"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Mary, the “Rainbow Immaculate Bridge” to The Sacred Heart

Mary, the “Rainbow Immaculate Bridge” to The Sacred Heart
By:  Eric Gajewski
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We see over and over again in our godless modern world the gay pride rainbow agenda.  But what about the Catholic take on the rainbow as it relates to symbology?  We see in the Old Testament God’s Promise of a new start after the Flood.  He uses the rainbow to signify this new beginning for the elect and the world.  We, of course, mystically speaking are talking about the Blessed Virgin Mary.  A rainbow also is God’s reminder of the new and only valid covenant for mankind.  This rainbow is a bridge to the Divine thus we must like Jesus be found in the womb of Our Lady.  We know also that rainbows are rare and their beauty often takes our breath away.  We know that rainbows appear after the Storm to signify God’s cleansing or purification is over.  These understandings and so much more shall I speak upon in this article.  Our Lady and her Immaculate Heart is our rainbow “bridge” that takes us to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


The New Age’s version of the rainbow bridge involves a connection between Lucifer and man’s consciousness. So says the enemy.  But the true religion has our beautiful Lady who is leading hearts and souls to the Divine Himself.   

Lucifer is fallen and in counterfeit fashion he is trying to divert the attention of men away from the Blessed Virgin Mary and this devotion to her Immaculate Heart.  

I would also add how the ufo phenomenon must be integrated into this conversation.  It is said that the aliens will help humanity evolve.  They are coming upon the rainbow and they are here to help us the world suggests to us.  Puts a whole new understanding to the skittles commercials you see (taste the rainbow").  Often times in predictive programming you will see "space aliens" coming down from their ship via a rainbow bridge unto humanity.     

The devil is a clever counterfeiter.  

 I shall speak upon this in my book but Our Lady is a “chariot of Fire”.  A transport if you will for mankind unto the Divine in the mystical sense.   

She takes us like a bridge to the Isle of Redemption.  There is no other Bridge for where Mary is found there also is Jesus.   


A new start.  It was Mary who through her Faith bore our new start.  Therefore, she actively participates in the plan of Redemption. Through her rosary I feel as though I was given a new start and helped me to understand the Sacred Heart more intimately.   

Love is about new starts is it not?  

Thus, it not only is Mary and her intercession which holds back the Hand of the Father in relation to the tribulation coming but she also is that rainbow which shall take us from the dark skies into the peaceful calm skies on the other side of the Storm.   

She promised at Fatima that her “rainbow bridge” would be seen before all (Her Triumph).  

 She promised a new beginning wherein the whole world will be truly Catholic and have the proper sense of Oneness following the true Catholic Faith.   

She will be a sign just like in the apocalypse of her dominion over hell’s legion’s.

RAINBOW: The rainbow is a symbol of union and, because it appeared after the Flood, it is also the symbol of pardon and of the reconciliation given to the human race by God. In art, the rainbow is used as the Lord's throne, and in representations of the Last Judgment, Christ is often seated upon it. '. . . behold, a throne was set in Heaven, and one sat on the throne . . . and there was a rainbow round about the throne.' [Apoc. 4:2, 3].

Who is the Throne that Our Lord sits upon?  This of course is the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Do we not often see Our Lord as an infant sitting upon the lap of Mary?  In the Apocalpyse it is recorded that a rainbow was to be found around the altar.  Our Lady as Co-redemptrix, Mediatrix of all grace.  She participates in the plan of redemption which now involves a great tribulation and test for mankind.  She helps us to know not only Jesus better but ourselves.  May her blessed mantle stay shrouded around our hearts and keep us form the Justice of God!  She represents beauty and this beauty we seek to have upon the throne of our own hearts do we not? 

Regeneration.  Not only does the rainbow represent purification but it also represents regeneration or reconciliation.  When we sin we of course ask God to forgive us but what about Our Lady.  Should we not silently kneel along next to her beneath the Cross and ask her for forgiveness in the sense that we are killing her own Son all over again due to our sins?  I do and hope that you likewise take up this practice.   

She gives us Life, Who is Jesus Himself and how often we fail to reflect upon all the blessings and graces we get through Her Immaculate Heart which is attached to the Divine Heart like an umbilical cord feeding us poor children.   

Without Mary it truly is impossible to have any deep connection with the Sacred Heart.  This is why these two devotions are so intimately connected.

 How ironic that in the end Our Lady shall show the world that the rainbow does not represent "pride"...
Then water and fire will purify the earth and consume all the works of men's pride, and everything will be renewed; God will be served and glorified."  ~ Our Lady of LaSalette, 1846

In summary, just as Our Lady is the full moon watching over us in the dark night.  Just as she is leading us to the Sun of Justice which breaks in the early morn’ so is she a rainbow bridge or “transport” taking us to the Divine.  She is all beauty whom we all should spend more time with in this hour of trial. 

We will need Our Lady more than ever as the Great Test or tribulation begins and if Our Lord Himself chose Mary to “hide Himself” in then why don’t we?  Are we “too good” for Mary or too prideful to ask for help?  I pray not.   

Let us all pray that we grow in holiness and stay as connected as we can to the Immaculate and Sacred Heart.  Ave Maria!

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