"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, December 29, 2017

St. Cassian of Imola to Marie Julie: At Times One Must Beware the World More than Demons – The World is Murderous and Merciless

St. Cassian of Imola to Marie Julie:  
At Times One Must Beware the World More than Demons – The World is Murderous and Merciless

This is my name, I am St. Cassian, Martyr. I was tormented by my students, of whom I was the instructor chosen to teach them the truths of the Catholic religion. Here are the projects that were plotted against me (by) my students.
(“It seems that these pagan students had been pushed to make this gesture by the imperial magistrate, accusing their teacher for his refusal to worship idols.” Note: This note in parenthesis appears to be an observation added by the curators of the “Friends of Marie-Julie/ Sanctuary Website”.)
St. Cassian continued:
Seeing me absorbed in contemplative prayer, the evil spirit aroused great discord among my students. And it was, on one night, all assembled together, they pierced me with arrows and then with razors as strong as swords. They bound me and then closed (gagged?) my mouth. It is at their hands I suffered martyrdom.
One group fled quickly. Only two, tormented by remorse, stood next to my lifeless body covered with wounds. They felt pressured to confess their crime. One of them went to the minister who absolved and forgave and immediately, the justice of men entered my house and there, the crime of these young hearts was found.  (It appears from the context of the following sentences the saint is referring to the Justice of God, not earthly magistrates.) But I obtained close to God, that they (all his students) would be spared and they would escape the justice they would have to suffer.  The Angel brought the rolled banner containing this request for forgiveness and they were spared. But they were regarded as the executioners of a father (i.e. a priest?) and as the workers of infernal malice.  Three were struck by sudden death and the two remorseful ones later became repentant and solitaries (hermits?) to atone for their crime.
God generously rewarded His martyr. After my death, the Saviour allowed to dwell at the place of my martyrdom a blazing star that was visible every day. Those who came, in that place, prayed with reverence, and the Saviour accorded them wonders. At the place of my martyrdom a chapel was built that bears my name.
Now, a word on behalf of Our Lord.
Dear brothers and sisters, we see (or, must be on guard) around us, sometimes, the world is more dangerous than the demons. The demons do not give death to man and the world makes attempts on the life of man. The world loves the murder of its brothers and sisters. It has no mercy when when the rage of the dark prison cells pushes it in the biggest depth of evil. (? Probably an expression Marie-Julie could understand but is not explained to us here. Apparently, the saint is saying the rage of the world against the followers of Christ reaches its height when it begins to throw them into prisons, outright public persecution, etc.)
Dear brothers and sisters, let us put our trust in God our Father and say to our Guardian Angels, "Mount your guard around us, because traps are stretched against all men." The blackness of jealousy torments the hearts of men against their brothers!
Why this cruel jealousy? Because, again, souls who love God and who love Him with all their might, are hated and persecuted. It is a Divine Seal, dear brothers. You wear it visibly, not invisibly. That is why they read in your words and in your heart, in your face, your strength and all the good that lives in you, it says that you are the chosen souls, blessed, surrounded by the tenderness of God. That is what causes the rage of men who do not like God or His religion.
Dear brothers and sisters, like the example of the Divine Crucified, submit yourselves and forgive all your enemies. This forgiveness opens the door of Heaven, softens the heart of God and gives the soul an invigorating dew.
Dear brothers and sisters, you will have on earth but one sure refuge, it is in the Adorable Wounds of the Saviour that you are safe, in this prison of love and tenderness.
The world suffers and endures a kind of martyrdom that is sometimes more painful than the agony of the iron, the martyrdom of execution, because the world makes it languishing, tormenting without a subject. (i.e., the suffering the world gives is long, laborious, and appears pointless.)  The world crucifies slowly, while the martyrdom of iron is rapid.
The Lord has His eyes open to the sufferer, who is accused, persecuted, slandered. God makes the road shine on which he travels, loaded with mountains of all kinds of persecution.  Before you where you walk you see a band of elite and of the Blessed.
These are your Guardian Angels who bear your cross, the mountains of your persecution. And you walk on, you, dear brothers and sisters, unloaded and freely. The men believe you are laden under the weight so heavy while you feel the lightness of loving blessing …
Walk bravely through this life of suffering, watering it with our sweat and our tears. The Eternal Spouse comes to meet those who suffer and mourn, held by chains of captivity without reason and without crime. The Lord will wipe away the tears from His chosen and shows them the eternal crown and their names inscribed on His Heart.
Courage! You who are still in death. (I.e. in this world still subject to death and sorrow.) Soon you will be in life when there will be no sorrow, no tears, no anxieties. It is eternal happiness. Pray, dear brothers. I will pray for you. The Hand of the Lord threatens to strike. His angry look says to the earth to be on guard. His promise consoles and strengthens the just and crushes the sinners (the unrepentant) like a speck of dust.
In Heaven, we are happy. In Heaven, all are nourished with love. Heaven, we live in delight. Heaven, we adore, we love, we enjoy the delights of love. Dear brothers and sisters, I wish you the triumphant arrival of happiness ...”
Notes: Saint Cassian of Imola (a city in northern Italy) was martyred c. 250 AD. According to the laus of the Roman Martyrology (1930 Rome edition): “The birthday of holy Cassian the martyr. When he refused to worship idols, the persecutor summoned certain boys whose hatred Cassian had incurred by acting as their schoolmaster, and afforded them (through his teaching) the opportunity of killing him. As their efforts were puny, so was his suffering bitter above the ordinary and his death protracted.” Feast Day, August 13



  1. The world crucifies slowly, while the martyrdom of iron is rapid.