"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, May 30, 2014

TradCatKnight Newsletter (May 2014) "Love's Discipline"

TradCatKnight Newsletter (May 2014)

Love’s Discipline

Dear Faithful,
Every now and again it is good to reflect on past experiences, not only to help us grow from our mistakes, but also to take the “good” out of those experiences. In so that it may help us to continue to build upon already existing virtue which comes thru the aid of grace. In this modern world, how often do we hear the claim that, “traditionalists”, otherwise known as true Catholics(Rejecting Vatican II outright &New Mass), are not charitable. In a world so materialistic this word “love” is often misused and misinterpreted. We have the homosexuals who think they “love”; the modernists of Vatican II who think they “love”. And yet when the bonds of Faith are broken no true Love can possibly be given. Did Christ preach the Gospel of coexistence & convergence with other false sects & religions? Truth is Love where truth is not Love is not. Yes, we know these souls do not have the proper understanding of love because man has become center and summit.  Self has been throned in the hearts of men and the Infant Jesus has been kicked to the curb. I have often been accused of not being “charitable” but allow me explain the depths of His Heart using some past examples.

I recall, very early on in my business career, long before Our Lady &Lord, would call me out of the world, a certain superior who I deemed not so “nice”. He was very proactive and high energy.  A six cups of coffee a day type of guy. Every week we would have to call in our “numbers” as managers to him and no matter how much my numbers would impress my peers and subordinates the numbers always were not enough to him. It seemed nearly every week we would have “discussions” and I could never understand why he seemed so “unloving” and harsh to such a productive employee but also to the rest of the employees in our region. Due to this I eventually left for another opportunity while working through graduate business school. Years later I would encounter the same personality type but on a much larger scale responsibility wise. It dawned on me upon reflection from both of these previous bosses, that the inevitable, I could not escape. And what was this I was running from? Answer, Perfection! That is, each and every day, no matter how successful one may have been in the past, we must strive in the uniting of the will and intellect toward and even greater success. And what is this success in the spiritual life? It is not only the complete denial of self but its utter annihilation and removal from our very being which we lead to God absorbing more of us. To the degree we let go is the degree He can sow.

Question? Can we use these principles in the spiritual life? Answer, Yes! Did not Our Lord call us to perfection? Did not the Saints so closely imitate Our Lord that we can say they were perfectionists? Ought we be complacent with the grace He gives and waste our talents? For if He cannot trust a soul in the little things how would He dare to give an even bigger responsibility which would only require greater grace. As a past athlete I look at the dedication that was necessary to achieve what was achieved and how would this be possible without those  mentors who so “unlovingly” pushed me for something even greater that what I thought I could achieve. How could I achieve this without all the naysayers around me? Is not Christ now perfecting in us a more sharper Image of Himself by gifting us with the modernists who surround us and a sick liberal world who “loves” anything but truly the Truth? Ah! But the sinner will say I shall never be “this”… or that is impossible. And yet it is….that is, without grace. 

My good friends, did not Our Lord lay down the path to Perfection, by suffering what He did not owe, only so that I might by strive to achieve what He already gained for us. Yes he saved us but Love demands & commands us to work for Love is disciplined. Even as Faith without works is dead so too is a supposed “love” without works is dead; for in the End Love remaineth and it is there we are certain that we shall be alive forevermore. And so what is this Perfection? It is perfectly joining our hearts and minds with that of His Sacred heart. Oh, How simple man says it is! And yet why are their only a few who shall enter therein. Does not “Love” sometime” seem to be tough even in the most orderly homes? Does not the Coach push his players both mentally and physically only to show them what can be achieved both individually and as a unit? Why did the Saints take upon them vast penances which to the modern man seem so ridiculous? For modern man is a surface dwelling creature hardly penetrating within long enough to understand the true Law of His Heart within. The fine wine is only made from a  crushed grape even as the sinner pressed upon by hard and harsh crosses is eventually turned into a Saint.

Upon reflection, my previous bosses achieved their success by being disciplined. First, by being disciplined by their own superiors and then by carrying out the same line to their subordinates. Who can achieve greatness in any venture or career without being disciplined? Who can raise an orderly home without first being disciplined themselves? If men at the beginning of the onslaught of Vatican II had been disciplined enough in true love the majority would not have went along. But men failed love and hid themselves under a smile in cowardice marching as lemmings off the cliffs of true Faith. My previous bosses were only trying to get out of me what they knew I could potentially be and yet how often I resisted. How often does Our Lord grant a soul a heavy Cross only to be lamented with complaint and murmuring not realizing that it is the weight of this Cross that will crush the “self” so that Christ, Who is Love, alone would remain. I must decrease so that He may increase but to the the world this is folly. The latest fad on the internet is the “Selfie”. Does this not perfectly fit into what I am saying; God is removed and the self has taken the place of man’s God.

There is no question due to the erroneous perception of love by the modern world men would rather smile and be quiet rather than take out the whip or use fists because they only live by what they can see carnally. I, too, am guilty, upon looking into my past to those whom I thought were uncharitable but now looking back I can see the immense love that they were trying to give. In the end, we all want to get to heaven but only a few are willing to accept Love’s discipline which is necessary to get them there. Love does not always come under the guise of a smile but often through a thunderous voice and scowl. Yes, in Love’s protection of the Faith it seems we find ourselves in a never ending fight against this “uncharitable” routine by the many that teach their false doctrines and hold to compromising positions and do so with a smile. What a wicked time and generation we live in. “Love” is not love to modern man; it is truly lust, for man has replaced God as Center, Summit, Source and End. Men love Vatican II because they love themselves and not the Truth, therefore, God in His Omnipotence allowed it. He will allow men to see what will become of the world without Truth, true love and her discipline. Lust, which is modern mans flavor of love shall continue to breed darkness, chaos and ruin into the world.  For when they shall shout “peace and love” and the Dogma of Faith is lost it will be the most darkest.

Nay, just as we discipline the body to train it to grow in size so do we in the spiritual life unseen. For in order to grow in “love” we must deny what we think is ours so that we might gain the only One worthy enough to be throned in our hearts. Yea, I love because He is and I am only because He said He was and forever shall be, therefore, this is enough for any heart. Does true Love require at times a thunderous voice or even violence? Yes and we can thank this modern world and its supposed progression for the regression of the proper understanding of the word Love. Still further, do we love by shaking hands with the Church’s enemies who now reside on high? Answer: In the negative. We can only achieve thru grace what our hearts are willing to accept but can the majority of hearts accept Christ alone? The answer is a resounding, no! How many I have met over the years who say they would give it all up for Jesus and so I ask “Why don’t you?” Then the outpouring of excuses gushes out. Should it be any wonder why the Lord will allow a worldwide economic collapse and such atrocities the world has yet to see? All done without any break in God’s nature Who in love shall reroute hearts back unto the proper understanding of Him Who is Love which can only be acquired in holding the proper norm of Faith.

Verily, accept what God puts in front of you; accept the people He surrounds you with. For even as the Great Architect of the Universe has orderly planned natures course so has He chosen to surround you with the circumstances you face and the people you meet daily. Ah! Such opportunities around us that we see on the surface as only “evil” but in reality are allowed to further your own soul in love. Therefore, do not run from those who try to get the best out of you even if on the surface they don’t seem so nice. In a liberal world how much harder is it going to be to re-implement true order back into Society? And will this not come under the banner of just force? Indeed, it shall! But the liberal will claim it’s not “love”. Why would you make me accept the Divine Law and Catholicism? It is not that we can take away a man’s free will but man’s free will does not precede nor supersede Gods Right to have His laws govern the world. This is His world not ours but men are too prideful and inflated, like the modernists of Vatican II and their “new humanism”, to see the proper understanding of this true liberty.

 Modern man is very undisciplined and seeks out further comfort and the thought of suffering including poverty is only an afterthought excuse to build this new world order “utopia’.  The communists, who pretend to love, by using poverty and environmentalism as an excuse, to get across their pseudo "equality" agenda, are in high places just waiting for the right time to execute the final blow in “the Plan”. Take this day as it ought and live each day as if it were Lent; for the holy suffering which we must endure in grace is only preparing us for the Life to come which is Perfection. Logic dictates that if we seek to reside in Perfection Forever, ought we not, at least, by way of the heart in intent strive for it? The soon chastisements are  further proof of Gods Mercy but also speaks to “Love’s” discipline which is required for each soul to live by daily. And what a hard price the many shall suffer soon in this rerouting of hearts back unto God their Creator, Source and End. What a sobering thought to know that even in the apex of Holy Christendom the majority of souls went to hell and what can we say in this hour when the very word “Love” has been turned upside down in perversion. Amen. Ave Maria!

"Let it be"
Oh, How I Long to be! Only in Thy Presence
An Eagle in flight… so free in true liberty
Who lands upon and resides in the great Tree, Our Lady
And without cataracts of the eye
Does he fly above and in all things clearly doth he see
Who grew from youngling into an adult
By learning to embrace his poverty
A dignity in truth which far surpasses the rabbits below
Who speak of their “equality”
Nay, for greater is He within, Who is Love, than man alone
Who can only speak in the loneliness of  his “me”
Yea, this is the disease that they call “free”
Which Rome shall shout in loss of Dogma of Faith in Apostasy
But this self wast conquered as the very last drop from His Heart didst bleed
O’ Lord…It is Thee ….and thy discipline that I truly need
And like Eagles let us fly off this cliff in Faith and Hope
Rising above the Great Storm and all atrocity
Mayst the good God speakest to the hearts of men and let this be!
And so shall it be accomplished in the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary

 Hebrews 12:7
Persevere under discipline. God dealeth with you as with his sons; for what son is there, whom the father doth not correct?

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