the 25th year of Our Pontificate, March 19, 1902).

Freemasons believe that the Catholic Church must fall apart and dissolve and that a secular, humanitarian religion must - and will - take its place - Freemasonry.  In his Encyclical Letter Humanum Genus, Pope Leo XIII emphasizes that the ultimate aim of Freemasonry "is to uproot completely the whole religious and political order of the world, which has been brought into existence by Christianity, and to replace it by another in harmony with their way of thinking.  This will mean that the foundation and the laws of the new structure of society will be drawn from pure Naturalism."

Alta Vendita - Freemasons Conspiracy Against the Catholic Church and Christ 


In a letter dated April 3, 1844, a high-ranking mason known as Nubius commented to another highly-placed mason: "Now then, in order to ensure a pope in the required proportions, we must first of all prepare a generation worthy of the kingdom of which we dream...Cast aside the old and men of a mature age, go to the youth, and if possible, even to children....It is to the youth that we must go, it is the youth that we must lead, unperceived by them, under the flag of the secret societies...Once your reputation has been established....Such reputation will give your doctrine access to the young clergy and to convents.  In a few years, this clergy will naturally have invaded all functions; they will govern, administer, judge, form the Sovereign's council, be called to choose the Pontiff who must reign; and this Pontiff, like most of his contemporaries, will be more or less imbued with Italian and humanitarian principles that we will start placing in circulation.....Let the clergy move forward under your standard always believing they are advancing under the banner of the apostolic Keys.  Cast your net like Simon Bar Jonas; spread it to the bottom of sacristies, seminaries, and convents...we promise you a catch even more miraculous than his....You will have fished a revolution dressed in the Pope's triple crown and cape, carrying the cross and the flag, a revolution that will need only a small stimulus to set fire to the four corners of the earth." (Taken from Les infiltrations maconiques dans l'Eglise, by Father Emmanuel Barbier, p. 5).

This is the plan of ecclesiastical masonry - a corrupt pope who will lead his flock into the new kingdom of sin which will be presided over by the Son of Perdition, the very person of the Antichrist.

How close are we to such an evil scheme actually being fulfilled? Has it already happened? Pope Benedict XVI has already warned that we are entering a profound period of testing.  Indeed we are.  Pray for the Church.  Now is the time of diabolical disorientation. 

 Pope Benedict: a Freemason??

He already taught like a Mason that is for sure




The False Prophet, the "Master Jesus" will soon appear in Rome after what looks like a prepared staged "resignation" of Antipope Francis. The Master Jesus (real name unknown) is the setup leader for the Maitreya (Antichrist?) who is said to be aided by Francis.


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  1. The following Masonic directive is from a set of 34 guidelines that was issued by the Italian P.2 Lodge in March of 1962 and gives us a better idea of where the new Mass really came from:


    "Stop the practice of saying Mass before the Holy Eucharist in the Tabernacle. Do not allow any tabernacles on the tables used for the Mass. Make the table look like a dinner table. Make it portable, to imply that it is not sacred, but could do double duty for anything, such as a conference table or for playing cards. Later, put at least one chair at this table. Make the priest sit in this after Communion to signify that he rests after his meal. Never let the priest kneel at Mass, nor genuflect - people don't kneel at meals."


    The above closely coincides with directive no. 4 of this same set of guidelines: "Stop all Latin in Mass liturgy, devotions, and songs. It lends a feeling of mystery and respect. Show it up as mumbo-jumbo of soothsayers."


    Removing the solemnities of the old Mass would open the way for the many other abuses planned by the Masons in 1962, for instance their plan concerning the reception of Communion: "Get women and laity to give Communion, say that this is the age of the laity. Start giving Communion in the hand like the Protestants, instead of on the tongue, say that Christ did it this way. Collect some for Satan Masses."


    These infernal guidelines were primarily executed by fallen members of the clergy, especially Masonic initiates like Archbishop Bugnini, the key architect of the new Mass who was seen many times going to the Masonic lodge to receive his regular paycheck to carry out his commission to destroy the Church. That is to say, the change of liturgy was not from Pope Paul VI.