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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Prepper: Pallets Of Peanut Butter Will Not Prepare Your Soul

Prepper: Pallets Of Peanut Butter Will Not Prepare Your Soul
By:  Eric Gajewski
Matthew 16:25
For he that will save his life, shall lose it: and he that shall lose his life for my sake, shall find it.

Do you hear that?  That is the sound of screeching brakes which speak to those who are in a conquest to pile up as much as they can before the Storm.  Slow it down for a minute to reconsider the Word of the Lord.  Those who try to save their lives will lose it.  Are you trying "too hard" these days to cover every last angle in preparation?  Do you have 37 checklists daily that you review and then check those checklists off?  Did you just checkoff that one that says a comet will crash through your home?  Oops to late and thence none of the other checklists mattered in the first place.  My good friends, it is not actually this stuff which will save us in the end it is rather Faith.  The Hebrew children had no idea what they were getting themselves into in their wilderness journey and yet God still provided.  So, although, while I cover the need to be prepared on the material level this is not what is most important.  It is prudent to prepare but not our main focus.  

Too many variables in this end time equation.   None of us knows when the next false flag will be or when certain catastrophic events will take place as a result of Planet X’s passing but we do know that if we do not watch over our hearts and souls that we will lose them.  How will you respond in the days ahead if you have hoarded 30 pallets of peanut butter?  It’s all mine all mine…. (insert devilish laughter)  Do you see where I am going with this?  You have become no better than the “hoarders of the NWO” trying to control but just on a much larger scale.  I have even heard some “preppers” say well if my family doesn’t prepare I won’t share!  Yup, that sounds like the Gospel to me (insert sarcasm wherever you like) 

Rather than hoard it all get your communities aware.  It will do you no good to have 30 pallets of peanut butter and all your neighbors have none because after a while they will know who has the food.  Then you will have the peanut butter police at your door looking for some socialist redistribution of that peanut butter.  Here is an idea!  Start talking now and have a community plan as to how to obtain water and store food?  What about a communal organic garden?  Or how about each household start preparing themselves so this can reduce the amount of violence after the collapse?  Just some prudent suggestions which run contrary to the whole “I will prepare and keep quiet routine”.   Will you be labeled the nutjob?  Of course and this is all a part of the fun but as things get worse you will find more and more begin to listen to you.

Economic/Trends experts unanimously agree the collapse is close.  So what are you waiting for?  I might also recommend you look into buying a decent amount of survival bars.  There are decent bars out there that have 2,000+ calories which would be enough for the day.  Stock up on some.  Most of them have a long shelf life (over 3 years some over 5 years) so it will not be money thrown down the drain.  This could buy some much needed time as you are trying to transition after the collapse of which none of us truly know how our own neighborhoods will fair. In the end, even though Noah and Joseph in the Old Testament were preppers, if you find yourself being absorbed daily in this area you are being deceived.  It means you are trying to save your life and not in the proper context.  Don’t be that peanut better person.  It is bad enough that you have an Inventory checklist for your pallets of peanut butter but it is even worse when you are keeping a tally on your neighbor’s as well.  Thus, be proactive, hold meetings and get together with others and have a plan but the whole “I will save my life standing in front of my pallets of peanut butter” has to go.  Jesus will roll His eyes at you and send the mice to eat your rations….For he who would seek to save his life will lose it but he who would put God and his neighbor first in attempt to giving his life away freely will find it!  This is a part of the eagles creed.  Yes, this is how God works.