"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, July 19, 2018

RESISTANCE SERMON: Vatican II is a satanic work....

RESISTANCE SERMON: Vatican II is a satanic work....

The Gospel of today says that the children of the century (the mundanes) are more prudent (in the sense of cunning) than the children of light.

St. Thomas teaches that cunning consists in using simulated or apparent means to achieve a good or bad end (Summa Theologica, II-II, c.55, a.3) The cunning, to achieve the intended purpose, uses deception, the lie, the ambiguity, the duplicity, the simulation, the intrigue. Unfortunately we have seen much of that in the current approach to liberal and modernist Rome by the authorities of the SSPX.


The devil is extremely astute, and St. Thomas also says that he tried from the beginning to separate man from obedience [to God] under the pretext of freedom   (Sum Theological, III, c 8, to 7). Ultimately, there is the origin of liberalism, which has been baptized in Vatican II and to which the fraternity is currently giving an undeniable turn , or has not the Superior General said, among many others, these scandalous and incredible words ?: after the discussions, we have realized that the errors that we believed coming from the council, in fact, are the result of the interpretation that has been commonly made of it (interview with CNS, 11-5-12).

Non serviam (Jer 20, 20)   said the devil in his rebellion, that is, I will not be in the service of anyone, I will be free .   Hence, for the liberal the first thing is freedom . For the Catholic, on the other hand, the first is the Truth . Christ says "the Truth will make you free". The liberal says the opposite: "freedom will make you true". That is why the Fraternity reduces the demand for Truth to Rome and increases the demand for freedom. It is satisfied with a safe corner in the official structure, with which it is granted a space in which it can enjoy freedom. The six conditions of the Chapter of 2012 protect the Fraternity against the establishment of any agreement whatsoever, if the Roman authorities do not truly guarantee the possibility of the existence in security and of the operation in freedom to the Catholic Tradition (Mons. De Galarreta, interview of 7-4-13 published in «Zawsze Wierni», Polish magazine of the SSPX, May-June 2013).

Vatican II is a satanic work . It is the foundation of the new humanist religion, the religion that worships man.

Father Álvaro Calderón FSSPX says, in his book "Prometheus, the religion of man", that the key word [to understand the council] is "humanism", pronounced for the first time in the fourteenth century (...), [which ] from the beginning he opposed the word "Christianity". In its origin, first, "humanism" is a devilish deception for which Satan despises us by enveloping us in sophisms analogous to those in which he himself got entangled with his "non serviam". (...) The Second Vatican Council is the greatest - and perhaps last - effort to sustain a Catholic humanism that stands before Christianity or Religion of Christ, as the Religion of Man. The Council (...) was a maneuver of human prudence carried out by a hierarchy of divine constitution, which burned for men the incense that belongs to God. For the Council the end of creation and man is no longer God, but man himself (...) It is no longer the glory of God the greatest good of man, but the glory of man the greatest good of God! This is the sin of Lucifer, who preferred contemplation to his own essence, as the most perfect image of the deity, to having to subordinate himself with all nature in adoration to the Incarnate Word.

Father Calderón is a great theologian, and his book Prometheus is extraordinarily important because, like no other, it unmasks admirably Vatican II, demonstrating what it is: a satanic trap and the most fatal and destructive deception of the entire history of the Catholic Church . However, the authorities of the SSPX do not want to give this work due dissemination for fear of displeasing the liberals and hinder understanding with apostate Rome.

In this regard, Father Rafael Arízaga OSB recounts the following anecdote: I myself witnessed this aversion to this book. During our August 2012 retreat in Silver City, I visited RP Pflugger in his cell. With the book "Prometheus" in my hand I asked him: "Father, what do you think about this book?" As soon as he saw it, he jumped back in his chair as if frightened, as if he had seen a snake, and he told me: "it's not a good book". And as I inquired about the reason for his rejection, he replied: "to tell the truth, what this book says is fine, but if we present it to Rome, they would reject us as extremists." It was when I realized that the truth and the defense of the faith were no longer the priority of the SSPX, and that something serious was happening in it.

And Bishop Williamson said about this book: It is in Spanish, it was translated into French, but orders arrived from above that it was not published by the Fraternity in French. The translation is ready, it is there, maybe they even took it to the printing press and ... red light !, because they do not want the council to be condemned and they do not want Benedict XVI to be condemned either. For the Fraternity this is madness. Worse than crazy: it is suicide, it is the suicide of the SSPX. It's like buying a guard dog and gagging it at night so it does not bark (Bristol conference n ° 8, 2012).

"It's suicide, the suicide of the SSPX." That through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may God free us from liberalism, from Vatican II, and from the indulgent authorities with the traps and lies that we know come from the devil.