"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sign To Come? “Dialogue Must Serve Truth?”

Sign To Come? “Dialogue Must Serve Truth?”
By: Eric Gajewski
What is next in the Vatican II Church?  Male Nuns?

Yesterday the Novus Ordo website EWTN posted an article entitled “Dialogue must serve truth” (see here).  In this article we find the “Voices of Faith” propagandists led by dissenting Novus ordo women who are trying to push the whole Masonic “equality” card.  It comes no surprise this event was held on the Communist International Women’s Day.  Although it was good to see a proper response by the “less liberal Novus ordite’s” in relation to the advocacy of same sex marriage and women priests it calls us to question just how much longer until this agenda eventually gets passed?  Surely, seems a sign of things to come.  After all we have been “progressing” since Vatican II toward this One World Religion wherein all types of errors have been stamped as “orthodox” so why not same sex unions and women priests? 

It is only logical that in this apostasy these two areas will be stamped as “truth”.  Keep in mind that Conciliar teaching is that “we are still searching for truth” and not that we have it already.  Something this poor soul (Hasson) trying to defend in the article doesn’t seem to grasp.   

She also doesn’t grasp how Vatican II teaches that a “return to the Catholic Faith” is deemed as outdated ecclesiology (John Paul II the “aint”).   

Proselytism is nonsense so what is all this chatter about dialogue serving truth when the truth is not given in the first place.   

Is it true that false religions and sects don’t have to convert to the Faith?   
Of course, not and perhaps it is good that some women are leaving “the Church” as the dissenting group implies.   

For what Church are they leaving?   

The Conciliar Church which is a den of heresy.   

They leave due to pride which keeps them away from truth and obviously doesn’t graft them in.

It seems this article serves as a warming up phase for the furthering of the diabolical “equality” push of these feminists.  The spirit behind these erroneous doctrines is obviously not God just like it was with Vatican II.   

Lucifer simply uses these women as tools for the furthering of his ideals stemming from the Masonic/Communist sects.   

It was interesting to note that this meeting took place in the Jesuit Curia!  Shocker, I know…. 

It always amuses me how these supposed women identify as Catholic.  The reality is they are no more Catholic than the Dali Lama is “catholic”.   

We, the faithful, just have to keep stating this publicly and to their faces. 

“Doctrinal development”.  One of the dissenters uses this conciliarist “calling card” in the article.  Haven’t we heard this before from the Novus ordites!   

Yea, the Conciliar Church is developing new doctrines all the time and saying that there is a continuity with pre-Vatican II teaching.  

 Either they are that stupid or that diabolical or maybe a little of both.  Only a moron could accept such an answer who has no use of right reason.  

This verbiage is the calling card for “get ready for another new false doctrine to be passed illicitly”.  

 Francis isn't Pope and has no jurisdiction to do anything...

What is sad is that both parties mentioned in the article aren’t Catholic.  It is good to see the woman (Hasson) responding and reaffirming Church teaching in this area but she still follows the new religion of Vatican II.   

Both are liberal in reality.   

The women leaving the Church because they can’t find “leadership” roles (to put it bluntly) love themselves.  These women don’t really love Jesus.   

They have ambition and agendas and want to be seen.  It is all diabolical.   

The Blessed Virgin Mary weeps for those still asleep in the Conciliar Church no matter what degree of their “liberalness”.  It is She who exposes these movements.   

A woman who loathes and refuses the feminist Masonic, Marxist spirit and doctrine and yet why do so many of these women call themselves “women” when in fact they are more like demons? 

Recall, that Vatican II wanted to “adjust with the times” and by doing so it has embraced/taught the modern world’s errors.  This will be yet two more areas soon to be accepted.   
Francis approved of same sex unions before he became a supposed Pope so this ought not surprise anyone in the end (when it is falsely legitimized).  

 We have been warned by the Apostle of those with “itching ears” in these endtimes who are always ready for the next novelty.   

Will you take part in the Apostasy by communing with the Vatican II heretics of our times?  Something to think about.   

Women priests and same sex unions are assuredly what is next up on the “drive thru” Conciliar menu.  Sadly, this is just another preliminary sign of things to come.

What is next in the Vatican II Church?  Male Nuns?

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