"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Hello Eric,
My name is Jessica H*****. I am a Catholic convert (2012) who fell in love with the Faith that had so wrongly been portrayed to me my whole life, and even during RCIA, I felt the pull towards TLM, and even before coming in fully at Easter Vigil, had been delving into Vatican II and all its errors. With all my questions, I knew I was such a newbie, and had more pressing questions at the time, (Eucharist....what's the Eucharist?!) combined with the bristling reaction I could feel from my newly made devout Catholic friends and homeschooling community, I kept most of these questions to myself. 
However, even as a young Evangelical, I have known and felt I would live to see the End of Times. I did have devout Catholic grandparents, but did not receive any catechist of any kind from my fallen away Catholic mother, we did not grow up attending Mass, or even a Sunday protestant service, so all of my questions I had as I came into the Church were mainly Googled or searched through random Catholic Answer Forums. Despite the discussions of end times alluding to the great apostasy I was constantly faced with such staunch resistance that you must always follow the magisterium. I still felt in my heart that things were amiss, and when Pope Benedict resigned and, of course, the picture of the lightening striking the Vatican, it just confirmed inside me that, though I'd found the One True Faith, all is not well on the Western front. But again, I didn't know what to do with the questions I had, and was also in the midst of a growing family. My husband had 2 children from a previous marriage (a shotgun wedding that was annulled and we had a con-validation ceremony on December 30, 2011, on the Feast of the Holy Family for) that I had legally adopted in 2010, and we had more biological children together by 2014. However, on June 25, 2014, my oldest adopted step son, whom I'd raised since he was 7, and at the time was 14, murdered our infant daughter. Obviously everything changed, but the biggest change, aside from him going to jail, was the ripping apart of our extended family. We were already used to being the outcasts for even choosing to be practicing Catholics (yes, still current New Order attendees) who attends Mass and Holy days of Obligation, and practices NFP, but this was too much for our mainly protestant, or completely agnostic/atheists family and thank God, my husband received a job transfer to Kentucky (we were currently living in a suburb of Cincinnati called Reading where my husband was a first time city councilman). After some very low points in our family, God has kept us not only together, but finally healing and happy, and I started homeschooling again after taking a two year break to grieve, as I got pregnant again and gave birth to my youngest on September 9, 2015. After "re-awakening" to the evils of the globalists, new word order elite, how deep the deception and indoctrination goes, I realized I HAD to pull my youngest from school (my other adopted step son is 16 and I knew it would not be in our best interest to homeschool for lots of reasons too long to mention) and more than anything, instill in them not only love of God, but the true faith of the Catholic church. All of this to say, I have only recently begun to wonder the validity of all of the Masses I've attended as the secular deceptions have been made so clear (Chemtrails, HAARP, CERN, Agenda 21, ....NEVER would have thought I'd be on that board). We've just jointed a Catholic Homeschool group and have attended our first of the First Fridays and Saturdays, and then I started delving deeper into Traditional Latin Mass, as there is only one church in our diocese that offers it, but here I am, listening to your podcast, and you alluding to not even attending THAT is sufficient if we are to truly follow our Lord!! I do believe you are correct in a lot of your assertions, but now, all I can think of is, WHAT DO I DO?? Where do I go? 
I just ordered a bunch of scapulars/miraculous medals/Benedict crucifixes and medals and we have always only attended New Order Masses. My husband is only now coming around to weekly family Mass attendance and now I'm finding out even what we're doing is not enough? It makes me want to scream. I only want to please God, I do feel and see he is leading me, but now I feel like I've hit the biggest wall yet. I'm willing to make the change to Latin Mass even, and I hear from you that is not enough. What is a person who is truly seeking the One True Faith, as pure from pre-vatican II, to do?? We currently live in Louisville, KY, and I'm not giving into despair, but I'm so lost, confused, and angry. I feel like, given all our circumstances, we've done well in clinging to the Lord, but does all this mean our Masses, our confessions, our everything is not valid? And can't or won't be, even in a TLM?? I know this has been a lengthy post, but I would really appreciate if you could respond to me. I need some direction, and have no clue who to turn to about this. Thank you in advance. 
TRADCATKNIGHT: Thank you Jessica for the long reply.  You have obviously put alot of thought into your response.  There are a growing number of Catholics who recognize that nearly all of the signs Jesus warned of before His Second Coming are here.  It doesn't mean though that He will for certain consummate with the world in the next decade.  The early Fathers debated over that topic quite extensively.  There are to many who believe that the day the Antichrist dies is the day Jesus returns!  It is  an error mostly taught in Protestant circles but now has crept into the Catholic Church as well.  The MOST important thing is you know and keep the Faith.  So avoid any Vatican II catechism or church for that matter.  If you dont know what you are looking for you wont find it which is why we must continually read pre Vatican II encyclicals, councils, catechisms and writings from the Saints.  The Vatican II "Magesterium" must be broken down more specifically for there is an aspect of the Magesterium "the Authentic" which is FALLIBLE.  This is where the errors flow through.  So, of course, we cannot give our minds and wills over to teachings which have already been previously condemned by the Church.  This is how Satan keeps souls trapped inside the Conciliar Church.  The majority have sadly fallen for this impotent argument. 

Hard-line traditionalists believe the New Mass is illicit and schismatic and must be avoided but go back to where I said we must avoid Vatican II churches in general due to the widespread heresies being taught in the "mainstream churches".  On the basis we believe the new rites are doubtful is another reason to stay away from Novus Ordo Sacraments unless an emergency as outlined by Canon Law.  No, it doesnt mean your previous Confessions are invalid.  it means you have greater knowledge now and you know you cant be in those heretical buildings going forward.  They have the buildings we have the Faith!  You must continue to stay close to the Church by prayer, offering up reparation, sacrificing, fasting more and of course praying the Rosary.  God is not bound by His Sacraments He is punishing us for our tepidity and lukewarmness of our Holy Religion.  Sadly, it will only get worse as Scripture, Tradition and Prophecy say.  God has not abandoned us He is purifying and testing us!  do you see the difference.  What love goes untested?


Dear Eric:

Thanks so much for posting the very enlightening videos by Fr. Hesse on your website. He was a real treasure – and still is via YouTube!

Hope the Mass I’m having said for you on Tuesday morning brings you much Lenten grace and heavenly aid.

In Jesus and Mary,
Ellen Kurek, ELS
High-Integrity Communications
Newcastle, WA