"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Psalms 35: 8 “Under the Covert of thy Wings”

Psalms 35: 8 “Under the Covert of thy Wings”
By:  Eric Gajewski
O how hast thou multiplied thy mercy, O God! But the children of men shall put their trust under the covert of thy wings.  Psalms 35:8
Do we live under the covert of His wings or do we live under the covert of the night?  May we implore God’s mercy this and every day as we struggle to break free from the bonds of self-love.  We are but little eagles in the Presence of Jesus and Mary trying to find cover in this godless modern world.  The first step in the trusting of our hearts and souls to God is distrusting our own self.  Do we think we know what is best for us?  Do we believe God is leading the way?  We all have to analyze our own lives and self-reflect.  We must be honest with ourselves.  Do we act as children of God or do we act like “know it all’s”.  Let us consider the wings of Jesus and Mary.

First, Mary our model of faith and hope.  It was Mary who brought Hope into this world.  She carried Hope Himself in her womb and it is Mary who wants us yet again to run under her Mantle that we might have hope.  But hope in what?  Hope for any and all struggle you may be going through but also hope for the world in general.  A world which runs out from beneath the wings of Jesus and Mary and thinks they are safe.  They are not.  She showed God her faith and was blessed for all times.  And now She is looking to us to look to her once again.  

Have we not forgotten that we are her children?  We do not belong to this world we belong in her womb like Jesus.  We must be sheltered from this world by the sinless womb that shall carry us unto Life.  It is beneath the Cross she too extends her arms and invites all to this Sacrifice.  A sacrifice which brings her both tears of pain and joy.  First, tears in seeing Her own Beloved being torn apart.  But second, in seeing so many souls draw close to the Cross and Christ.  She cries both tears of pain and joy.  We hide under her wings not because we are cowards but because we are brave enough to be close to her Son.  Love draws us in.  And where Faith and Hope would draw us under her wings her purity upon first touch reminds us just how sinful we are.  It takes Faith to draw near to the Cross but it takes Love to remain there when virtually all else abandon Jesus.  The more time we spend under Her mantle the more connected we are to His Sacred Heart.  She is always at the feet in the service of Love Himself.  Where the Cross is there also is Jesus but also where the Cross is there also is Mary ready to announce the new day and new beginning.

Second, consider the wings of Christ.  He is our Redemption.  He spread forth his wings as the Great Eagle on the Cross and invites all those therein.  With His arms wide open we seek His Sacred Heart exposed.  He is reserving nothing but giving us His all.  Do we give our all-in return?  Do we take advantage of the day and be at the service of Love or self-love?  It was Jesus who showed forth Mary this flight of an eagle.  And now She so intimately participates in the Plan of Redemption that she too is worthy to be called an eagle likewise.  She is not the Source and End (She is not God and never will be) but rather is the umbilical cord between His Heart and ours.  We must move through the Immaculate Heart which was always in Union with the Sacred Heart.   

Consider, our Lord’s death and you will see how He is saying to us silently that we must have faith and hope in the Cross.  Was not His Hands and Feet nailed to it Himself?  Do we expect anything different as if to say there is another Way?  On this side of life we must have Faith and Hope without it we plunge into the seas of despair.  We are blown to and fro by the winds of worry and doubt but if we remain nailed to the Cross we remain anchored in love.  Yes, it will be painful but a sweet pain that is only temporary for when self-love is completely expunged from the heart all pain ceases as Love and suffering meet.  My, friends we do not get out of this life without flying like an eagle.  We do not become merciful first ourselves without first entering under the covert of Our Lord and Lady’s wings.

“Thy Wings”

Beneath the developing darkness,
Within this sadness my fainting heart still sings
In the days endless search for Your warmness,
My aching Heart unto Thee will cling
Ye, who pardons all offenses
It is the gift of Yourself unto the world, Ye bring
For it is You who first loved,
It is You who first commanded us to aim for higher things
Nay, therefore, we pray, 
For we shall never have hope of the new day
Without first taking refuge under Thy Wings

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