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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Vatican: Full Alien Disclosure Just Months Away

Vatican: Full Alien Disclosure Just Months Away

Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Various senior Vatican officials have hinted that the Roman Catholic Church may be about to disclose information about aliens and UFOs to the public in a matter of months.
Pope Francis himself has hinted multiple times in the past that the Earth has been visited by aliens, and has promised full public disclosure at some point in the future.

Disclose.tv reports:
José Gabriel Funes, the current director of the Vatican Observatory said without the slightest restraint that religion sees no conflict between believing in God and the existence of extraterrestrial life. The priest argued at the conference that “as there is a multitude of creatures on Earth, so it is possible that the universe is studded with many life forms, some more intelligent than us.” Soon people should prepare to get to know our fellow aliens.
This keeps the freedom of creation and God is certainly realized that various forms of life on different planets in the universe.
Another representative of the Vatican, the priest Guy Consolmagno suggested that aliens exist and that they are actually saviors of mankind. When will officially arrive on Earth, things will change dramatically and the company will undergo major changes on the perspective on life, but of God.
These views are downright shocking because gossips suggest that the Vatican knows more about extraterrestrial life and of creation, but understandably hid them so far. With the start of a new era, this information should be made public to prepare public opinion for when the truth will be revealed. This truth may be one strange because it can shatter existing religion, but also the overall idea of God.
The campaign educated population about extraterrestrial civilizations continues in just a few months Vatican is preparing a new conference where new information will be disclosed.

Leo Zagami "Vatican Insider on New Age, Masonry & Aliens"