"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, September 19, 2014

“The Pond of Self Knowledge”

“The Pond of Self Knowledge”
By: Eric Gajewski

 There are many who fail to journey to this pond of self knowledge, to the reflection of the soul which is cast upon the conscience of the man. Many men amidst their daily routine pass by this great pond on their way to work or amidst their daily endeavors. Verily, in the modern world full of busyness and distraction we neglect to care for that which is eternal. Yet, it is always there and accessible for a greater understanding of our self and our daily failures but why is it used by so very little? This great pond is crystal clear for all whom peer in gaze upon the Waters purity. The surface is illuminated in Light from the Son above which shines forth upon it. Let us now ask? How many have gone to this pond and upon their "looking" retreat back to the broad path because it is to silent? How many see the many blemishes there are upon their own face and run? Or worse yet, how many immediately turn away and act as if it were not there at all and never return again? How will such souls be able to stand in the presence of the Living God in the End wherest there is no more running, hiding, ducking or dodging? Further, how many will use "makeup" so as to cover up these blemishes they knew existed but still tried to pass it off as "acceptable" before men? Yea, man maybe be able to "run on the surface" in this life but in the next there is nowhere to hide for truth cannot conceal nor lie. Only the Son can remove these blemishes by purging them from our midst. We truly cannot "conceal or hide" for all is eventually revealed. Therefore make good use of this great pond of self reflection. Only the brave who work in accordance with grace have the patience to glare daily and deeply into her midst. The prideful, the fearful, and vain cannot enter such a place and yet when alas all shall be revealed on Judgement Day how ugly before the Son shall such souls stand in Light of His Presence. We ought journey to the pond daily as we rise in the morning and when we leave our work on the way home and spend time beneath the Son above looking at "our own reflection" cast down onto the surface of the pond, that which we call self knowledge.

An Eagle has wings of Faith and Hope and His Eyes are wide in Charity. An Eagle hast learned  not to be afraid of his reflection but rather daily to work toward being pleasing in the Eye of God.  Nay, he is not afraid and he nobly flies above this pond noticing all those who will pass her by on a daily basis. He is not afraid to draw in close to this pond because he has habitually learned that to be close to her is to be close to the Son Himself. O' who would not examine their own conscience! Answer: the man who can not know the distance or gap between his own soul and perfection. 

He cannot learn to silence his lips if his own heart is not silenced in the Presence of God. He will rather continually stay busy on the surface and not worry himself with the eternal that lays within. Holy Suffering, that is, suffering, in and with the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ, produces a certain stillness of the soul. For when God grants the Cross to a soul its purpose, in part, is to "slow down" the life of the individual, that he or she may notice this pond and therefore make good use of it. In human nature man is restless and yet in grace we have perfect peace which ultimately comes by way of the Sacred Heart of Christ, our Source and End. 

Let us reflect today that to be ignorant or obstinate of this pond which is in our daily midst is sin. For is not our own purpose in this life to draw as close to God as possible before our last breath? Do we not seek God by first leaving behind that which impedes our ultimate End? Therefore, as it is a duty of every eagle to learn to adapt or change, we must embrace this pond of self knowledge and take time out daily to endure the immediate harshness of our own reflection before the Son's reflection. Let us strive for perfection by recognizing that it is "consistency" in the spiritual life which keeps us moving more closer to His Sacred Heart. An eagle does not fly without his wings nor eyes and so too can the soul not operate as it ought without making use of this pond. We must love God and neighbor but we can not do this if the unhealthy 'self" is still alive in us, impeding God's work in our own soul. Can we imagine a world without any charity, a world full of self absorbed souls? Nay, it is true that in these last days we approach such madness but let us reflect upon the true nature of hell which is, in part, loss of God. In hell, these souls must habitually look at one another whose distorted faces and mutilated bodies are always present. How ugly sin is and when one soul glances upon the next, the ugly face of "self" is always seen. Yea, let us veer off the broad path to hell in all her concerns and distractions and draw close to His Sacred Heart by first leaving behind this ugliness of "self". ~Amen

"The Pond of Self Knowledge"

Upon this broken road 
A Path emerges that leads my soul
Away from the thrills of the day
Wherest it is just You and I
In silence and solitude, I pray
In the stillness of Thy reflection
It is "I" who must come to "know"
And lo, and as an eagle in virtue, I shall grow
No longer in nature taking the broad path 
But in the grace of this serene place
Is ultimately where I find perfect peace
And it is here within where I now call Home....

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