"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Lenten Meditational Series: Imitation of the Sacred Heart Part 11, Model of the Cross

Lenten Meditational Series: Imitation of the Sacred Heart Part 11, Model of the Cross


1. The voice of Jesus.-----Behold, My Child, at last I completed the work which My Father gave Me to do.

Having come down from the highest Heaven to run my way, lo! I have finished My career. I now finish a life made up of labors, and sorrows, and ceaseless sacrif
ices: the pains of all these are now brought to a close, but the merits and fruits of them endure forever.

The irreparable ruin of Satan's kingdom is consummated, and he himself, the prince of this world, is despoiled of his dominions and cast out.

My kingdom------which I have acquired by My Own Blood, to which I have given success by the very love of My Heart, which I have strengthened by every means unto a lasting stability and security, so that thereof there shall be no end,------stands firm.

Whatsoever existed from the beginning as types of Me, whatsoever has been written concerning Me, now sees its end: behold! now is the time that transgression may be finished, that sin may receive an end, that iniquity may be abolished, and everlasting justice may be brought.

Naught remains undone, naught remains to be suffered: all is consummated. Now, I will die with My Heart satisfied.

Here pause, My Child, and attend where I have consummated all things. Behold! I persevere upon the Cross. Consider, and act according to the model that was showed to thee on the mountain.

2. If now thou hast learnt the sentiments of My Heart, and hast put on the same, thou wilt not de sire to live, thou wilt not desire to die, except fastened to the cross.

For no other road than the one whereon I have journeyed is given under Heaven to men, to become Saints, and to be saved.

O if thou knewest what good things for the present and the future life thou mightst procure for thyself, by lovingly continuing on the cross; assuredly, like Myself, thou shouldst not be willing, of thyself, to come down therefrom.

It is much safer, it is much better, in every respect, to persevere on the cross, for love of Me, than, of thy own accord, to free thyself from the cross.

My Child, if thou didst know the value and the reward of tribulations, thou wouldst deem this life too short for suffering, but eternity long enough to enjoy the recompense.

3. If thou desirest to persevere with ease in afflictions, do not reflect upon the years, the months, nor even the weeks during which they may last: but think of the present day, as if it were to be the last, and, as if thou shouldst have nothing more to suffer, and to merit thereafter.

Blessed they that, amid their tribulations, are more anxious to render themselves alike to Me than to free themselves therefrom! These are they that, by the purest love, perfect themselves in union with Me.

Look at the example of the Saints, who, despising everything that was merely self, sought Me with such purity, were inflamed with such ardor to conform themselves to Me, that they longed, some either to suffer or to die; others, not to die but to suffer.

Nor were they satisfied to suffer those things only which Divine Providence meted out to them; but, moved by My Spirit, they assumed voluntary mortifications and labors, and, in their fervor, they were ever urged onward to perfect themselves in Me by love.

4. Examine and try all things, My Child, thou wilt at last be obliged to come back to this truth, that the spiritual, the interior life is reduced to this, that thou do constantly sacrifice the inclination and aversion of nature for love of Me, in order to live by My Spirit.

And this thou must do, so long as life endures.

For, so long as thou livest, thou art man, and therefore, prone and liable to evil; nor canst thou, otherwise than by striving and using thy endeavors, shun what is evil and imperfect, and do what is good and perfect.

Thus, generously to go counter to nature, and to follow grace for love of Me; this is the spirit of the Saints.

5. If thou art wise, My Child, thou wilt desire no other reward in this life for the things which thou sufferest than a greater love for Me, and more abundant grace to suffer for My sake.

Thy afflictions shall never equal Mine: I, however, persevered in them until I consummated My life, that thou mightst learn to continue in thine, so long as it is the Will of the Divine good pleasure.

Be ashamed, My Child, for that thou art, sometimes, so silly as even to think of forsaking Me upon the Cross.

If thou lovest Me for My Own sake, thou wilt under no circumstance depart from Me. But if thou lovest Me for thyself, no wonder that, while trouble besets thee, thou darest to wish for what is to thee more agreeable.

A hireling cares not so much for his master as for his own self: and he finds no difficulty in leaving a master whom he must serve with hard labor, and without an immediate advantage.

Yet thou didst not receive the slavish spirit of a hireling, but a nobler spirit, the spirit of a Child; that where I am, thou also mayst be.
Take heed, lest thou grow degenerate in spirit: persevere with Me, determined rather to die at thy post, than to abandon the same.

6. What shall it avail thee to have suffered much for My sake, unless thou perfect it by perseverance?

If, hitherto, thou hast followed Me amid tribulations, rejoice thou, My Child; yet, at the same time, remember, not he that begins, but he that perseveres, will be saved. A reward is, indeed, promised to them that begin, but it is given to them that persevere.

To stimulate thee to perseverance, frequently place before thy eyes that everlasting reward which awaits thee among the Saints, and which far exceeds all present tribulation.

Pray much, My Child, that thou mayst not be disheartened, nor lose the crown prepared for thee. So long as thou prayest well, thou wilt continue well.

Finally, Child, be ever mindful of My example, and of My presence: daily renew thy resolve, and strengthen thy heart, to abide with Me. Thus thou shalt pass through each successive day, and come, at last, to a final and blissful consummation.

7. The voice of the Disciple.-----O most sweet Jesus! by the merits of Thy Passion, by the merits of all the Saints that clung so faithfully to Thee, grant me to persevere with Thee unto the end.

I am, indeed, desirous and anxious to remain with Thee on the Cross, and to consummate all with Thee thereon: but I know and feel that my powers are insufficient for this.

Strengthen and inspire me, therefore, I beseech Thee, with that grace which the Saints have found fully sufficient to accomplish it; that I may perfect myself upon the cross, as a holocaust to Thee for an odor of sweetness, and for the everlasting salvation of my soul. 


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