"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, June 10, 2018

False Right Exposed: Alt-Light Queens Lauren Southern & Brittany Pettibone Promote Dugin & Russia

False Right Exposed: Alt-Light Queens Lauren Southern & Brittany Pettibone Promote Dugin & Russia

It looks like alt-light controlled opposition queens Lauren Southern and Brittany Pettibone want your shekels to feed their viewers Russian and Duginist propaganda.

 Look at these girls being silly with vodka and commie attire:

Southern and Pettibone recently made a trip to Russia where they interviewed satanist Alexander Dugin, an anti-Western nihilist who wants to bring about the end of the world through chaos. No doubt Dugin will unravel his usual yarn about liberalism, the West, Atlanticism, etc., without actually revealing his true agenda of bringing the West to ruins so a resurgent Russian-Eurasian empire can take its place as the global superpower.

Southern and Pettibone have evidently sniffed out a new income source: Russophiles. They’re looking to tap into the Russophilic discourse that has penetrated the alternative media, alt-light and alt-right, a phenomenon owed largely to the subversive Dugin and Russia Today.
Here’s Southern posing in front of Stalin:

Southern wouldn’t be caught dead posing in front of a portrait of Hitler, yet apparently she thinks it’s fashy to pimp herself out in front of Stalin. This shows her ultimately Jewish sensibilities, where Communism and its tyrannical practitioners are seen as harmless and inoffensive, but Nazism the epitome of evil. On free speech Southern cries when alt-light frauds like Tommy Robinson are suppressed, but shows no support for the dozens of people currently languishing in prison for offending the chosenites. She hasn’t made a single video about anti-Zionist political prisoners nor has she called for their release, like she does with the Jewish operative Robinson. She hasn’t drawn any attention to the hundreds of political prisoners in Russia either, because kissing up to Putie Putin is more lucrative than championing his internal critics.
For the alt-light, Dugin is a safe character to embrace because he says essentially nothing controversial about Jewish supremacism, Israel and their power. In fact, Dugin has said that neither he nor the Eurasianist movement opposes Israel and he has praised both Judaism and the Kabbalah. Dugin has some strong allies in Israel like Avigdor Eskin and Avigdor Lieberman who want to move Israel closer into Russia’s orbit because the Kremlin cares even less about human rights than the US and won’t bother Israel about settlements and killings of Palestinians.
In the interview below, Dugin says that, “With Israel, Russian state and Putin personally have nothing against Israel or Jews. Normally in our society we have no hostility towards Jews or Israel. More than that, we have many Russian Jews living there [in Israel]. So there is a kind of sympathy for Israel and Jews in Russia in general. So being anti-West, anti-NATO, we are not against Israel by the principle.”

So there you have it: Dugin is simply anti-Western, not anti-Israel or anti-Jewish. So Dugin wants to demolish the White Gentile West, making no mention of the corrupting forces led by Jews within it; just as he makes no mention of the corrupting Jewish elements behind Putin and the criminal Russian state. Dugin is, therefore, a tool of Globalist/Zionist Jewry’s plan to annihilate Western civilization while partnering with Israel in the Eurasian alliance.
Effectively all Dugin does is blame “the West” generically for all the world’s problems, both historically and contemporarily, in lockstep with the SJWs and liberals he claims to despise as a “traditionalist”. There’s really not much difference between his manic anti-Western narrative and that of the postmodernists that he claims to oppose.
Southern and Pettibone are little more than attention whores who cling onto quasi-controversies and pseudo-controversial figures, like Tommy Robinson and Dugin, in order to garner attention for themselves, which translates into lots of beta bucks. It’s doubtful they understand even basic political or philosophical concepts. All they essentially do is act silly in front of a camera and ask interviewees some basic questions without adding anything substantial to those interactions. Neither are serious thinkers about anything and have the most cringy analysis on numerous topics. Why anyone donates to them or listens to anything they have to say is a mystery to me.