"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

General Catholic Prophecy Timeline

Over the past few years I have been asked numerous times to compile a more general timeline for events ahead. Please be reminded, that what we should stay focused on daily, is staying in a state of grace and doing our part to appease God. In so that, we might mitigate what is about to soon happen because it now cannot be avoided. Therefore, fast more regularly, do stricter penances, even more so than what is required by your confessor. Give alms, selflessly serve AND as prudence would dictate start to prepare for this transition into the new dawn of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. i am always butting heads with clergy including traditionalists who think we should just bury our heads in the sand. This is NOT what our Lord and Lady want.  We ought prepare prudently. Joseph knew the long famine was coming and in prudence he stored grain for his people for 7 years so that they could make it thru. It is no different in our times but please let us remember God is our Source and no matter what if it is His Will we will carry on no matter how small a supply we maintain. Get in the habit of detaching from self and the world which is every Christian's basic duty. Theologically, in terms of the sacraments, you cannot attend anywhere in which Vatican II & the New Mass are not rejected as a whole unless it is an emergency.

Bishop Williamson explains the doubt of Francis's election:

So let us look at some events to come:

1) Look for continued progessivism from Antipope Francis as we head closer to the "formal" Apostate Church(Church of Darkness-Bl Anne Emmerick). This means it is the globalists plan to have all religions united via an excathedra(will be invalid of course). Pope Emeritus Benedict is the one to flee Rome and those Novus Ordo cardinals who resist this formal apostasy as well will be sent on the run following Benedict XVI. this occurs more generally around the Italy Revolution, Occupy the Vatican Movement then Russia should invade Italy and raise her flag over the Vatican. According to the general picture of this "split" we may be Pope less in a true period of sedevacantism for about 2-3 years depending upon the faithfuls prayers and sacrifices.

 Occupy the Vatican Movement

Francis will have his part in the formal unification of all religions however he is still just a setup for the False Prophet, the Master Jesus, who is slated to takeover the Seat of Peter.We already see more evidence of the attack against the Papacy. This Master Jesus(name still unknown but he is Syrian) will not call himself a Pope.

2) Look for continued natural disasters both increasing both in frequency but also in intensity(birth pang contractions). See the latest TradCatKnight production of global events happening.

They will continue to increase both in intensity and in duration. Think like how a woman in labor has more contractions and they are more intense as she gets closer to birth? So, birth to what in this case? Once the Apostate Church arrives people will think the Catholic Church is gone but She will rebirth so to speak. Therefore as these natural disasters increase and become more violent know that we are closer to the three days of darkness(great chastisement) and the soon rebirth. I will cover this mystically in detail in my book.

4) Look for more false flag events in America and abroad to take away more basic legitimate rights and to establish more of a police state. For when the economic collapse happens it will be easier to maintain and control the populace. They want to disarm as much of the population as possible before martial law and the eventual foreign invasion.


5) Look for more godless Communist practices, policies & laws. This is the New World Order the Church has warned us about for so long and the Apostate/Harlot Church to go with it.


6) These evil men are smart and deceptive not only getting souls to think the Zionist state of Israel is "OK" with God they constantly promote this false peace sweeping the nations thru Vatican II(ecumenism). Therefore, look for further peace talks between religions because either shortly before or after world war 3 will be when this invalid excathedra is made and they will say its necessary to accept due to how many lives have been lost or could still be saved, make sense?  After all aren't we equal according to our human dignity? This is Communist/Masonic perversion. Don't fall for this trap you need to remain a true Catholic and deny these doctrines of devils to get to heaven even if it costs you your life. A false peace treaty will be made and within the year there will be outbreak of war. Brethren, these events are scripted LONG in advance.



7)The true era of peace is not what the Vatican is currently promoting which has been hijacked by Jews/Masons/modernists/liberals/Socialists/Communists, etc....it will be the Triumph of Mary's Immaculate Heart when Vatican II is rooted out of the world when Holy Christendom and Catholic Monarchies are revived. When communism and Islam are subdued. It will last a generation that is all. It is short and this delays the actual reign of antichrist.

8) Spread word of TradCatKnight! It is every one's duty to help grow the Crusade! Look for more souls to join this new crusade for we will help usher in the Great Monarch of Europe who will restore Catholic monarchies and subdue invading Islam/communists and other heretics, apostates...etc

9) Look for more signs in sky, sun, moon and stars for a divine chastisement from heaven is coming as well. The 3 days of darkness will occur AFTER the outbreak of world war 3 and Islam and Communism freely move about the nations militarily.

Marie Julie (Prophecies including the 3 Days of Darkness)

10) Look for continued persecution of "traditionalists" (Catholics) and anti catholic propaganda in general. For such is from the Jews/Illuminati who are close to putting the final blow to the Church as an organization.As Francis gets even goofier and more liberal (yes it will happen hard to believe) true Catholics will be persecuted even more. Novus Ordites are going to have to make a harsh decision soon. Francis &Master Jesus or Benedict fleeing. It is sad that I should even have to state this for any Catholic should know at that point all religions are not equal BUT in this hour one never knows.

From Possible Antichrist Maitreya "Fundamentalism and dogmatism are coming to an end. That time is quickly passing. Maitreya teaches that the moment a person gives up his brand of ‘ism’ he will be free. ‘‘He will find that I am within him for I am free of all ideologies. I have come to teach you not to cry out for Me. The gurus and religious fanatics cry out for Me and the end result is that they never know Me,’’ the Master says. ‘‘You are not born in sin, as they insist on telling you. For I am with you and you are with Me."


11) Look for the consecration of Russia that we pray for daily. This will not come from Antipope Francis but rather by the successor to Benedict XVI after the war breaks out. Once that nation is converted and the Russian empire is reborn and joins the Roman Catholic Church(after chastisements start) its lights out to invading Islam/communists & New World Order. However, Russia is going to learn a very harsh lesson beforehand form the Hand of the Father.

Please watch my comprehensive Catholic Prophecy video for even more details, Ave Maria!

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  1. Good timeline. Would you place World War III under the "riots and war"?

  2. Please take a look at this article that seems to point at some definite points in time.


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