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Thursday, June 8, 2017

(Vatican II Man Centered Religion) Caution Francis Speaks: "God cannot be God without us"

(Vatican II Man Centered Religion) Caution Francis Speaks: "God cannot be God without us"
The "cult of man" latest
If there's one reason why this pope has won people's affection, it's for gestures such as this:  before beginning his weekly catechesis, he allotted more than 30 minutes to spend time greeting the pilgrims. 

In his catechesis, he explained the "Our Father,” the most important prayer. It is a prayer that expresses the true nature of God: He is a father. 

"It is He who cannot be without us. This is a great mystery: God cannot be God without man. This is a great mystery.”

In fact, Pope Francis suggested to all in attendance that they look at their lives through the eyes of being God's child, and entrust their worries to Him. 

"Now I propose one thing to you: each of us has many problems, many needs. Let us think a little in silence about these problems and needs. Let us also think of the Father, of our Father who cannot be without us, and who is watching us at this moment. All together, with faith and hope, let us pray, 'Our Father...'”

The pope then asked everyone to participate in the one-minute peace initiative to be held on June 8 at 1:00 p.m., Rome local time. 

"In our time there is a great need to pray- Christians, Jews and Muslims- for peace."

It is an initiative that has been promoted worldwide by several Italian and Argentine Catholic organizations.

It is held on June 8, marking the third anniversary of the historic meeting for peace held at the Vatican by Pope Francis with the presidents of Israel and Palestine.