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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Signs of the Times (November 16, 2016)

Signs of the Times (November 16, 2016)
Here is the latest madness coming from the modern world.  How in the world people think the chastisements are not close is beyond me....
First up: Ex-Con Arrested For Ramen Noodle Attack On His Boyfriend
No numchuks  or guns needed folks....

Ex-Con Arrested For Ramen Noodle Attack On His Boyfriend

A Florida man was arrested for domestic battery after striking his live-in boyfriend with a cup of ramen noodles, police report.

Michael Herrick, 40, and his beau “got into a verbal argument at their residence in regards to questions of infidelity,” according to an arrest affidavit detailing the confrontation Friday.
The 12:30 AM dispute in the couple’s Pinellas Park home turned violent when Herrick threw a cup of ramen noodles at the victim, who was struck in the neck by the noodles. Herrick, cops noted, said that “water was thrown on him” prior to his noodle tossing.
After cops concluded that Herrick was the incident’s primary aggressor, he was arrested for domestic battery. The 6’ 7”, 200-pound Herrick was booked into jail on the misdemeanor count and released from custody yesterday afternoon on his own recognizance.
Herrick’s rap sheet includes prior convictions for grand theft, passing bad checks, and violating probation.

High School Football Coach No Longer Leading Prayers Following Complaint From Atheist Group

A high school football coach in Pennsylvania is now no longer leading prayers with his team following the receipt of a complaint from a prominent professing atheist organization. According to reports, Dunmore High School Head Coach Jack Henzes has led his team in prayer before each game for years. “We pray to the good Lord hoping none of our players,
or the other players, are hurt because we know how hard they work,” Henzes told local television station WBRE. But in June, the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) sent a letter to the Dunmore School District to assert that Henzes’ longstanding practice was unconstitutional. The organization said that it had been contacted by a local resident about the matter. READ MORE

Christmas lights now banned as ‘security’ threat

Calling it a “security” issue and arguing utility poles are not built to sustain their weight, the chief of the Swedish Transport Administration has banned Christmas lights from most towns this year. But some critics believe it’s actually an attempt at appease a growing Muslim population of immigrants.
The non-profit Barnabas Aid, which works with persecuted Christians, pointed out that while the head of the Transport Administration officially has claimed the lights are banned because “the poles are not designed for the weight of Christmas lights,” that’s never been a problem before. READ MORE

Police: Man Claiming To Be Vampire Attacks Grocery Store Employee

CONCORD, N.H. (CBS) — A New Hampshire man is under arrest after allegedly assaulting a grocery store employee early Tuesday morning.
Police say a female employee was taking boxes out to the dumpster when a man approached her asking if she needed help. The man, whom police identified as 21-year-old Jacob May, then allegedly claimed he was a vampire and began running towards her.
Police say May followed her as she ran inside the store yelling for help. The female told police May yelled, “just touch me, I can save you.” May allegedly wrapped his arms around her when she fell to the ground. Police say May then attacked another employee who tried to fight him off.
Police arrived a short time later. May allegedly told a responding officer that he was a “vampire, ghost rider, Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid, and a leader of a band.”
Police identified May as a suspect for a home invasion that occurred two days prior. Police say in both incidents, May was likely under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.
May is due in court on Tuesday and is being held without bail.


Judge orders chimp to be freed from zoo enclosure after ruling the animal has 'non-human rights'

Cecilia, in her 30s, has been kept alone in a concrete enclosure for years at the shabby Mendoza Zoo in Argentina after the death of two of her mates

A judge has ruled that a zoo chimpanzee is a "being" with "non- human rights " in a landmark animal welfare case.
Cecilia, in her 30s, has been kept alone in a concrete enclosure for years at the shabby Mendoza Zoo in Argentina after the death of two of her mates.
But after complaints from a Spanish visitor, sparking a two-year legal wrangle, Judge María Alejandra Mauricio ruled Cecilia be freed and transferred to a sanctuary in Brazil.
Judge Mauricio said non-human creatures possessed rights related to their "animal essence" .

She said: "We're not talking about the civil rights enshrined in the Civil Code, but instead the species' own rights to development, to life in their natural habitat."Cecilia the chimpanzee will move to a sanctuary under a landmark legal ruling after years in a shabby Argentinian zoo

Cecilia the chimpanzee will move to a sanctuary under a landmark legal ruling after years in a shabby Argentinian zoo Argentina
Cecilia will be moved to the Great Ape Project's sanctuary in Brazil, where the chimp will be able to socialise with other chimpanzees and live in humane conditions.
She was popular with visitors to Mendoza Zoo, which is notorious for keeping its residents cooped up in cages, but had been left alone with only a blanket for cover.
Her only companions Charlie and Xuxa died some years ago, leaving sad Cecilia to mope around her pen alone.Cecilia the chimpanzee has spent years alone in Mendoza Zoo, Argentina

Cecilia the chimpanzee has spent years alone in Mendoza Zoo, Argentina
The court case came after Pedro Pozas Terrados, who runs a chimp sanctuary for former circus and zoo chimps, visited Mendoza Zoo in September 2014.

He launched a bid to free Cecilia and worked with the Great Ape Project and the Association of Officials and Lawyers for Animal Rights (AFADA) to get the lonesome chimp to a sanctuary.
Animal rights activists argued her confinement without fellow chimps was unlawful and the grubby conditions were affecting Cecilia's health.
Celebrating the verdict, Mr Pozas Terrados said: "This landmark judgement supports our struggle to consider animals rights and change their futures."
Mendoza Zoo is currently undergoing a refit with the support of the Argentinian government.
It previously hit the headlines after an outcry over the appalling conditions in which Arturo the polar bear was living in.

Sweden Opens First Cemetery Free of Religious Symbols to Cater to Atheists

Sweden has opened its first neutral cemetery, free of any religious symbols, to cater to the country’s large number of atheists. The founder of the site in Borlänge, in central Sweden, said it is open to believers and non-believers alike as long as they don’t have any religious symbols or markings on their headstones.
“The idea came up because I wanted to have a neutral place for people,” said Josef Erdem, a teacher, who got permission for the new burial ground from the Church of Sweden. The site is next to the Stora Tuna church, which already has a graveyard for Christians. Applications are now open for spaces there, which will be maintained by the church. READ MORE

California School Board Votes to Place Limits on Christian Prayer, Bible Citations During Public Meetings

A school board in California has voted to place limits on when and how Christianity may be discussed during public meetings. The move by the Chino Valley Unified School District Board of Education comes in the midst of a legal battle with the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), which took issue two years ago with the board’s practice of opening meetings with prayer, as well as numerous incidents of members citing the Bible.
“As the elected legislative body of the Chino Valley Unified School District, the board of education recognizes that the First Amendment to the United States Constitution guarantees each person’s individual right to free exercise of religion or non-religion, and prevents the government and other public officials from establishing a religion or non-religion,” its new policy, approved unanimously on Thursday, reads. READ MORE

Teenager insists she is about to give birth to the Messiah

A teenager has claimed she is pregnant and carrying baby Jesus – but even her own family and members of her church do not believe her. The 19-year-old, named Haley, appeared on the Dr Phil show, and when questioned on her pregnancy, declared: ‘I am, and it is Jesus. No-one is going to deny him because he is my savior.’ However, Haley’s mom Kristi has
said her daughter is delusional, describing her as a ‘compulsive liar’ who is not pregnant at all.  Her family said that Haley has previously claimed that the rapper Eminem is her father, that she was a contestant on American Idol, and that she donated a kidney to her sick brother – suggesting she was only conceived for ‘spare parts’. FULL REPORT

When is that Comet coming again?