"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, January 7, 2018

JewMerica: This is Probably the Best Article You Will Read About Jewish Control of America This Year

JewMerica: This is Probably the Best Article You Will Read About Jewish Control of America This Year

I’ve taken a 790 word excerpt from the middle of a 2,000 word essay by Philip Giraldi, Ph.D. He writes clearly and forthrightly, without a hint of antisemitism about the Jewish domination of American foreign policy.
You’ll also find the 355 comments interesting, I think.

A lot of people are on to the Jews now. This piece was published at the UNZ site, which no one can reasonably accuse of being Nazi or such.
Giraldi’s bottom line is that the US should pull the plug on Israel, as evidenced by the title of the piece, “Let’s End the Israeli Tie-That-Binds: A new Declaration of Independence for 2018”
Excerpt from UNZ.com
Note that all the major problems that America is experiencing versus the rest of the world are pretty much self-inflicted. In my view, looking beyond Russia and North Korea, America’s principal foreign policy problems continue to be centered on the Middle East and all originate in the deliberate instability generated by Israel, currently joined in an unholy alliance by its former enemy Saudi Arabia. The Tel Aviv (excuse me, Jerusalem) to Riyadh axis is current working hard to bring a new war to the Middle East as part of their plan to have the United States military destroy Iran as a major regional power.

One might reasonably observe that the United States has no vital interest in what either Israel or Saudi Arabia does, but it does have some minor interests in the region, which include not allowing the area to become a breeding ground for transnational terrorist groups and safeguarding the movement of energy products so there will be no surge in prices that would hurt the energy dependent U.S. economy. That’s about it, and the interests neither include nor justify starting World War III. The problem with Israel is that it and its powerful billion-dollar domestic lobby have their hooks so deeply embedded in the American political system as well as in the national media that the Jewish state is virtually bullet-proof. Most recently, we have learned that Facebook has been deleting critical accounts at the request of the Israeli government. Meanwhile, that same government has been working hard to make any consideration of Palestine or the Palestinians disappear, recently successfully demanding that the National Basketball Association remove a website reference to Palestine, which Israel’s sports minister described as an “imaginary state.” NBA Commissioner Adam Silver apparently agreed. Even recent blockbuster revelations that Israel rather than Russia had been corrupting Team Trump produced a few Israelgate stories before disappearing completely down the memory hole.
Israel has consistently been able to make whoever is in the White House dance to its tune without suffering any serious consequences. With Donald Trump, one might even argue that it has been able to so condition the president that he goes around looking for things to do to please Benjamin Netanyahu that Israel has not even yet asked for. The moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem is one such gift, something that pleases Israel so much that it is going to name a train station after the president, but which gives nothing but grief to the United States and to American citizens and businesses abroad.
Of course, one might argue that Trump had help in coming to his decision. He is surrounded by Orthodox Jews as well as Christian Zionists like Mike Pence and Nikki Haley, all of whom appear to put Israel first, not exactly a good formula for “Making America Great Again.” The Jewish advisers also have financial and business ties to Israel, suggesting that Robert Mueller might look towards the Middle East if he actually wants to find foreign government interference in U.S. politics.
To cite only one recent example of how the constant pressure to please Israel and minimize its transgressions works in practice, the U.S. Ambassador to Israel David Friedman apparently got into a pissing match with the State Department over its policy to refer to the Palestinian land that Israel has illegally stolen and settled as “occupied.” Friedman, a passionate supporter of the fanatical settlers who have done much of the occupying, would prefer a different adjective, possibly “improved” or “returned-to-original-owners.”
And Friedman might well be regarded as little more than a Zionist crank by comparison with Michael Makovsky, who heads the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA). Makovsky is much exercised over Iran’s alleged ambitions and wants to counter them by redrawing most of the borders in the Middle East. He intones “Maintaining Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen in their existing forms is unnatural and serves Iran’s interests.” Makovsky would like to break all those countries up into their component tribal, ethnic and religious parts, starting with separating the Kurdish region from Iraq and breaking Syria into three separate states. He does not mention that he is not original in this thinking as it reflects the Israeli Yinon Plan of the 1980s and the American neocon “Clean Break” proposal that was written by geniuses like Richard Perle, Doug Feith and David Wurmser and presented to Netanyahu in 1996. Makovsky also does not mention that if there is a country in the Middle East that has artificial borders and strong sectarian divisions in the area that it rules over it is Israel, but, of course use of the word “border” would be somewhat inaccurate as an expansionistic Israel has no declared borders at all.
When we can get foreign policy analysis like this out to the normies, without all the “kikes,” “yids,” and swastikas, it should make a difference.
Trump is so deeply tied in with Jews, it’s probably inducing some kind of Jew fatigue among the fraction of the population that pays attention.
By the way, among the commenters praising Dr. Giraldi’s piece is Brother Nathanael Kapner of Real Jew News.

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  1. I might add the following three items to support and give more detail to this article.

    1. The 1976 Interview of Mr. Harold Rosenthal, then personal aide to Sen. Jacob K. Javits. An arrogant but truthful interview that ultimately was the cause of Mr. Harold's assassination.

    2. "The Jewish Question in Europe: The Causes, The Effects, The Remedies" from La Civilta Cattolica, vol, VII, no. XIV, 1890 (Oct, Nov, Dec). A must read on the Jewish treason against God and country, written under the authority of Pope Leo XIII.

    3. "The Plot Against The Church" written under the pen name of "Maurice Pinay". In 1962, 12 Vatican Theologian/Historians, while studying documents and papers in the Vatican Library, in their original languages, discovered the greatest conspiracy in history, from its inception at Christ's death ongoing today. Only one of the authors has ever been discovered, The Rev. Joaquin Saenz Y Arriaga, PhD. who ultimately had to abandon his position at the Vatican when the book was discovered, which also had the support of several Cardinals at the time.

    All available on the net...........

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Your comments are helpful, but #3 is hard to follow. Are you saying that Rev. Joaquin S.Y. Arriaga was the one discovered WRITER of "The Plot Against the Church"? And are you trying to say that "he had to abandon his position at the Vatican" when "The Plot.." book was "discovered"? (not sure why or how the book was "discovered" seeing as it was published.) And are you trying to say that "The Plot" book had the support of several Cardinals (do we know now who they were?) -- but since Rev. Arriaga was a known participant, he was run out? thanks!

  2. The majority of America's Protestant churches of all sorts of denominations have taken the bate of Christian Zionism. They have been deceived as scripture reveals. "For God has sent them strong delusion to believe the lie, to believe what is false"....Christian Zionism: The Heresy of Choice for Neocons...http://russia-insider.com/en/christian-zionism-heresy-choice-neocons/ri22075