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Monday, August 22, 2016

Sodomy Scandal In SSPX?

Sodomy Scandal In SSPX?
There seems to be enough evidence here to warrant putting this out there
This information WAS NOT sent to me directly however it was called to my attention.

From the traditional catholic forum itself:
Two individuals wrote to me this evening about a huge scandal regarding sodomy at the SSPX chapel Immaculate Conception Academy (ICA), in Post Falls, ID.

After St. Mary's, KS, the SSPX group in Post Falls is the 2nd largest SSPX "mecca" in the United States. I could be wrong, maybe it's only #3 or #4. But it's huge.

Besides the chapel (Immaculate Conception Church) they also have a school (Immaculate Conception Academy) and I believe the Dominican Sisters affiliated with the SSPX are nearby. It's a huge enclave of SSPX Traditional Catholics.

What a black eye for Fr. Vassal, Bishop Fellay, and the Society of St. Pius X! 

Confidential letter to CathInfo said:

To say that the scandal that I've referred to in Post Falls is huge is the understatement of the year.

I was about to reply to your recent post in the "priest transfers" thread, but I don't want to be the one to field all of the questions that will come up.

The parents of affected boys will be putting out a public letter soon. At least eight boys are confirmed to be actively involved in the unnatural vice, it's been going on for several years, taking place on the school premises, the pastor knew about it and covered it up and allegedly misled the parents multiple times, the district superior was aware of it, the police have an ongoing investigation going, parents are working on a lawsuit against the SSPX, ten families have pulled their boys out of the school, etc, etc. I've found out most of this info since a few days ago.

Another person wrote in:

Second confidential source said:


In the above thread, it was revealed to the world that Fr. Vassal knowingly hired the author of a pornographic book to teach at the ICA Boys School.

Also, in the recent thread "SSPX Priest Transfers 2016", someone mentioned scandal at ICA, which led to the SSPX authorities at least *planning* to transfer Fr. Vassal. That transfer may or may not go forward. It sounded like the new priest was going to be Fr. Dreher, but that might have already been changed. But whether they go ahead with the transfer, or keep Fr. Vassal there, I don't know at this point.

So here is what happened at ICA (Immaculate Conception Academy in Post Falls, ID):

- There are at least 8 boys who have been involved in unnatural vice at the school (as willing participants)
- There is an ongoing police investigation. They say that the SSPX is not volunteering any information to them.
- This vice against nature has been taking place all over the school premises: bell tower, restrooms, etc.
- Fr. Vassal allegedly misled parents multiple times, including this past year
- Fr. Wegner was also aware of it
- The teacher & porn-author, Mr. Culp definitely played a large part in this scandal. The boys had gotten a copy of his book and read it.
- The parents are going to be putting out a public letter stating the facts.
- At least ten families are pulling their boys out of the school.
- One person involved said, "do spread the word". They want this to get out.

"Fr. Vassal has been aware of sodomy occurring among the boys for 2 or 3 years, but didn't do anything about it. The obvious problem is that some of these acts were actually illegal, so these incidents should have been treated as crimes and reported to the authorities. The Seal of Confession is irrelevant in this case, since these incidents were brought to Father's attention by many people OUTSIDE of the confessional. Someone close to the situation testifies that Fr. Vassal misled the parents about this situation at a parents' meeting. Someone said it looks like the U.S. District isn't planning to do much, except perhaps shuffle some priests and other personnel around."

You might find this interesting -- If I recall correctly, a few years ago someone quoted Fr. Vassal as saying something along the lines of, "Children should be exposed to evil, so they learn how to deal with it." I guess we're looking at the fruits of these children being exposed to evil! 

This downfall of the SSPX is so tragic.

Also refer to this thread, which also involves ICA in Post Falls:

Sidenote: This is definitely not an endorsement for Cathinfo. 
 I would normally avoid this site.