"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, April 18, 2014

A Phone Conversation with Pseudo-Traditionalist (Michael Sestak, Neo-SSPX)

On the evening of April 18th, 2014 I had the pleasure of listening(tried to) on the phone to the argument of Pseudo Traditionalist laymen, Michael Sestak, of the SSPX, in regards to the notion that, "it is a blessing", to have removed those nasty resistance priests/laymen from the Neo-SSPX. I called him out on some accusations and was surprised that he was open for a talk and so we did:

He accused me online of "needing medication" and having "bitter zeal"(common tactic of the pseudo trads)because I was "so prideful" to point out to him that Bishop Fellay nearly handed over the Society into heresy and schism in 2012.  A question which we will see below that he could NEVER answer directly! I said this with Charity's true defense of the Faith (not bitter zeal as they would try to sell you)and said it very firmly. I asked him the simple question:

TCK: "Did Bishop Fellay nearly hand the Society over to modernist Rome via heresy/schism in the April 2012 Preamble"? 

Answer: ....Rome never signed it.

I repeated the question again for his failure to comprehend the actual question. For I did not ask whether Rome accepted the agreement.

Answer:.... Rome never accepted.

Thence, I cut him off in charity for his obvious pride and denial of the facts, which is the due course of Love, to help blind souls once again see reality. Truth nor Love tapdances. When one is speaking to a prideful man who does not want to accept fact it is most necessary to be loud and firm with such souls. This is true Love and proper zeal.

Answer: "I can tell thru discernment you are one which I can not speak to"

TCK- "Well, of course, Mr Sestak, given your prideful delusion and refusal to even answer the first of my many questions. Perhaps now he could discern the question I was actually trying to ask him instead of hearing a question in his own delusional mind that I conjured up apparently.

Answer: I was once again told I needed medication. He repeats this notion often where he fails theologically as his only defense. A tactic of the modernists/liberals, nevertheless, that I have so encountered over and over in my many years evangelizing. He told me further he was glad I was not in the SSPX any longer and I agreed for had he been at my chapel I would have brought the Whip of Jesus with me into the Sanctuary every time we met. I told him we would not coexist. Pseudo traditionalism and Catholicism don't mix.

Amidst my laughter(which could only keep me from crying) because he and I both knew he wasn't going to answer this first question directly, he promptly hung up, knowing this tree called reality, was too tall for him to climb he backed down. He knew I wasn't going to allow him to "tapdance" talk over me. At least he was smart enough in that respect to have given up and eventually hung up. Therefore, who is in pride? The man in denial of fact or the man getting the whip out pointing this fact out? It is the former.

Further, what I find very interesting, in objective analysis, is that, the same tactic employed by the modernists holding to Vatican II, is now fully employed by the Neo-SSPX(pseudo trads) on us. An old Novus Ordo spiritual director would tell others I was "exceptional" yet the day I resisted him(in full knowledge of the true Faith) he actually told others I needed to go on medication likewise(true story). What a coincidence? This resorting to ad hominem attacks such as your "chemically imbalanced" or even correcting grammar when one clearly does not want to admit error nor accept Bishop Fellay was wrong which stems from the sin of pride is detestable. They must divert attention off the matter at hand; it is a defense mechanism of the pseudo trad which is triggered by self-love. It irks not only only of pride/self love; it smells horribly a certain disconnect from the theological premise(Faith over obedience) by which the resistance was first employed and which is still necessary. It is a blessing not to be associated with those(delusional/prideful/compromisers) who have no backbone such as Michael Sestak in this hour of fight.  For our Lord is gathering an Army, not compromising men without backbones, whose silence wants to be seen as some sort of piety/virtue. This now, is the new tactic, of these theologically inept persons too brainwashed by Bishop Fellay to be able to say otherwise. These souls speak without any objective basis(against the Marian Corps) and then resort to calling one names under the guise of "virtue" and "spiritual" where there is none to be found. When a Mother sees her young child walking aimlessly toward the busy highway intersection does she put on the "quiet mouse routine" or in true love speak very loudly! Ponder that. "Bitter Zeal" on my part or self absorption on their part? The answer is clear. But did Mr Sestak even exhibit the supposed virtues the SSPX claims as a Society it has or tries to pursue collectively? In the negative! Truth and Charity go hand in hand. Had I let Mr Sestak think he was going to end the conversation without admitting Bishop Fellay's theological blunders I would not have given him true Charity. Those speaking of virtue in the SSPX are not giving it coming from the top of the SSPX because they refuse to give Truth! They bow down to human respect thru self love and it is they who are prideful.

How does one talk/debate with someone who will not directly answer a question(which is the premise for the Resistance) given and then in return tells you "find some medication"? This apparently is in the new skillset of the SSPX perhaps being taught in the seminary or on the retreats; this skillful art of tapdancing talk and ad hominem attacks. Really? All those years in SSPX seminary and I get this from Mr. Sestak. But I am honestly not at all surprised, sadly, given the current crumbling of the SSPX who so desperately wants to be absorbed back into the Conciliar Church with the Modernists.
The Saints say to have a certain "holy hatred"(see my article on the false bitter zeal tactic of the SSPX) toward those who compromise. Can you reason or hold a logical conversation with these Neo-SSPX'ers? It is become more clear that you cannot. When one fails after the first question to even directly answer; how could we then proceed to more questions? In truth this is why Mr. Sestak hung up. He knew I wasn't going to take any of his wishy washy/ tapdancing rhetoric(that's why I cut him off and wouldnt let the question go). How can you reason with souls such as these? Do these Neo-SSPX'ers have the true spirit of resistance of fight and Crusade in them? For the most part, given my own experience, they certainly do not.

When speaking with a certain Marian Corps priest therein after, I too, concluded, that if an agreement is to be made, about another 20-25 percent of the priests and laity would leave. I would only pray that it would be much more if not 99.999% (minus bishop Fellay)! Compromise with modernists? St. Athanisius is not impressed! If they were truly holding Archbishop's theology and specifically those principles concerning a practical agreement with Rome, why then would more leave? The answer, undoubtedly is, they have changed.
 It reminds me of that young child who has rolled around in the dirt all day and after awhile simply gets used to the dirt being a part of his outfit. The Neo-SSPX has been rolling around for so long in this new hybrid "Lefebvre Light" position, that you simply cant tell them they are dirty(pseudo trads dont think they are pseudo trads) anymore; it is apart of them(their outfit). My critiques come from an objective argument which was taken to the subjective level and thence on that level I returned that plank pointing out now his own hypocrisy. We cannot allow these souls to speak as such any longer and we will continue to call out their "false flag" ad hominem attacks on those resisting pseudo traditionalism. The Faith is at stake. We must continue on with operation-survival and they it appears will continue on in operation-compromise.

Nay, my good friends, as each day goes by it becomes ever more clear the Neo-SSPX wants accepted by Modernist Rome! They say so themselves. That is, to be accepted by men, who do not hold the Catholic Faith! How is this prudent? It is not. It is a combination of theological ineptitude and self-love. For such is the reason why the Marian Corps HAD to resist and still do. It is very clear these theologically inept souls, who march proudly within, yet silently on the surface, under a false piety, cannot be talked to logically anymore. UNLESS you have a priest who is truly resistant minded(in the SSPX), which implies, he is actually following what Archbishop Lefebvre taught(no practical agreement without Rome's conversion), you CANNOT attend these Masses. They are compromising and liberal minded underneath it all; for if they were not they wouldn't be arguing with us! Further, if they were not, why do they dismiss those who actually follow what Archbishop Lefebvre taught and can be proven so, objectively, as to what he really taught? I hear the Neo-SSPX talk of their founder so well yet whose only rhetoric in practice is Bishop Fellay's. It is much like meeting an aunt at the annual summer BBQ for the first time in reality wilst you have been telling everyone all along you met and known her for years. When one refuses to admit he is wrong, even after concrete evidence is presented, it is time to throw up the red flag and submit to the prayer and suffering card as last resort for these souls! Mr. Sestak, is yet another pseudo traditionalist, who has fallen into pride and uses the same very sin he is accusing me of and others, who point out their theological error, and refuse to admit the reality at hand. It is the same tactic employed by John Venari, the Remnant and the other pseudo traditionalists. Michael Matt will tell you Archbishop Lefebvre will be a Saint and then that very weekend go commune with Modernists in his diocese! This is the illogical position of these men. I have spoken online with these pseudo trads for quite sometime over the years and they cease to amaze me in their application of what they perceive to be the Faith.

 Can I have one foot in the world(modernist Rome) and one foot in Tradition? The Neo-SSPX thinks you can but Archbishop Lefebvre said otherwise. Are we "in the Church" by rejecting Modernist Rome(as Vatican II being heretical/schismatic)? Yes, we are the true Remnant. Objectively speaking, are those holding to Vatican II, "in the Church"? The answer is no, with the only reasonable excuse to be employed, is that of invincible ignorance. The conversation was short and ended abruptly after Mr Sestak knew he was not going to be able to pass his tapdancing rhetoric on to me who has dealt with these types for years. Let us continue to pray for the blind in the SSPX to wake up and get properly educated on what Archbishop Lefevbre taught and truly stood for. Let us pray all of these traditional sermons actually give them the fruit from grace; that is, this true virtue they so willingly say they possess. Pray for the SSPX to come back to their senses in humility by coming back to reality. Rome is heretical and schismatic. SSPX, in reality, and true traditionalists in general have all we need for the salvation of souls. The theologically inept say otherwise.and march under the flag of Pseudo-Prudence. Self-love, self love and self love is their dance and they are not afraid to then run to the ad hominem attack billboards to point out your supposed "bitter zeal" or "you need medication" or your "chemically imbalanced'. I assure you the SSPX has no proper definition of what zeal is  anymore. But at least Mr. Sestak provided me with some entertainment for the night. All but about 15 minutes. St Anthony spoke of such men on our times:

"A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, "You are mad; you are not like us. St. Anthony the Great"

Bottom line, the Marian Corps stands upon solid theological ground and disposition to fight. They were more than right to have resisted Bishop Fellay's modernism/liberalism and still do have that right, for the SSPX has not officially retracted the Preamble, nor changed their new pseudo trad approach. The Neo-SSPX does not hold the true trad position which Archbishop Lefebvre taught. They run to the ad hominem attacks even calling you "psychologically imbalanced" when you get firm with them! But of course Jesus was "imbalanced' in the temple and so was St. Pius X for wanting to use fists on the modernists! But, seriously, is this so? Are we imbalanced or are they so full of themselves now they wont admit to the truth of the SSPX crisis which is Bishop Fellay and the new pseudo trad position? The answer is the latter. You cannot engage with men who are not openly honest with themselves or delusional. Once again, in true charity, I tell you, to avoid these men such as Mr. Sestak and the Neo-SSPX who are simply compromising underneath it all, who hold more allegiance to the SSPX then the Catholic Faith Itself. This is unquestionably the reality.

Pray for me, and pray for Mr Sestak. But succumb to these childish impotent attacks I cannot allow in charity especially publicly! And thence the public warning goes out! The real answer to the SSPX crisis is pride coming from the top spilling over as brainwash to the laity. Michael Sestak is proof of this reality. This is what weighs down the Neo-SSPX and a good number of its professing members. In the end we all want true unity but this unity will not come at the cost of compromise! I am now finished with my "rant" and the pseudo trads can put their English degrees to good use. For this is what they are good at "correcting grammar" and not theology. Ave Maria!

Sidenote: He removed all of those public comments off the youtube page I approached him on. So he could now possibly deny, or, of course, not want to have been seen saying such things. Another tactic of the pseudo trad.... remove comments!

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Fight on against the "impotent theology and spirit" of the Neo-SSPX!
 Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on us all!

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